Hitler Comparisons in the United States (Stalin too)

“A reserve of First Responders seems like a great idea to me and these “reservists” at best should be much more than minimally qualified and they should include veterans.”

                                 Anonymous March 30, 2020

In Florida today Nikki Fried who hopes to be the next governor of Florida is right for comparing DeSantis to Hitler. Free speech backs her, but there is nothing like supporting evidence and there is evidence. We are not talking about the killing of 6 million Jews and others, but Florida does rank with entire nations in the number of deaths due to COVID-19.

And since this article is about Hitler and Stalin (and more), wouldn’t both men inject COVID-19 into the men and women that were on their death wish.  As long as it was cost effective, they would. Herd immunity in the beginning was about containing a flu, but death was knocking at the door. No injection was needed to bring about illness and death. None! And people in power without realizing it (perhaps) were sucked in the vortex where Jews, Kulaks, and many others were killed in many ways.

And I read about this in The New York Times “Knowing now what I know then, if that was a threat earlier, I would have been much louder,” DeSantis said. The governor said he had been “telling Trump ‘stop the flights from China’ ” but argued he never thought in early March 2020 that the virus “would lead to locking down the country.”

DeSantis did a lot to cause illness and death from the beginning. Check this out.

Germany 1946 USA 2020

Posted by Administrator March 19, 2020

It’s just a flu, we were told by Trump and others.  The latest report is that a family of seven has suffered two death and four people in critical condition.  It is my goal to be critical of the White House and America.  Read on if you have the courage or fortitude.  Weak people may withdraw.  Trump’s lucky that Iran and North Korea are not the principal providers of masks, respirators, and things we need in the Crisis of 2020.  This is another Trump Crisis like the Mueller Report and the Impeachment and no one is insane enough to ask for a demonstration of all the people in Washington, D.C. close to the White House.  I wouldn’t be surprised if “the Donald” is hoarding toilet paper like other Americans.

In a Louisiana’s East Baton Rouge Parish (which has gone Rogue for now), hundreds just attended a church service in violation and contempt for governor’s orders.  I would ask those people who attended would that (corrected to they) do what orthodox Jews did during those pre-Holocaust days and run into a synagogue and dance around the Torah, sacrificing themselves to God or would they watch the church burn as the fire department was called?  The pastor was misguided and religious leaders all over the world have taken action to keep their congregations safe so that others can be safe.  The pastor has jeopardized people everywhere by his actions.  And as I write, we find out that the governor of Florida is not doing enough as large groups of people visit the beaches of Miami.

In those days we know that a complete lockdown would have been possible and it seems that DeSantis is not even aware of that. There were interviews with Trump that have been reported. What would surely have helped the deaths along the east coast at that time was locking down that coast instead of the west coast. I can just imagine Trump’s rage at his arch enemy China as he learned what was going on the way we did. We soon noticed the explosion of illness and death in Italy and other places, places that I identify with because I spent time there on my trips. But the east coast highway to illness and death was kept open on the advice of Secretary Mnunchin.

We all recognize that time was needed to learn more and do our best to slow down the spread of illness and death. We were being treated as “Kulaks” who in the Ukraine were put to death for economic reasons as we our people were. Mnuchin, you see, explained that travel from Europe was five times bigger than travel from China.  Jobs, jobs, jobs! Deaths, deaths, deaths! Thirty of thirty-five states that had COVID-19 at that time were on the east coast and JFK was the key entry point. This was all happening before a meeting with Trump on March 11, 2020. Trump then halted travel from Europe for 30 days.  And on March 13, 2020 a national emergency was declared and at the beginning of this article I pointed out that Ron Desantis, as drunk with power as his name suggests (ron means rum in Spanish) now tells US as he seems to want to be president of all the people of the United States that there was really no national emergency or his way was the best way. And his way was no lockdowns. The illness spread from JFK to other states including Florida and it was slowly killing more Floridians than almost anywhere on the planet. Que borrachera or drunkenness! And it is a fact that among other things that drunkenness fueled Kristallnacht! With that said I strongly urge prohibition!

People who know me and who know me well, have heard me talk about my passion for rum and coke or Cuba libre. Dominicans, in particular, know it because I have a favorite rum that comes from la Quisqueya! That I would not prohibit.

And I wrote this on March 17, 2020 after taking action from my own House with the Blue door.

The World Cannot Come Together as One Right Now

Posted by Administrator March 17, 2020

“There comes a time

When we heed a certain call

When the world must come together as one

There are people dying

Oh, and it’s time to lend a hand to life

The greatest gift of all”

                                               We Are the World

We Hope That the Pope Will Ask the World to Provide Corona Virus Information in All Languages

Realizing that people are dying and getting sick with the Corona Virus, Martin Danenberg, ex profesor of the Consulate of El Salvador in Brentwood, NY did research that reveals insufficient communication about the virus that has led to international emergency declarations.  This information supporting his statement is in his article The Corona Virus Today: Vital Suggestions.

But Danenberg went way beyond doing the research and writing the article to make sure that all people will be protected.   This will be done only by the best efforts of governments and communities.  People have to have access to information in languages and unfortunately the Departments have only several, a few, and one or two languages with information on their websites.  The Pope was chosen to contact because he has been fighting to protect people around the world and his voice is powerful.  The information has to be shared so there will be zero tolerance against failure.  Information in all other languages has to be provided as well and shared by all.

And now you can see why more than ever why I say nobody listens to me. Check out the full article. Go to it later, but read on.

Now get this. I was immensely concerned on February 10,2020 and Trump suddenly and urgently called in Jared Kushner who was “intensely focused” on getting one trillion trees planted. And at that time, Trump went along with Mnuchin. And they World Health Organization now declared officially a pandemic. But the answer was there all the time and I am no epidemiologist. And yes I sensed long before the Election of 2020 that Trump was itching to take over the government.

Look at all the things that I saw and wrote about together on February 10, 2020 (not 2021) as I predicted important things and I repeat again that nobody listens to me. Tell me if you have seen a journalist or even an opinion editor write what I wrote on February 10th. I have used bold type now to make the case stronger and to cause people to learn the facts just as we often highlight things with yellow magic marker in our daily lives.

The Corona Virus: The Trump Manifesto

Posted by Administrator February 10, 2020

“It is a shameful example to observe today how the entire democratic world dissolves in tears of pity, but then, in spite of the obvious duty to help closes [its heart] to the poor, tortured people.”


Let’s take a closer look at the actions of Donald Trump.

There is a crown on the Corona beer label which is not Trump’s crown although Trump has been given a throne in one of my articles about Bobolice Castle in Poland which was published in Jewish Business News.  The Corona Virus is simply Trump and his imaginary crown (corona is crown in Spanish).  Trump is unfit to hold office and it is so scary having him in charge of our nation as the Corona Virus spreads.  I hope that we defeat both Corona Viruses soon and that our nation’s people remain safe from such afflictions.

I do not wish this to happen, but the spread of the Corona Virus or major earthquakes or worse could force the cancellation of the Election of 2020 (or postponement).  Just as we never expected to enter world wars, we seem to never expect the possibility of a disaster on or before that important day in November.  Things could happen!  Let’s begin to think outside the box.

Actually that quote at the beginning of this article was not “Anonymous” at all.  The quote is attributed to Adolph Hitler around the time that the St. Louis was turned back.  The Nazi newspaper reacted as well with this “Aren’t we savages better men, after all?”  That was the response to the world being “cold” in not taking in the Jews.  And history keeps repeating itself as Trump has implemented many of the obstacles put in place to keep out Jews.

The vote to acquit Donald Trump without witnesses and the turning of backs on the evidence which was substantial is boldly and coldly similar to all decisions that have hurt the progress of mankind in the United States since its inception by those Founding Fathers.  Democracy has been undermined in the name of keeping the Republican Party together.  Trump brought on much deeper divisions than we had prior to his election and there has been denial there as well.  And for those Repugnicans who chose to declare that the impeachment should only be a “last” recourse acting as though that impeachment is millions of miles away, we must declare that statement wrong as well as statements made that it is up to the American people to decide in an election.  Trump should have resigned, but because he chose to stay he has to be defended in court by his Repugnicans who are not even his lawyers.

We, the American people, will not be brainwashed nor will we allow Trump sins against the United States and the world be forgotten.  Jews, Poles, Ukrainians, LGBT members, African Americans, Puerto Ricans, immigrants of all nations that have been afflicted by Trumpism, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and Christians of good faith are not going to perish nor will they allow our nation’s moral position to perish in this so-called One Nation Under God and Trump.  Let the Re-Impeachment of Donald Trump take place soon.  Germans were in denial of what Hitler and Germany had done and it took decades to wake people up there.  With November quickly approaching, it is urgent to wake up Americans to the importance of re-impeachment and the ouster of Donald Trump.  The Corona Virus must not destroy Trump’s record and the truths about all the terrible things he has done to US.  This is not a nation for “Norwegian types only” as this nation is For All of US.

We are The Force 2020 DDT.  And One Nation Under God to the Repugnicans is not the loyalty that is needed right now.

And I want you to know that today I have been watching those so-called patriots who wear patriot gear, the red, white, and blue, and whose leaders misrepresent things much of the time. These are the people who probably would have trivialized the Holocaust had they been living back then. And among them are Jews, for sure, who are misled as well. And I try to follow those other groups around our nation as they trick people in their communities.

I will grant my reader a momentary break from these thoughts and add here the entire article to be visited later on if you chose. I hope you do read it. The Corona Virus: The Trump Manifesto. I want to call your attention to the activities surrounding Martin Luther King Day and my take on it. We can turn to Senator Tim Scott or any African American elected official or wannabee who thinks the same way and there are many today who either do not know the rich history well enough or who are trying to deceive the people close to them. Being ignorant has its negativity, but being deceitful is far worse and nobody should do that in the name of Dr. King.

I have seen people speak up at school board meetings about Critical Race Theory mentioning Dr. King and his famous comment about not judging a person by the color of his skin….etc. Tim Scott’s version is very similar to lots of people which is if I could pull myself out of poverty so can lots of other African Americans (or anyone else around our nation and around the world). If Dr. King had been for individualism, he would not have been the Dr. King that we know. Ignorance or deceipt? Both can be corrected, ignorance by knowledge and deceipt by honesty.

And the family of Dr. King has correctly pointed out that those words were taken out of context. So it would be great for Senator Scott to place Dr. King within that context. In the last 100 days of John F. Kennedy, we learn just what Dr. King wanted. He wanted integration and Kennedy could not agree to that, but Kennedy told Dr. King he could finance education.  And I just saw an interview of James Baldwin who was sitting at a discussion table with Charleston Heston, Marlon Brando, Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, and others where Baldwin explained that everything was needed (no limiting of resources) to keep this nation together and strong. We are still far from that.

Jews were diminished by Hitler and Stalin and there are attempts to diminish us in the United States that we often see as posts on the internet. We see the same things being done to African Americans and others as well. It’s a free country that way. Hitler and Stalin had Jews around them as well. And so did Trump! Such are the divisions of people that go back to the Bible as well.

Even before April Fools’ Day  2020 I wrote some things that ring true even today.

The White House TLC

Posted by Administrator March 30, 2020

Tender Loving Care may cause US to think of an extremely popular song from the 1950s.  In that version Elvis sang “Never Let Me Go.”  But now we find people who will fall for the worst of people who spread another word and have access to Fox Entertainment and other media.  Americans are willing to allow our aging population to die in order to enshrine our economy as the most important aspect of America.

Trump is off his game as companies have announced their intention to hire 300,000 and 100,000 workers.  Suddenly Trump has not taken credit for those announcements and other smaller numbers.  Departments of Labor are also in need of more workers as well over 3 million people have filed for unemployment.

You would expect more TLC from the White House, but you are actually getting TLC.  The $2 trillion aid package is now a part of the present plan to help Americans.

We teach children to be alert about walking across the street, crossing at the green and not in between.

We see a fire or just smell smoke and we do whatever it takes to alert people and call the fire department.

We object to a doctor who takes a biopsy of a patient and we find out that six months later that the patient has died because the doctor left the biopsy on his desk.

I just had another conversation with a man who said that we should go back to work and that I would be okay during this pandemic.  We were 20 feet apart leaning up against our cars.  He really did not demonstrate what I would call political corruption which is expressed by Republican/Repugnicans.  “Oh” and keep in mind that Donald J. has been called the greatest Republican president since Abraham Lincoln.  The man did show ignorance of how well and how fast the virus is spreading within the United States (non-coastal).  But when someone expresses that opinion knowing that is going on that surely is to me corruption.  Ignorance in other words is innocence.  I am not going to trust that man.

And for over three years our nation has had to put up with Donald “Oh “ J. Trump.  When we see that certain people in society are very problematic and we saw it in Trump right away, we should not perpetuate such a hoax.  We were told “Let Trump Be Trump” and he has worsened the situation far beyond our expectations (even in March of 2019).  And I have not read about the Republicans planning to unseat him yet in November.

This government in power has not been there to protect people to the best-known ability for years and he $2 trillion will not be enough in this current crisis.  Trump’s people were going to give US peanuts at first but then they realized that the economy was going to be wrecked.

Now there is a report that one of nation’s largest unions has found 39 million 3M masks that are going to be distributed.  Why wasn’t the existence of so many masks discovered by the “great team” in the White House?

I wrote this on March 9, 2020.  And today Trump is calling for similar action.

We can recall the responses to the shootings such as the Parkland shooting.  There was an immediate call to protect schools by hiring former police and/or veterans to protect our children.  And here we have a much greater population in need due to the virus and retired First Responders may be needed soon.  That’s going to cost “The Donald” even more money and this has nothing to do with the Second Amendment at all.  Big government is needed and Trump’s friends want to keep “big government” away from our doors to save lives.  Police and firemen around the country have to realize that while they are at work, their loved ones may be at risk, particularly if those relatives do not live close by.  A reserve of First Responders seems like a great idea to me and these “reservists” at best should be much more than minimally qualified and they should include veterans.  And friends and neighbors will be at risk as well.

Yes I quoted myself! And people all over our nation, people that I oppose, really do not know what patriotism is about. Florida has needed much better government since Civil Rights and I am ready as always to provide it with knowledge that will help its people. While recognizing the good things that have taken place in that state, we have to calculate its failures. New, better leadership is needed to help our democracy grow and to keep the people safe and healthy. The lunacy of we will not comply with masks was essentially what I portrayed here and there is not a word about vaccines. The foundation of Trump’s destruction was surely here just as the foundation or the building of America was based on slavery and a whole lot of prejudice. And the foundation for the termination of Ron DeSantis is right here.

As far as the rift between Trump and DeSantis that was written about in the NY Times article about who is king in Florida? They will join together in 2024 to sink liberals, progressives, socialists, and anyone else that they consider “the enemy of the people” and they will do whatever it takes to accomplish it with lies and things taken out of context. Hitler and Stalin did it and Trump failed at it. And DeSantis is hiding behind his mistakes with a human shield in front of him called the Republican Party.

And on top of that the potential threat made over the Ukraine about Russian miliary hardware going into Latin America can send shock waves throughout Florida which is heavily Hispanic. What do Puerto Ricans think of having a major threat next door to the island?

In spite of Trump’s success with Hispanic voters in Florida in 2020, all the major recent events that have taken place in 2021 show much more clearly that M.A.G.A. failed, America First failed, Trump failed, but there has been no great victory (yet). And preparing for the next pandemic must include a serious and strong faith-based initiative of our major faiths since the highest commandment of the big three religions is about saving lives as it is among real patriots.

And the latest report about this kind of corruption comes from Fox News where Laura Ingraham clapped as General Milley tested positive for COVID-19. I did not clap upon learning that people are dying from COVID-19, one who attended Turning Points USA and others who had podcasts that have hurt our nation with misinformation. Everyone who is fighting for his or her life deserves the best medical attention possible and this message should resonate better now with locals everywhere that claim the throne of righteousness that they obtained from Trump. That throne of Bobolice mentioned in my article could be abbreviated to just Bobo and that translates from Spanish to English as idiot or imbecile.