In Soviet prisons prisoners were not allowed to cough freely. This took place in Special Purpose Prisons. “One could get into a punishment cell for coughing,” Solzhenitsyn wrote. The prison staff spoke and told the men and women to cover their heads with a blanket when coughing.

As soon as I saw this I knew that I had to share it with Trump’s supporters. That is a difficult thing for me to do since I really don’t know anyone to share it with and I hope you get this point.

And there is more about those misdemeanors. Noise that one’s shoes made while walking around the cell was called “rebellious” and had its punishment which was typically twenty more days of incarceration. Pacing back and forth due to no heat in extreme cold in prison could land you five days.

American youth may not even think about the conditions that were pervasive throughout the communist world back then. Diseases were killing tens of millions. What person who is sixty-five and older did not have a family member who went to prison under communism and did not have a relative who got sick with tuberculosis. We had a teacher in elementary school whose initials were T.B. so we knew about this without knowing much else. Tuberculosis had also ravaged the United States and I had to get tested as did others with that cough.

I have the cough, not the “T.B.” one. I had it in Nice, France about a decade ago and that was not nice. I phoned home a la E.T. and told my wife to get me a doctor’s appointment instead of taking me home. I got that appointment and went from the airport to getting help. But you can picture that long flight home (direct flight) and the coughing in my seat with no punishment. Freedom! Well not exactly. My mind was thinking about others, but this was not during a pandemic. I had tissues and the prisoners in the Soviet Union had no tissues. And there was fear of getting sick and dying even if their only crime was writing a letter to a family member criticizing Stalin.

So I can see Tucker Carlson speaking to millions (tens of millions) that Danenberg writes that coughing is a right that all people have under the Constitution and it protected just as free speech is protected. Well all that free speech being cited has just landed people into jail and financial hardship because that message was never a complete one and we do not have total freedom today to do whatever we wish.

Keep in mind that these political prisoners who sometimes went on hunger strikes to fight for the little rights that they still had, barely had medical attention as per changes in the policies under communism from strong leaders that wanted their way. Their safety was thrown to the wind.

With a strong man like Trump in control of the Soviet Union at that time, would his policy or policies have been similar? Would the right of prisoners to wear a mask or not wear a mask to ward off Tuberculosis have been undertaken? Would the freedom of those prisoners to decide for themselves if they should wear a mask or not worked out well against the disease that took lives?

There is potential for Trump’s supporters to make things even worse than they already have. They can tell the world that the new omicron variant contains hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and just take some Vitamin D and horse manure will provide the greatest of all protections naturally. Naturally!

And there was an article that just appeared about how Hitler made himself over depicting Hitler as a kind person, caring about animals, and not at all the man who did the things he did. There is a sign that has been by his demolished estate since 2008 that reads:

“Hitler spent more than a third of his time in power here. Important political discussions and negotiations were conducted here and incisive decisions were made, which led to the catastrophes of the Second World War and the Holocaust, causing the death of millions.”

This is from The Conversation today:

Hitler at home: How the Nazi PR machine remade the Führer’s domestic image and duped the world

Check it out if you need to and note just how his loyalists continued to seek out his residence at Berghof. Policies lead to deaths!

Trump had enough problems that mattered to tens of millions of voters before he created that trail of death for US and his loyalists like loyalists anywhere went along. This world was not duped no matter how hard Republicans and Repugnicans tried to smooth things over. Trump’s rhetoric did not cause so many deaths. Policies and poor reactions led to that mess and I have seen Biden caught by photographers without a mask on and that happens (even I have been caught unintentionally) but Trump should never ever set foot in or even near the Oval Office again. Of cough of cough! And instead of coughing up money for taxes, Trump recently stated that he would leave the USA before paying more tax. He may owe a bundle that he should cough up, but he may decide to cough without paying in Moscow and he will be welcomed there with open arms.

This article was started before today Sunday and I just found out that Stephen Miller who provided the horrible immigration policies that should never have been said that Trump would have already had a vaccine for the new mutated form of COVID-19. This type of talk is not unusual for Stephen Miller and/or so many Trump loyalists. Anything that is not Trump, just like under the leaders of the late, Soviet Union, becomes such a threat to the Trump Mother Country or if you can compare history to the Trump Soviet States (I named many of them in my last article). Those people will try to deflect all credible criticism just as Stalin’s reprehensible men and women did.

I can still remember going to a doctor’s office to be checked out and the doctors (there have been several) told me to turn my head and cough. I say told me because they would say would you please or kindly turn your head and cough. Today that kind of thing should not even happen in a restaurant (unless you wish to take risks that we didn’t have to take). And as Chanukah starts and Americans know the song well where Adam Sandler says “what a fine Jew” about putting Goldie Hawn together with Paul Newman to make a whole.

My reading of Solzhenitsyn continued and thoughts poured through my brain. There is the comment made just about a week ago by the governor of Texas about locking up all the racists. And there was a recent rape on a Philly train and the passengers, it was reported, did nothing to help the woman. Trump, who I had just written about in T(Reason) and his comment about police roughing up people before taking them into the police station. Here, after over five hundred pages of The Gulag and learning about the vehicle that took people to prison, I was finally learning about the Black Marias which we could hardly even pronounce correctly because of language differences. Black Marias so repulsive and repugnant to read about.

Just like in Baltimore when Freddy Gray was taken in, Trump spoke in the land of free speech and even the press hardly gave US the kind of history that had gone into taking people away. The death of Freddy Gray seemed like an isolated event in history. But here are the comments made about the Black Marias and the “bluecaps” who began the process to prison and interrogation, torture, and more.

In the Black Marias people got thrown around calling it a “bone-breaker”

Thieves stole possessions after assaulting the people inside

Women were gang raped and robbed and submitted afterwards to a system that didn’t even care, especially since after robbing the woman the convoy guards were complicit in the crime by stopping the van, going to buy vodka to hand out to the thieves who could now drink at the woman’s “expense”

That was March 8, 1946 on International Women’s Day and that woman was a young bride. Thieves and jailers, I repeat, were involved.

And keep in mind that I wrote Quijote and Zolá in which I brought the main characters together with Colin Kaepernick, who came out of the mouth of Emile Zolá, to fight for social justice and to find a way to make things go viral across our nation. Social justice is our fight, our nation’s fight and the Trumps will not have this at all.

Donald Trump, Jr. is the news fighting to get the Trump base and our nation to go along to have protests (or riots) so that the handling of the COVID-19 (we are not related to Trump in any way and we say mishandling) by Trump will win out now since “freedom” means, according to Junior, that we cannot have a vaccine mandate. We do have mandates and we do have a democratic system in place to deal with mandates and the rights of people. We know about the worldwide protests and we are being told that we do not know by him. Bongino hosted Trump, Jr. and says that we are out of our minds since Democrats are out of their minds. And Dan Bongino spoke (I read that he is part owner of Parler) about how fifty percent of the problem related to The Capitol Insurrection is political and the leaders do not like cops. But it was just reported that the organizers of The Capitol Insurrection (I) had “burn phones” and this information is beginning to change minds about Trump (Eric Trump had one of the phones). It strongly appears to me that Bongino by his silence about this is acting as Sovietica as the men around Stalin (for decades). So they spread falsehoods about the press and its coverage or lack of coverage of the riots in Europe as the fight against cancer was added. No comment about the phones that I saw. The cancer to talk about at this time is Trump. And perhaps Joe Biden may soon have good news about fighting the other cancer. Could Capitol Insurrection II be coming to a television near you soon?

Switzerland just voted to increase medical spending and put restrictions into place since people are at risk. This is something that it hesitated to do before. Health care is vital to US and the pharmaceutical world is working hard to provide new protections that could result in improvements, improvements that were not possible under Trumpism. And in Texas, the expansion of Medicaid was defeated by Republicans there. And the kind of “socialism” that Switzerland has the Republicans ignored in 2020 and only talked about Venezuela. Switzerland has a mixed economy which includes socialist elements.

I know that the Justice Department has a close eye on those who would bring about a second insurrection in the name of “freedom” and I also know that the F.B.I. has failed to protect people which has been publicized. The liberalism being portrayed is not at all what took place under Stalin. Any free thought resulted in people being jailed. We did not see any attempt by the Democrats to overthrow the government of the United States, but we saw Trump’s hand, the hand of steel (Stalin) in the attempt on January 6, 2021. Trump 2016 was victorious just like Stalin’s takeover, but both victories were disastrous for the people of their nations.

And those coughs, of course, should dissipate. For many the coughing has stopped and so have their hearts. We have to go by the science, but there is much satanism across the world and it does pervade one of our political parties more than the other.

And as this omicron spreads and more scientific research takes place in spite of those Repugnicans, we hope that the mutation never ever destroys the “natural” immunity of those people, even the ones who claim that they know Nazism better than I do.

And the news today coming from the Supreme Court is about turning away the objections of hospital workers to the vaccination mandate.

Check out what I wrote months ago in The Force 2020 DDT

Throwing Off the Mask of Play of Fools

Posted by Administrator September 10, 2021 Edit Throwing Off the Mask of Play of Fools

That takes US to masks, Wuhan, and more. Wearing masks is different from forced vaccinations and things associated with decisions related to the vaccinations. Our military has to be protected at all times since our existence as a nation depends on it. The Supreme Court has ruled about arbitrary things, but it knows that saving lives is primary. There can be no nation if the disease spreads and kills most Americans. The economy, though important, is secondary. This conversation with myself points toward the same kind of stupidity that historians see in Stalin in Trump himself. Yes!

I see a Supreme Court case coming that will reveal to all Americans just how psychologically, morally, and existentially damaging Trump has been as he propagates hysteria and worse across our nation. This landmark decision will, by using psychological evidence remind US of the arguments of Thurgood Marshall in 1954 as our nation found out that segregation in schools had to end. And the decision was enforced by President Eisenhower with military power.