Senator Tim Scott Must Have Taken His Own Mayflower to America

There are certain aspects of Communism=Nazism=Republican Party politics that are so similar and the deaths speak out. The equal signs were put there not to demonstrate equality, but to highlight what has taken place in history. And also to be considered is Critical Race Theory since the title of this article mentions the Mayflower. Somebody listened to me. And there are world tensions taking place where Republican supporters are fomenting support for Russia (former communist leading nation) which deserve great attention from the American public. And I have written in The Force 2020 DDT about how both Hitler and Stalin were appeased making the world unsafe. History seems to be repeating itself again or accelerating toward that. This is not a good time really to be a Republican, but the party has great strength across our nation that will not easily weaken, especially if the whole truth does not get out.

I had to document something that I found out about at the end of my research since it is much more important than the content that I will shortly present about Senator Tim Scott and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Senator Cory Booker spoke out of turn in the U.S. Senate about how Republicans had made it extremely difficult for African Americans and Hispanics to vote in the last election and that was done by substantially reducing voting polls. And we see both African Americans and Hispanics going along with the Republic Party. Booker mentioned that voters in mostly Black neighborhoods have to wait ten hours in order to vote due to fewer polling places as he cited Atlanta. And asked what country are we in?

I wrote about that kind of thing in relation to the first voting of emancipated Jews Eastern Europe under the Hapsburg Empire. And there was violence near my grandmother’s hometown of Przemysl, violence that my grandmother didn’t even know about since that happened in the late nineteenth century. Roland Martin’s show Roland Martin Unfiltered) had clips of Booker citing facts that those people often had to wait up to 6 hours or more in order to vote. I voted in a matter of minutes in the town of Islip. And he addressed his comments to senators in various states stating that he knows Jim Crow when he sees it since his father grew up in North Carolina. And I am not talking about comedy here since the show could be confused with Rowan and Martin (if you remember when Goldie Hawn became famous in comedy).

And with the buildup of Russian troops close to both the Ukraine and Poland and knowing Donald Trump’s role in building Vladimir Putin up against the soundest advice available in the world, do you think that the Trump-Tucker Carlson-Repugnican team are wishing that the buildup will result in mistletoes being sent by Moscow to Latin America in a effort to proclaim religious liberty there in time for Christmas 2022? You have to decide if American foreign policy will allow these men to worsen things and bankrupt Latin America politically. Mistletoes or Missiles! Merry Christmas from Trump! The timing of Putin’s talk with the Cuban leader cannot encourage a brighter future for people who emigrated here who want their countries to be free, free from Putinism-Trumpism I would hope.

Trump claims that the crisis in Eastern Europe would not have happened under him. He has a telephone and he knows Putin’s number or does Putin have Trump’s number. They could talk and call the whole thing off. Why not? If he cannot call and win there will not be a “perfect patriotic call.”

Our nation’s youth should pay attention to their future. Booker mentioned three young people, Chaney (21), Goodman (20), and Schwerner (24). They died after being arrested on “trumped up” charges and were released to the Ku Klux Klan and were murdered.

I watched the Tim Scott video on his FACEBOOK and he didn’t mention at all the key points of Cory Booker and Scott’s comments were made to distract his viewers from the harsh realities of new disenfranchisement of voters as he focused on people on fixed income, inflation, and improving the lives of the people. People on Long Island, where I live, have to know all this.  People everywhere have to know it!

In his recent video denouncing Joe Biden’s speech and Biden’s reference to Jim Crow, there is a call for unity asking that our nation help the students who have fallen behind in school because of the pandemic. There is no mention that for almost a year, Scott’s president was in power, we knew that students were falling behind, and we can ask for documentation from The White House about the plans made in that year for the educational pandemic that Scott talked about. My best guess is that a lot of Scott tissue was being used wiping and keeping Donald Trump clean instead of having the secretary of education working hard to keep the students from falling behind. Behind! What a word! There was actually a Critical Race to keep Trump clean.

I can tell Senator Scott that many times I have heard African Americans say that they didn’t teach us that in school. In the early 1970s in New York City teachers were teaching from a book called Building the American Nation which had material that many school districts from around our nation would not even think about ordering. And we taught that history in the 7th grade. I got those books ordered in Junior High School 22 Manhattan.

Reich and Edward L. Biller, Building the American Nation (New York: Harcourt, Brace and World, 1968).

This is the second time within days that I have been reading Tim Scott’s comments about himself, Dr. King, and the history of discrimination in our nation. Moving on is important, but looking back and seeing the truth is always important. A man who cannot do those things does not deserve trust as much as a man who does.

Scott recently spoke about defeating one of the Republican primary candidates for U.S. Congress in 2010 and it made me recall my effort to draw attention to an idea that I had which I called simply “Where have all the racists gone?” You know the music? When will they ever learn…when will they ever learn? And there was what I was searching for, the son of Strom Thurmond. His racism combined with states’ rights (segregationist politics) often times ruled the Senate of the United States. So what was his son about?

Paul Thurmond spoke out and said “It’s not about the color of our skin — it’s about our background and our message.” Now who does that sound like?

Here is the summary.

The district has been Republican for 30 years where people were interviewed.

Charlie Bodine said he didn’t really know much about Thurmond, but he would vote for him because of his father.

Thurmond said he would not campaign on his father’s name.

Scott said he faced on issues and not race, but he also spoke now about how proud he felt about beating the son of Strom Thurmond. So what’s wrong?

It goes back to Dr. King again. In Scott’s argument against Senator Cory Booker and others, he tells US that nobody has to tell him about Jim Crow and the past. And here again, Scott is revealing that knowledge or lack of knowledge.

Two things about Dr. King. Part of his famous quote was about race and I have pointed out that Dr. King wanted integration and did not get it from President John F. Kennedy and that King did not wish to take the slow route of individualism that Scott seems to be supporting toward the advancement of his people. And Dr. King spoke about the character of the person. So here is Tim Scott professing to love and be proud of defeating the past as he looked back by defeating Paul Thurmond when he should have been practicing what he preached which was moving forward.

How on earth can we trust such verbal nonsense, although Tim Scott is entitled to his opinion? I know that his family didn’t come here on any Mayflower, but that is a way of explaining that people who did not come on the Mayflower soon prospered as well as the earlier group of people. I do not take credit for that comment since it was revealed to me by someone else a long time ago. And it was told to me by a wealthy man who rubbed elbows with the Rockefellers.

Dreadful Scott rings out in my mind, thinking about the Supreme Court decision that we all studied in school which has the name Dred Scott, a decision that held back the progress of African Americans in our nation.

And in relation to COVID-19 Senator Tim Scott has done it again, but this time supporting the economic reasons for opposing vaccine mandates.  “I am reassured by the Supreme Court’s decision to halt President Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate, which has wreaked havoc on the American economy,” said Senator Scott. “Ignoring science and common sense, the Biden approach put millions of people out of work amid dismal economic growth and soaring inflation. Instead of implementing a plan to make testing widely available in time for a surge, the administration pushed these wrong-headed mandates. The American people are hungry for leaders who will open doors to opportunity and recovery, and that’s what I will continue to fight for.”

Do I have to repeat that it was Scott’s own party and leader who gave Americans the fighting spirit to oppose mask mandates and cause more people to die. Communists did the same thing to their people even when masks were available by using the same type of logic which was we (communists) did not wear them before so why should we wear them now. And people got sick and died. And the Nazis who found ways to kill six million Jews, in my opinion, would have spread COVID-19 back then to make Jews sick and die. The people were free to die at the hands of their oppressors.

I should also state this about what Republicans have done to US.  We see that Omicron would have been the “perfect” fit for Repugnicans since it breaks down the immunity and causes the virus to spread faster. What we had back in 2020 and then more recently during the Delta virus were viruses that killed people better. So the Repugnicans managed the White House while that was happening. I had to unmask those leaders again here to portray the true history that Tim Scott seems to avoid in the name of the Republican Party.

And what do you think would have happened to the slaves in South Carolina or anywhere else for the matter if COVID-19 had struck back then? No masks, no food to pick or even cotton, no tests, no injection mandates, no faith in the teachings of the Bible to save lives. Disposable people, poor people all over the globe died so the economy could live. Does Tim Scott remember Trump telling the farmers to protect their potatoes? I knew that all hell was going to break loose and I knew it on or before February 10, 2020.

With those kinds of conditions before the Civil War, the Civil War might not have been needed since the slaves might have revolted to get their freedom. And those people who walked away from the work, would have taken things into their own hands to survive. Can you imagine what that would have been like? I can.

Starting to write about this made me think of the divided South and its people, Black people that fought on the Confederate side and on the Union side. And I have read about those proud family members that do not want their history erased. That history is not going to be erased and neither will be Critical Race Theory if it wants to remain alive. Critical Race Theory can be taught online after school and reach everyone. And it disturbs me that so many Repugnicans will twist the threats against school board members across our nation in the name of freedom. Even the laws that have been passed can be nullified quickly by after school CRT. And that can easily happen which suggests just how stupid those lawmakers are.

The communists who would not give masks to their people saw them get sick and die just as the Repugnicans here fought for mask choice and sat back to watch people die. The Repugnicans here spread disease through herd immunity hoping that it would be no more than a flu or something like the Omicron which is not as powerful as Delta. Had this nation experienced the Omicron in 2020, Trump with all his faults, would have had a better chance for victory in November 2020. So in some ways, Repugnicans are no better than communists. And they are the ones who are placing the communist label on the Democrats.

As I was finishing this article, the news about COVID-19 is that the daily death toll has now equaled that of Delta as the numbers have inched higher. Should we not come together and do the right thing? And that the world health organizations are looking at new mutations. And the “stealth” has arrived in the USA.

Senator Tim Scott has been in national office for ten years and his record does deserve either a biography or an autobiography. Books are for writing and sharing the details of one’s experiences. I just wonder if he will make the revisions that I have suggested in this article or continue to speak about half truths which the Republican Party is known for.

And I have to also repeat that there is news that Putin and the leader of Cuba (Castro’s Cuba) have just held positive talks which has been disclosed by the Kremlin. Trump empowered Putin and now Latin America will be rattling if Russia starts to play a more active role. That is Donald J. Trump who brought this on.  And an expert today cites that Putin’s ambition goes beyond the Ukraine. I think that the business interests of Russia will easily translate into major diplomatic conditions and Hispanics across the United States, at the very least, should begin to assess what is going on and how things can turn negatively for their country of origin. I have not even noticed Hispanics in the Republican Party talking about these things and Trump himself appears to be oblivious to this.

Trump by the way was just in an interview with Sean Hannity and Hannity mentioned the metaphor “banging your head against the wall.” Can you figure out what Trump replied? He started speaking about the wall across our southern border without really comprehending the Hannity comment at all. And in Trump We Trust?

And that is the same Donald J. Trump who gave US the choice of wearing masks and in the name of freedom. Tim Scott has acted as though the J in Trump’s name placed him on the level of Jesus. Jesus Saving Lives and Healing people, Pikuach Nefesh in the Talmud citing the highest goal of saving lives even on the holiest of days, and the Quran which states that saving one life is just about the same as saving all of mankind are in opposition to what Trump did and what Scott went along with. Will that kind of information be in a future biography of Tim Scott, U.S. Senator? Or in the biographies of others who have failed US.

And in school districts throughout Long Island, I noticed in a New York Newsday live presentation with associate editor Joie Brown, that all the superintendents could talk about (two of them) was the “confusion” taking place over the cases going into court to determine which side will win. They are in the middle and it is understandable that they have to show empathy for both sides. And in that way the struggle continues to convince people that their rights are not be abrogated as we fight to keep people safe and alive. And neither the lawyer or the doctor on the panel spoke out loud and clear about saving lives. The problem is systemic and nobody listens to me. And behind the scene and in demonstrations with county leaders, the frenzy of opposition whipped up by Donald J. Trump make claims of patriotism which is not fact. Their biggest heroes would be court martialed for insubordination and diminished for not following protocols that have been in place for over a century and that would include their favorite son for governor in New York. False patriotism should not win out. The NY Newsday video can be seen on NY Newsday live. And I found out that Senator Scott supports mask choice and that is Repugnican through and through.

And the news is out that the economy grew 5.7 percent in 2021 which is the fastest growth since 1984.