NYC Students Walkout

Being far from New York City, the student protests and walkouts caught me by surprise. But I had honestly been thinking about Eric Adams in his first days in office. I had been thinking about Eric Adams as mayor elect and as candidate.

Let’s go back to June 2021 and May 2020 to learn more.

NYC Still in Deep Trouble After the Primaries

It’s very, very troubling to me to watch the political developments in New York City where the old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” should have guided the people in power a long time ago. My efforts have resulted in ten of thousands of people earning their GED diplomas in […]

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The Geiger counter of radioactivity shows us the problem of government radiation when it is hard to really see it. The spark by the students is a spark that is going around the world, just as the students of Parkland (which I wrote about in Jewish Business News a few times) brought attention to reforming laws related to guns. I spoke with men and women there who were caught by the surprise of death at their doors. And death is at our door when COVID-19 strikes so not all students are safe and neither are the other staff members and people who are clueless about how they got COVID-19. But we also know that more people have let their guard down since they were vaccinated. And we have to hold people in government accountable as we held Donald Trump accountable for egregious mistakes.

Now turning to Eric Adams and my concerns watching him. His thinking may have been deeper, but his political comments about opening up the schools emphasized just that and little more. He is more law and order than anything, making him just like Trump. He already spoke about 9-11 which is what Trump spoke about in the 2016 presidential debates against Ted Cruz as New York’s resiliency after the attack was the essence of his New York’s value system. Adams already has his Ivanka waiting to protect him as Trump picked Ivanka (Bernard Adams) to be close to him at world meetings involving important diplomacy. Adams chose school openings in person instead of giving his talks more thought. And there was his Bambú paper appearance on national television which was not needed and keep in mind that I was a panelist to end the draconian Rockefeller Drug Laws with the icons of prison reform (Kristallnacht in Austria in 1938 see it later). I have never smoked marijuana, but my students had accused me of smoking it. Did Eric Adams ever mention that Rudy Giuliani got more police from Bill Clinton in the 1990s, something that I mentioned often in my work in The Force 2020 DDT? He recently pointed out that 80 percent of the men and women  serving time in Rikers’ Correctional Facility do not have a high school diploma and 66 percent have dyslexia and for more than a decade I have been telling people that two-thirds of people going to prison are “special ed” students that I spoke to Adams’ right-hand man about just before the massive demonstrations started after the George Floyd death at the knee of a police officer. And his constant theme of my city, my this and my that does remind me of Donald Trump and his praising “my” administration. Enough of that!

An ounce of prevention is usually not the road taken. People like Eric Adams take or make their own road. I had written to Eric Adams, the chancellor, the commissioner of education, the regents of the State of New York, the major New York City newspapers, and others about online learning which I will share with the students soon. Nobody listens to me!

As a former GED teacher in New York City, I can show you creative things to help students, but for most of the last 20 years I have focused my efforts mostly on students who have fallen through the cracks of the educational system. I believe that there are online tools that can be created right now to help students, emphasizing that most of the last 20 years would have been about helping students in classroom situation. In other words, today students who study in classrooms, online, and in hybrid situations can benefit especially in after school sessions. Things have been wrong for a long time, but progress toward graduation has been achieved while too many youth were neglected. And we do not wish to neglect anyone right now and that will take organization and action to achieve.

“If anyone saves a life, it shall be as though he had saved the lives of all mankind.”

                                          Quran Surah verse 32

And I wrote this as well. Jesus was not a Founding Father of the United States, but his existence and life founded Christianity. He was a Jew who followed Jewish law which included something important about saving lives called Pikuach Nefesh. And there should be no argument that misinterprets that truth. This important religious fact has been missing from the talks of the Pope in Rome and from religious leaders around the world. There have been rabbis in Israel that forgot about Pikuach Nefesh and they and others concentrated on the study of Torah and Talmud for many months, but the harsh illness that was life threatening woke them up to the road that was needed. There the road and homes contain Jerusalem stone. In thinking about those religious leaders and putting it simply, they seemed to forget about the commandment to multiply or procreate in favor of study.

My point is that we have bad leadership across New York and around our nation. The messaging is often weak or wrong. And this is a lesson for the students and their families to put out now to save lives as conditions may get much worse. I would be happy to do Zooms for the leadership anywhere.

In the 1980s on the Lower East Side, my official class students walked out of the building, went up to Times Square, and were arrested there and it looked like I had permitted them to go. The community found out about it and it looked like I was in trouble, big trouble. I would never put myself in the position of encouraging the students to walk out, but what was done this week was extremely important and it was about saving lives through something better than the government handed to you. It was not about playing video games in Times Square. All of you, students and parents as well as community activists, you have power in your hands so use that power please to improve the city.

The people in power that built the city are almost all gone from the positions that they have held, but there are a few around. The new people in power, including Adrienne Adams, Christopher Marte, Oswaldo Feliz, and Jeffrey Dinowitz whose offices I had contacted before the walkout to share important information with, especially since our immigrant population needs much more help than our city has provided it.

My articles in Jewish Business News are required reading for students everywhere. How about this one? But I should add now that with the investigation taking place in our nation’s capital about January 6, 2021, learn that Hitler and Goebbels had been communicating about taking action against Jews and this is what knowledge of history reveals. “Goebbels informed Party leaders (italics added) that they must not appear involved in the pogrom,” which is similar or more than similar of things being revealed about the insurrection in Washington, D.C. now. Nothing changes? And yes, demonstrations that were taking place in Berlin at time were demonstrations that Hitler allowed to go on (rowdiness enhanced by a drug called alcohol).

The Holocaust And Black Lives Matter

Between the Holocaust and Black Lives Matter, the keyword is “pig.”  We have heard that word in protests for decades and perhaps without knowing what the joke reveals to us. Oppressors are pigs!

By Martin Danenberg Published September 17, 2018

And there were jokes coming out of the resistance and the Holocaust that we should know.   Look at the key word in this joke.

“A Parisian reports to his friend a rumor that at 9:20 the previous night, a Jew attacked and killed a German in the Métro (French for subway).  He even ate part of his entrails, including his heart.  The friend says with a laugh, “You’ll believe anything you hear, Pierre.”

“But it’s true!”

“No, my friend, it’s impossible.”


“First, Jews don’t eat pigs; second, Germans have no heart; and, third, at 9:20 everyone is listening to the BBC.”

The BBC was the radio network to listen to since the Nazis banned everything else.  Everything else was the “fake news” of its time.

Between the Holocaust and Black Lives Matter, the keyword is “pig.”  We have heard that word in protests for decades and perhaps without knowing what the joke reveals to us. Oppressors are pigs!

And it’s true that people in power today, January 12, 2022, have not come close to doing the right thing. They sometimes hit the target, but they miss the bullseye.

We do not have the united front right now to battle COVID-19 in the best way and everywhere people have failed since early February 2020 and truth has to speak out. Misinformation and lies have to stay far away from US. Much more can be done to save lives during this pandemic and create the template needed to fight against the next one. Eric Adams needs to do much more now and he should not be protected by a human shield of Democrats who have been or will be a part of the problem. My objective in reaching out to the Eric Adams team in 2020 was to keep people away from arrest through better parent involvement in the schools of New York City and to do it through massive participation by using technology to reach parents and community.  This is consistent with the presentation that I gave years ago at Department of Education headquarters to parents who came there to hear Chancellor Carmen Fariña and of course nobody listened to me, not even the chancellor. The students’ cause right now is my cause as well. You can find out much more since I am available to share other key items.