40 Days of Kengir Gulag History

This was a Soviet prison camp that had a rebellion. There were about 8,000 people who demonstrated against their internment. The “thieves” were more than thieves since they could rape or murder with impunity. And those prisoners joined with the political prisoners against the administration. Political prisoners could be sent to the gulag for just […]

Vaccinations in War and the Patriotic Call

World War II spurred the invention of vaccines and patriotism has been diminished by so-called patriots today and for no good reason other than partisanship. There are some people who have legitimate reasons for being vaccinated and it is their right to live or die – to be sick or not. This article is not […]

Anti-Semitism in Texas and Politics as Usual

“I write with alarm over reports that the Islamic terrorist who took hostages at a Jewish synagogue in Texas this past weekend was granted a travel visa, despite his long criminal record and a series of red flags. This failure comes in the wake of the Biden Administration’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan and failure to […]

Hitler Comparisons in the United States (Stalin too)

“A reserve of First Responders seems like a great idea to me and these “reservists” at best should be much more than minimally qualified and they should include veterans.”                                  Anonymous March 30, 2020 In Florida today Nikki Fried who hopes to be the next governor of Florida is right for comparing DeSantis to Hitler. […]

Russian Military Presence in Cuba and Venezuela?

Putin has shown the world what happens when America has weak leaders. Peace Through Strength! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 28, 2014 And where is the strength that Trump talked about as he diminished our allies across the Atlantic and promoted himself while diminishing tens of millions of Americans. Nowhere should there be more […]

NYC Students Walkout

Being far from New York City, the student protests and walkouts caught me by surprise. But I had honestly been thinking about Eric Adams in his first days in office. I had been thinking about Eric Adams as mayor elect and as candidate. Let’s go back to June 2021 and May 2020 to learn more. […]