Destroying Russia’s Natural Gas Pipeline in World News

When I wrote the title to my article on January 10, 2022, I knew that it would be controversial and even used in different ways. People use things to provide misinformation. Could it be that the White House was paying attention to my ideas?

Who knows how the news of targeting the Russian gas pipeline developed? Maybe the idea was presented last year? Maybe the owner of the idea is on the White House staff? Normally it would take weeks or longer for the White House to even look at such an idea, whether it was my idea or another’s. Who can say? I do have a reader in Delaware that reacted strongly and immediately to the title and that person is connected politically. Is that sufficient evidence to prove that I was the catalyst? Of course not!

The BBC reported that opponents of the Russian move against the Ukraine could result in axing the Russia pipeline over Ukraine

Yesterday 7:41 AM

“Germany and the US have warned they could target a key Russian gas pipeline if the country invades Ukraine,” from that article.

 I wrote this on January 10, 2022

Dropping the Atomic Bomb Over Russia?

This is the land that gave us communism. This is the land of Lenin and Stalin, a place where one hundred million people lost their lives. This is the land that I am reading about and my reading in bed last night was about dropping the atomic bomb there.

One Russian wrote “I am ashamed to be Russian” as the Russians were choking the life of Poland. And having Poles and others near him, he felt a double portion of shame. Ukrainians were fighting to have a nation (nationalists) and instead of calling them that they were called almost everywhere “banderists.”

Estonians and Latvians were there and they were called “particularly congenial” and a Russian spoke out that he felt “ashamed.”

People know that I repeatedly state that nobody listens to me and on an occasion I might state that people may be listening a little to me.

Of course I realized that the world has always instituted economic sanctions to deal with diplomacy. I did not publish my article solely on the basis of knowing that their might be military conflict of some sort. Remember that Trump used the mother of all bombs in Syria. Israel has strategically bombed Iran. And bombing is always an option as I think about the bombing of Hanoi in the Vietnam War. The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is not in operation yet and I do not see any mention of destroying it. But I have also read that there is no expectation to put troops on the ground in the Ukraine. So what is behind the diplomatic screen that we are not seeing?

My mind captured the report about the gas pipeline, but my mind was mostly on the deaths of two police officers in New York City and the violent death that they experienced in an apartment over a domestic dispute. Yes I personally know about disputes with a parent, disputes that I assume would never have turned into ugly and deadly violence. And yes I think about the death of Marvin Gaye. And in reading about how the brother of Officer Rivera who was questioned after the police stopped a taxi that he was in and contributed to the late officer’s decision to join the police force that made me think of what Sean Bell’s father told me because his father had a police experience resulting from an unnecessary stop. That incident I thought had happened in Selma, Alabama way back and I did write about it, but I found out much later that it actually happened “here” in New York City.

I think that the world and the police can learn much more. The story of the deaths of Officers Rivera and Mora is not over. More will be written and more will be uncovered. And we will learn from solid facts. What could have been done to save their lives? The police may know best since they know their profession. There are lots of things on my mind right now, but upon waking up over the weekend, I should be producing much more thoughts to share. Will anyone listen to me? Maybe a tiny group of people will be listening.

I have told my readers that I am watching Mayor Eric Adams and the Ethics Board of New York City just made it clear that he can hire his brother to protect him, but the pay should be $1 for that protection. I guess Adams knew that since the family of other mayors has worked under the same conditions.  If you think about it, Adams can do a go fund me and my brother to raise money. He should be able to get a lot of that from Long Islanders who have written on FACEBOOK that they fled New York City, fled crime and liberals. And here in Suffolk County there is a new task force to fight crime and gangs here. I am telling you that I have more to reveal about things that are going on. Even Nassau County needs to know much more, but people do not listen to me. And also in the news, I noticed, is Nikki Haley who is telling readers that Biden looks weak, even after the threat of bombing or targeting Russia’s natural gas. Where is she getting her information from? Especially since there are people in her party and the Carlsons asking to be nice to Putin and to Russia as it threatens to destabilize the world through appeasement.

And Sarah Palin’s COVID-19 behavior (Eric Adams spoke out about her poor decision to go out and be seen after testing positive but I noticed that his own officers have let their guard down at St. Patrick’s Cathedral), which is so unpatriotic, is on my mind. And Sonia Sotomayor and so is the Long Island Loud Majority Group (who is Shawn you ask). The latter pretends to be a majority, but holds demonstrations with leaders like Bruce Blakeman, Lee Zeldin, and others who have won elections but are simply Birds of a Feather Flock Together (La Cage Aux Folles).

And the news has pointed out that Mayor Eric Adams wants police to live in New York City and be on duty almost the entire day (they are allowed to carry guns off duty and take action by law). Congresswoman Malliotakis has spoken and it doesn’t even make sense to reiterate her words. I agree that police should allowed to live on Long Island and I know better than anyone that it would be hardship to recruit the police in New York City alone. I lived on Long Island for seven years before I retired as a New York City school teacher. But we don’t know just what percentage of police harbor racist and anti-Semitic thoughts among other things. The Anti-Defamation League has used questions to determine the approximate level of anti-Semitism around the world (I believe that in the United States the figure is around ten percent) and I have never heard of similar testing for police jobs. Would that be considered to communities limiting the freedom of people who are tested if in fact they become disqualified? Apply this to African Americans as well in different ways. We know that police are required to take a test and we know that police have gotten into trouble for racist and similar comments and actions. I talked to a police officer years ago who was on 60 Minutes revealing that police put his photo in the urinal in Chicago and did other things. What happened during those days and even later on?

I will now return to the Long Island Loud Majority Group since it was on my mind last night. I did read revealing information again that this group in its own way, reminds me of communism under Stalin and others. I was in bed reading again and this time about Forty Days in Kengir and the story of a man once called Marcel Mangel.

Marcel Mangel watched his father as he was taken to Auschwitz to be executed under Nazi rule. His days at school were interrupted and he joined the French Resistance. And he soon got dressed as a Boy Scout and help save Jewish children at an orphanage. My point here is that the leaders of that “Group” are portraying their children who will not comply over mask mandates, especially after students protested at a high school in Riverhead, Long Island. Our island is a “long” island and it would have been nice to see that parents pushing their children under the title “freeze for freedom” over a mask (instead of freezing bodies in the morgue or funeral home) toward saving lives a la Marcel Marceau, a mime genius who even turned back German soldiers through his mime ability by acting out that the French were coming which caused the Germans to run for their lives. So he put a halt to death. Marcel Marceau saved over a hundred lives and the children of the “Group” are the opposite of heroes. This is a group whose leadership had the opportunity to present the slogan “Jesus Saves Lives.” Yes I wrote to the group in a private email and got no response.

Michael Jackson used some of Marceau’s techniques in his dance steps. They had been friends for 20 years. And among other things including awards of recognition, Marceau served as a translator for General George Patton’s Third Army. And in New York some people are “Proud” of Lee Zeldin for serving in the military at different times. Zeldin apparently doesn’t uphold the high standards of patriotism that were part of the makeup of Marcel Marceau as he refuses to recognize that a war against a pandemic is taking place. Mime is the art of silence and I can assure you that my efforts have largely fallen on deaf ears that contribute to silence everywhere. Michael Jackson said he had always been in awe of Marceau’s skills and it would be a step forward for humanity right now on Long Island and elsewhere in the right direction and not in the “right” direction if you know what I mean. All children and students should read this instead of being brainwashed by a few soundbites from parents, friends, and community. I dare Lee Zeldin, Bruce Blakeman in Nassau County, and others to read this out——–loud to their communities now.

Both Zeldin and Blakeman are Jewish and they have failed to express the importance of saving lives during this pandemic. I noticed them without masks at a recent rally. Vaccinated or unvaccinated, people present a clear and present danger by their actions and that can spread into their communities first. And I read about Blakeman in an article about Jacob Kornbluh of the Forward, a journalist who was attacked and beaten in Brooklyn at a mask burning there in the Orthodox Jewish Community. What do you think of that?

And Kengir, which is important, will be discussed another time. And whether the “right” writes about Mengele or Mangel, they are bound to get things wrong as they spread misinformation and put US all in danger.

After writing all this, I found out from Fox News that the State Department now says that the Russian gas pipeline will be at the bottom of the ocean if Putin invades the Ukraine.