40 Days of Kengir Gulag History

This was a Soviet prison camp that had a rebellion. There were about 8,000 people who demonstrated against their internment. The “thieves” were more than thieves since they could rape or murder with impunity. And those prisoners joined with the political prisoners against the administration. Political prisoners could be sent to the gulag for just making a face at the statue of Joseph Stalin or having a thought that one shared or a thousand other similar things.

As you can see the demonstration lasted forty days and I can tell you there was optimism by many of the prisoners, but there were others such as the “religious” prisoners mentioned as Jehovah’s Witnesses who cared not since they did not owe any allegiance at all to the government and resigned themselves to a fate that others could not accept. Thousands of people had armed themselves for a fight by making knives and pikes to use against the troops that might enter to attack.

I know that many readers can quickly assume that the final day would be violent with lots of bloodshed. And without knowing for sure, I was reading about negotiations between the two groups, but these were negotiations where some threats were made as people in charge talked out of both sides of their mouths. Things like make it easy on yourself and do not make trouble and we have pikes ready to use commented the prisoners. We have seen these kinds of standoffs in history, especially on film. Haven’t we? Does anyone remember Attica (1971)? Governor Nelson Rockefeller ordered the retaking of the prison and 43 people died and many were beaten. So the negotiations there died out and you either knew or now you know the result.

The ”thieves” had broken with their tradition and decided to side with the political prisoners and others. And the amazing thing is that they kept their word throughout the negotiations. At the last moment, one of the top negotiators who was not a thief and others changed their minds and separated from the group.

There clearly was fear all around even among the calm during those 40 days.

Here are some of the demands of the prisoners (both thieves and slaves)

Punish the Evangelist’s murderer

Punish those who beat up the women

No more number patches, window bars, or locks on hut doors

An eight-hour day, as for free workers

An increase in payment for work done

No restrictions on communication with relatives and more visits

Case review

This was 1954 less than two decades before Attica. I have left out a lot of information, but not on purpose since It would take days to write up everything that was taking place.

Now I knew that an airplane could have eliminated everyone by bombing the prison camp. But I will tell you what happened.

There was an airplane and it dropped parachutes carrying flares at early dawn on June 25.

Prisoners assigned to roof tops to observe were picked off my snipers.

Cannons were heard but they fired blanks.

Airplanes skimmed the grounds spreading panic.

Tanks moved into position.

Troops moved in with Tommy Guns, men given vodka before the attack.

Orders were given to take the huts in order of their addresses or number.

Among the prisoners there was bewilderment and fighting in the Third Camp.

The tanks crushed everyone in their way. Men and women were crushed.

Women who tried to shield men were bayonetted to death.

One security officer whose name was mentioned killed two dozen people with a pistol.

And you can now learn why the camp was not bombed overhead since misinformation was essential in this matter. And keep in mind what is going on throughout our nation, perhaps referencing my previous articles.

There was a photographer who took pictures of the so-called “gangsters” but not before knives were placed in the hands of those dead men and women.

Calls were made by shouting men telling many others to come out of the huts where they were hiding. They were beaten with gun butts.

This was a day in the life of the Motherland. And I recall my article about the Massacre in Ponce, Puerto Rico. That was horrible and had an unusual ending. The number killed ranged between 600-700 on that day. And the victors celebrated.

Misinformation is being celebrated today. The attack on The Capitol in just over a year is now being talked about by you know who and he says if he elected as 47 he will pardon the people who violated The Capitol which caused the death and injury of police and threatened the lives of others. And on Long Island where I live, there is a lot of acceptance of those words.

I have just written to Blue Lives Matter of NYC asking if the president there has spoken out about all the police that were attacked that day. He was just on Fox News telling an audience that maybe (even though he doesn’t wish it) that lawmakers may have to be victims to wake up (to his demands). This resulted from major news where a congresswoman’s car was hit by bullets.

Among those people in the prison camps were people from as far away as Spain. There were Germans, but there were also Ukrainians, Poles, and other people from Eastern Europe. And there are people, as always, on both sides right now as Russian troops have rushed into Belarus. And we wonder how Trump would have handled or bankrupted this situation knowing that he is not a globalist and an America First leader. And Tucker Carlson (and others) spouts the same kind of diplomacy that led to the power of the Soviet Union in the first place. That led to the Cold War. That led to empowerment of a communist Cuba and other countries. That led to the War in Vietnam. There should be a national discussion about Trump so people can learn much more in preparation for 2024 or even 2022.