Vaccinations in War and the Patriotic Call

World War II spurred the invention of vaccines and patriotism has been diminished by so-called patriots today and for no good reason other than partisanship. There are some people who have legitimate reasons for being vaccinated and it is their right to live or die – to be sick or not. This article is not about mask wearing, but let me quickly make this point. There is evidence that mask wearing to prevent people from getting sick and dying has appeared in my work in the form of people in the Soviet Union who had the power to get people sick and cause them to die (that was not Marxism…that was bad people who held power during the Communist Era. We see the same thing here in our free society. Here we have people that are free to make others sick and die.

Here is a summary of an article written in 2015 and notice what patriotism has become today.

In a war, large numbers of people move across borders and the disease spreads. That statement goes back to days when large numbers of people were not traveling for vacations from one place to another. All that has changed with money and technology.

With that thought in mind, let us continue on to World War II.

Civil War 2:1 ratio of death due to disease vs death in combat

Spanish American War 5:1 ratio

World War I


So you can see the fears of real leaders as people are called up into combat and who might easily die of disease which does not help the cause of winning a war at all. Donald Trump should be thought of here. The old Donald Trump and the new Donald Trump (after he left office and got his booster shot).

Industry (pharmaceutical), government, and academia forged a strong partnership.

Science and organization had to go hand in hand. This was found out.

1941 flu fears and speeding up a vaccine at that time. There was a commission set up for that purpose.

This war was fought against influenza, bacterial meningitis, bacterial pneumonia, measles, mumps, neurotropic diseases, tropical diseases and acute respiratory diseases. posing risks to military readiness, but also to civilian populations.

The US used posters about syphilis to keep Americans safe. I have repeatedly referred to AIDS and COVID-19 in my articles.

Thomas Francis Jr, the commission gained FDA approval for their vaccine in less than two years at a time (not the normal eight to fifteen years on average to develop a new vaccine). And there was annual tweaking or what we call now booster shots.

There was misinformation about botulism and our efforts produced an anti-botulism vaccine so that the Germans would not overwhelm US. Misinformation continues today with false narratives of our work and the Nazis, but at that time the word (misinformation) was spread that the German V-1 bomb would carry botulism.

Universities that wanted profits and seeing that war was imminent “softened” their position and cooperated. And there was little profit to the manufacturers or no profit at all.

Working together for the common good. After the war the work continued and was thought of as “public service.”

Things changed in the 1970s and 1980s. There were disruptions that were “legal, economic, and political….”

The author wrote that “we can take a page out of the World War II playbook.”

How World War II spurred vaccine innovation

May 8, 2015 5.53am EDT

And in this article, a poster of the Spanish American War was depicted with the caption “Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases.” And people calling themselves patriots on Long Island and elsewhere tell US that they will not comply.

My conclusion has been consistent for a long time. Ordinary citizens have the right to make their statements and to protest which is freedom, but more than often they are not fair and accurate and that is a danger to the wellbeing of the United States and its future as a military power. Those claims to being patriotic are false claims.

 And in a recent article about “religious exemptions” I stated that those people with certain exceptions are simply “conscientious objectors” but there could be real “religious exemptions” given to other religions (not the Big 3). Saving lives is what our faiths are about. That article was recently sent to the United States Supreme Court to a justice that had to isolate herself because Justice Gorsuch does not wish to wear a mask when the group meets. Enough said about that justice!