The Human Shield in NYC

What 750 members of the transition team for the mayor-elect Eric Adams have to learn and hopefully quickly. We noticed a human shield defending Donald Trump against impeachment and that shield shows its power today in countless ways in countless communities across our nation. There are human shields in both major political parties as well […]

La Maison Zola-Musée Dreyfus… Justice

Disposable Americans Posted by Administrator October 19, 2020  This come from my article in The Force 2020 DDT as I paid attention to news from France. “We know that Trump has kind of spoken out about hate and white supremacy, but weakly at best. Rudy Giuliani said when he heard the name “Black Lives Matter” […]

Vaccinations and Meriting a Religious Exemption.

“If anyone saves a life, it shall be as though he had saved the lives of all mankind.”                                                    Quran Surah verse 32 We can kind of follow the yellow brick road to understanding if a person is qualified for the religious exemption in order not to get vaccinated. In Kansas among other places nationally […]

Bowman and Torres

That is Jamaal Bowman and Richie Torres, who are both congressmen from the Bronx and who can learn from things that I discussed with Congressman Charles Rangel back in the day. This article comes to you as it has just been mentioned that arrests of teens (under 18 cited) for gun possession in New York […]

The Most Famous Teacher (Part II)

After learning that I incorrectly published the nationality of a man I met in Florida as Bolivian, I can state that the world should know that he is Peruvian. He almost made me swallow Machu Pichu during the week for making that mistake. I met people with stories to share. There was a Jewish man […]

David Pakman on Dr. Oz

I had done the research needed to inform you about Dr. Mehmet Oz since I read that he has entered the United States Senate race for Pennsylvania. Pakman did a pretty good job of supporting why Dr. Oz should not be considered, but we know that the worst sort of people can be elected and […]