Russian Military Presence in Cuba and Venezuela?

Putin has shown the world what happens when America has weak leaders. Peace Through Strength!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 28, 2014

And where is the strength that Trump talked about as he diminished our allies across the Atlantic and promoted himself while diminishing tens of millions of Americans. Nowhere should there be more concern about this new threat to Latin America than in Florida as the politics there will heat up. But where does the truth lie? We are all diminished by this threat and there surely will be books filled with information about Trump’s four years and his (mis)handling of the Ukraine and Putin. Latinos on Calle Ocho (8) should begin to understand the real lessons of the political game of dominoes and just who got dominated in those four years.

That statement never should have been uttered by the Russians since it is slap in the face to all of US. That is the Russia that Trump left US in January 2021. And how can one Latino speak up with pride to another unless he or she spreads misinformation? The fight to take back those two countries has just been diminished again. Read on and stop the misinformation that is a danger to this nation.

Check out what I wrote over a year ago, long before the Russian comment that was just made.

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Under “strongman” Donald Trump, Cuba should have been freed. But it is not! All that I am reading about the Cuban-Latino Miami and the election is the shift to the right and this is taking place without even a word about seven months of inserts in the Spanish newspaper El Heraldo that were anti-Semitic which […]

Posted by Administrator December 5, 2020

Find the article and read it. Now back to the news this week.

It has been mentioned already by the Russian government as the United States tries to help the Ukraine right now. And I wrote about Cuba and Venezuela months ago and in the same breath I wrote about the coming of World War III. So where do we begin? We begin by doing out best to explain the truth in a nation where there is so much misinformation. It is true that the bad news coming from the Ukraine has happened under President Biden, but does that mean that Trump was a great protector of the aspirations of the Cuban and Venezuelan people in the United States? My point of view is that if Trump were building a strong house of support for those families who aspire more for the nations that they came from, then we now see very quickly that the cement or foundation of all that seems to be eroding with the words of the Russian government.

The Russian government was empowered consistently by the Trump Administration that put all of its marbles in the diplomatic game against China, which was mostly economic since Trump established the tariffs that Americans paid for while Trump said that China was paying (italics added). So where does this mentality come from that is designed to dominate the United States? It’s as old as communism itself in Russia. The technique used just now is no different from the techniques used in the 1920s and for decades after in the prisons of the Soviet Union. And here in the United States, as it has been told to me by a huge supporter of Trump on Long Island (who was talking to the wrong person) that he has been studying “Marxism” every night. Well I have been studying the Soviet Union and its communism every night in bed. And the last reading was about the escapers from the gulag (nobody anywhere in the Soviet Union was free as long as the gulags existed and kept being filled with replacements as Cubans and Venezuelans know well.). One escaper that was written about was under the influence of that technique as soon as he was drafted or imprisoned. While he was being interrogated and tortured and thought about escape (seriously he had the talent to escape as the author revealed), he heard a woman’s screams in the next room and the interrogator to be even more convincing told the man that those screams were his wife’s screams. That kind of misinformation works and misinformation worked well for Putin-Trump agreement which has been known as America First.

The old America First of the 1930s did not work well for Jews who were under attack across our nation. And the new America First has lost its meaning with the Russian threat to strongly support the regimes in Cuba and Venezuela. America First now shows itself to be bankrupt to those people, mostly in Florida. It’s like going to a bank and being told that your account has insufficient funds. I warned people months ago and it became real. World diplomacy works that way.

And for sure, we know that American Jews were not protected against Hitler since there were Nazis plotting against them here at home. And any American Jew in those days in France, for example, would be swallowed up by the Nazis merely by the dropping of his pants to determine if were Jewish or not. The certainty of the circumcision was constantly used as evidence. And what would the United States do about all of that as it followed a policy of isolation from the world? Those thoughts take US back to history when another Russian banged his shoe at the United Nations and said to our nation “we will bury you.” And what is this veiled threat made now by Russians? Playful words? And who gets oppressed by those words as we recall that man thinking of escaping and thinking about his wife when he should not have? The Cuban and Venezuelans are oppressed meaning that not much has changed since the breakup of the Soviet Union and Trump helped to empower it by being close to Putin and never challenging him.

Know the history and get the facts straight and far too many people are presenting facts in an incomplete setting. Take Florida and its politics. The Hispanic community and its leadership pointing to the creation of jobs under Trump and DeSantis, but especially during the pandemic needs a statement. Will those people who pushed toward keeping the economy open and putting so many others at risk come forth to tell it like it is? I doubt it since their political conscience must keep things quiet about the Russian threat or even at best to minimize that threat. And China enhanced the Russian position by offering support in Kazakhstan once the demonstrations turned violent there. If those influential people cannot make a statement about that what does that say about a free Cuba or a free Venezuela and what is going to happen in the near future in El Salvador as well as China’s influence grows and grows under our noses?

In remembering what happened to the escaper, do you wish him luck and success? Or don’t you even care? If he didn’t escape, he would remain a slave for 7, 10, 25 years. And that is what happens to countries and their people when our leaders do not know history and act properly. Trump was unfit and unprepared. The record shows so many things about his days of dealing with Russia and the Ukraine and Putin came out on top.

It was March 2016 when Mitt Romney warned our nation that Russia was our main “geopolitical foe” but his own aspirations to become president were sabotaged by Trump and his party as they acquiesced in having a strong man (laughing at the thought) like Donald Trump in the White House who never strongly took on Russia. His concentration was on jobs, Carrier air conditioners, American steel, and going along with Putin. Has Joe Biden even mentioned this in recent weeks? Perhaps he is playing that down to get Russian supporters in the Republican Party to finally come around to a bipartisan foreign policy that really deals with the Russian threat. And in Florida which is heavily Latino, the votes for Trump poured in leading to a popular and electoral triumph there, but how can those voters now undo the threat made on the international stage about putting military hardware into Cuba and Venezuela? And as those Repugnicans in that state campaigned they helped to embolden Putin just by supporting Trump. And you can search the article about the 80 times that Trump spoke with “effusive praise” of Putin before he was elected our nation’s whatever.

And it goes back to 2013 when Trump told the late Larry King that Putin had “outsmarted” America. And in 2020 Trump outsmarted a huge amount of Latino voters in Florida as well. And now that the thought of a Russian threat in Cuba and Venezuela seem possible again what has Trump stated about that? Does he even understand the implications of reinforcing the governments of Cuba and Venezuela when so many of his supporters wish the opposite? He doesn’t go by science or history and he really does very little to help matters and that is what is known as a “stable genius.”

I know the Latino communities in Florida speak out and this is a great time to speak out. So far I do not see anything noteworthy coming from those communities in Florida. Are they in shock and do not know what to do or say? There are lots of Calle Ochos throughout Florida and across our nation where people have to get the truth out, even if the national press is asleep at this moment.