Anti-Semitism in Texas and Politics as Usual

“I write with alarm over reports that the Islamic terrorist who took hostages at a Jewish synagogue in Texas this past weekend was granted a travel visa, despite his long criminal record and a series of red flags. This failure comes in the wake of the Biden Administration’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan and failure to vet the tens of thousands who were evacuated to our country.”

          Congressman Josh Hawley January 18, 2022

I had not even thought of the evacuation in relation to the attack on Jews in Texas, but leave it to Beaver. And perhaps people were thinking about Afghanistan around our nation. I have written about Afghanistan both under Trump and under Biden and I am involved as I am involved in other matters. I am also aware that after World War II, our nation took in both former Nazis and Jews and the nation survived that. Nazis will be included in this article as you will soon see.

The congressman was strongly demanding vetting and specifically in-person vetting. We have to determine if the new class of vetting was the problem. I found this information at the last minute and inserted it. And what I will say about Congressman McCarthy applies to Cawley. I concur with good vetting, but all that talk has to be substantiated.

Congressman Kevin McCarthy is blaming Joe Biden for the hostage situation that took place in the Dallas area (Colleyville) days ago. The situation ended with the intruder being killed and we have to find out more about that. It ended well for Jewish people who were in the synagogue.

This information and the research I did led me to finding out that the man, Malik Faisal Akram, who took the hostages arrived in the United States on January 2, 20202 on a tourist visa. I learned quickly from the newspaper in England that the man had lied on his visa application about his arrests.

All this information got my active mind thinking about Hitler since Hitler was one of the subjects of my last article (Stalin and Trump were there as well). I pictured Hitler alive talking about things that took place until the Nazis were overthrown. How can I explain it? One thing could be that Hitler invoked executive immunity or privilege to cover his years in power and diminish his policies in the public eye. He could lift up loyalists and tear down those who tried to overthrow him. He could declare that the first election after the war was rigged by his opponents. He could diminish Josef Mengele who experimented on Jews in the Auschwitz concentration camp as an incompetent if he chose to since there was free speech in Germany after The Third Reich.  

Keep in mind that Mengele drowned in Argentina and his death was surrounded by misinformation and fraud which we see today in multiple aspects of our new world. Mengele was buried under the name Wolfgang Gerhard so people wouldn’t know. An autopsy six years later determined his identity. And since Hitler never physically killed anyone (or so it seems) his administration could contest that he was not to blame, and it was just bad apples that caused things and as you know one bad apple or two or three don’t spoil the whole bunch.

The British subject applied for a visa and it is true that this situation occurred under Joe Biden. If the man had done the same thing last year, it would have taken place under you know who (Biden took office January 20, 2021). But…but…but I quickly asked myself what were the policies for vetting that person and others and whose policies were they? Were they, for example, policies that were in place under Trump and continued under Biden? We have to know that.

Kevin McCarthy now must answer to a higher moral power of truth if the policies were the same and retract his statement about Biden. In the name of equality also that must happen since it seems for now that there were no differences in the policy from one year to the next and from one administration to the next.

On that note, I can also tell you that it should be known that the synagogue code of security was broken whether they know it or not (the synagogue had security training). The man should never have been allowed in the synagogue, especially without consulting with the top security people there. So this is not just a matter where the English failed to do more to investigate Akram when he was being investigated there. Our own F.B.I may have or may not have messed things up since that has to be officially determined and if that agency messed up it surely should be diminished again.

My guess is that McCarthy’s talk is premature and designed to impact on Jewish voters all over our nation. Other ethnic groups should be alarmed as well, but finding out the whole truth and nothing but the truth matters. And it seems that there is never or hardly ever what we could call bipartisan truth. It would be interesting to see the reactions on McCarthy’s social media and those of his followers including you know who.

Hitler, Stalin, and Trump lies led to defeats in many ways, although it took a long time for Soviet citizens to wake up. So McCarthy seems to have raced out of the blocks on his track and has taken the lead against the Democrats. When it is proven that he was wrong, the misinformation (if what he did was wrong) will be out there to fuel Americans in the wrong direction.

And if you look back to the statement about the breach of security in the synagogue, my reference that the man should never have been allowed in should not be placed in any context such as I am anti-Muslim. I know the good, bad, and ugly of people and I know about the great sacrifices made by Muslims that have made those individuals “righteous of all nations” in Israel’s Yad Vashem. I see the mistakes of people who open the doors of their homes and end up being victims. And I have the right to refuse entry to people who may seem suspicious to me.

Years ago, that man would easily have been allowed into almost any synagogue around the world, but times have changed. Synagogues have armed security and training and any small error (it seems small) could lead to deaths and massacres.

And let’s say that McCarthy is right for the moment. Even Repugnicans can be right. In that case the right thing to do is to correct the error or errors of the F.B.I. immediately. We have to see what happens there to see if McCarthy will do the right thing. At this time, what I see does remind me of former Senator Joseph McCarthy who made lots of egregious mistakes in the 1950s and was finally cancelled by his own party.

And as we await qualitative improvements from the congressman in our F.B.I., there has been news coming from Arizona and New Mexico that people there involved in presenting documents that were not accepted and considered fraudulent there in an attempt to overturn the election in each state now say that they have nothing to say so go ask someone else and (the other says) that he is proud of what he did. They are proud of their version of America First which failed the first time and continues to fail. Guess why!

And yes I am waiting for McCarthy to propose changes in the way the F.B.I. worked and permitted Akram into our country. I would not let the congressman off the hook to false information. And I would hope that the Jewish community worldwide finds out about this just as it found out that Mengele was dead. Death was knocking at the door among Jews everyday through the medical practices of Mengele as he created helpful things to protect his own people. He was a hero to the German people and was awarded.

Simon Wiesenthal thought that Mengele was alive long after Mengele was dead (misinformation), but this kind of misinformation was totally different and that is what politics continues to be about, misinformation, misinformation, misinformation to hurts the progress of nations. All of that came to a halt with the exhumation of Mengele’s body.

 Why was the news of Mengele’s death not revealed? To protect the people who protected him. Doesn’t that sound familiar today as investigations are taking place about an incident in The Capitol that took place last year?

And we have doctors today spreading misinformation about COVID-19, even in government. And it was reported about Mengele that he could be so kind to the children one day, giving them sugar, and the next day poof the crematoria. In thirty-minutes those children were dead and gone.

And in Brooklyn, New York a woman spat on an eight-years old Jewish child, telling him that Hitler should have killed all of you. freedom of speech in America? And in Fort Mill, New Jersey schools a youth has been charged who had the freedom to do anti-Jewish graffiti, write hateful things about Blacks, call for the South to rise again, and of course mention Hitler and White power.

Is Biden to blame for what took place and has been taking place? Where is the evidence? A bunch of words and information are not evidence. And on to Washington, DC. where Kevin McCarthy must now bring about changes to protect all of US, if he can. I am waiting to read news about this, news such as Congressman McCarthy calls a committee to reform F.B.I. practices after Texas hostage crisis in synagogue. We cannot have this kind of politics to continue.

In searching for more information later on, the Jewish Press wrote that the rabbi who was one of the hostages credited among others the F.B.I. for the training that helped him decide to throw a chair at Akram and tell the others to run out. That doesn’t mean that the F.B.I. was totally right either. When the many Republicans who have spoken out can provide proof or evidence of their claims….” Do I have to say more? And one more thing. Trump’s silence is deafening.