Donald Trump made history and should be in The Guinness Book of Records. We have two events to think about (thinking of Freddy Gray in Baltimore and his death after being arrested), Trump is the only president in our history who has told police to rough them up before taking them in and the only president who has promoted the belief that a mob of people had the right to rough up police as the police protected everyone in Congress. That is his common sense. Learn more about the plot and share with people. This is a time to know history much better. The pieces have never been entirely explained and this puzzle has to be put together so people can understand much better. Joe Biden should be doing that with the help of his administration and future members of that administration.

This article is about treason and reason. We go back to January 6, 2021 and we imagine the overturning of the Election of 2020 which some who provide little or no evidence or insufficient evidence for the Trump victory that was never declared. Trump may have had lots of no victories in court in which he was never declared the loser but that was about lawyers and judges. After the Biden victory was announced, clearly there were lawyers to pay for this and for that and everything failed Trump. But also this time it was about politicians, media, and supporters. The (T)R in that word is just an abbreviation to me to make you think of Trump.

What would have happened if the force of illegal entry and incredible violence had overthrown the election results and on no transfer of power had taken place to Biden? Can it actually be explained since it is so hypothetical and perhaps the genius of Trump can tell US all just how things would have been on the first days of Trump II (2021-2025) and who he would expect his successor to be.  As a leading opponent of Trump and much or most of which he stood for, I want to know just what expectations everyone had including Fox Entertainment and other similar media.

And we know that there was a reason for the t. Trump told US it was about “common sense” which has a colonial ring to it. Neo-colonialism at work again? And we are being told to forget about the past and think about the future which is another four years under Trump. The British had to turn control over the land, its people, and its resources including the air and the water to the Americans or former colonists.

The land, its people, the air and the water are all different these days. Imagine breathing the air and waking up on January 7, 2021 and trying to figure out the next move under Trump until inauguration day. Imagine drinking a glass of water or a cup of coffee or your favorite mo(u)rning drink. And imagine a time when people in power had what is called “les droits de seigneur” and having the feeling that Trump had done it to you, politically speaking.

I am going to pause to write about a New York City woman (Brooklyn) who has not been sending her daughter to school because she does not feel that it is safe enough for her daughter to go. She is in conflict with the policies but she wants to protect her daughter from illness and possible death. This is the first case of its kind that I have heard of and you have to give her credit for not conforming. I think that that the matter will be resolved well since she is not abusing her daughter as people have suggested. Her daughter needs instruction and I feel that the instruction will be provided to her daughter, that is unless she is motivated by something that has not been provided to us in the newspaper article. And I wonder out loud if those people who have been fighting so hard for the freedom to make people sick and die will fight just as hard as she fights for her right to keep her daughter safe at a time that in class instruction is the norm at school.

And think back to those early days when leading Trump supporters gave him ideas such as “the cure is worse than the problem” and people were going to commit suicide in great numbers so why even consider saving lives during the pandemic. Just open everything up to anarchy is what they achieved almost everywhere.

Actually there was a report days ago about youth who contracted the COVID-19 virus and who did develop mental illness from it and committed suicide. There are so many things going on that do not equate with but should remind people of the 19th century “truths” that finally led to so much death in Europe at the time of World War II. And there was so much lying going on before that that resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of people. Much of this could have happened here as I have revealed before but the attack on Pearl Harbor pretty much put an end to that as we finally entered a war for control of the world.

I do wonder or think about just how she obtained all the essential and non-essential things since either the outbreak of the pandemic or just when she demanded higher protocols for her and her child.

Can you imagine just what would have happened if our entire nation rejected Trump’s call for mask choice? For example, if our nation’s military refused to report for duty unless COVID-19 protocols surpassed those provided by Fauci and the CDC. And with that said, I feel certain that certain media would have instantly portrayed that as communist inspired which would be an abridgement of either the freedom given to US by the Founding Fathers and by God as well.

It is clear to me that a spark much greater than Trump’s final days in Washington, D. C. was about to happen. And the result would not have been Adolph Hitler who died in a bunker, but Trump who had been known to hide in a bunker to protect himself. Trump! Trump! Trump! He was known as the great winner (just ask him) and he lost. Martial law was in the air created by people close to Trump. I will remind everyone in this nation that this country is not about “martial law” since we practice a great amount of freedom. How could I and others ever be free in this land and who would expect US to sit back and take it? I know the answer (to be revealed to me) and that is that I just don’t have any common sense. And it really seems to me that I would not be a free man under Trump II and his supporters would knock the sense into me. That my friends was the basis of communist leadership that the world has known and other evils that we have had in the United States before major constitutional changes were undertaken (slowly).

And can you imagine the key elements of the Trump-Republican agenda under Trump II.

Minimum wage under heavy inflation

Cooperation with Russia

COVID-19 protocols

And other important items.

It is true that Trump recently spoke out to tell his supporters that he is losing them to death since they do not wish to be vaccinated, but he could not speak out to unite people as his statement was intended only for his audience.

The minimum wage is still so low after Trump’s not raising it over his four years in office. And there is not a word about raising it from Trump himself right now.

In the area of cooperation with Russia (which followed Trump and will continue to follow Trump, we hear from Tucker Carlson that we should strengthen our ties with Russia in order to take out China. This does give us some proof that major Trump supporters have been prepped to make this the party line. And how many times have we heard from Trump that Russia wanted Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden to be elected. Carlson also wants to obtain energy from Russia as part of that package of Republican-Russian hegemony in the world. And one of my points is that people who complained about the people that held them back in Eastern Europe in particular are now going to cooperate with the very same people who did that to them and their communities through Donald Trump and his cohorts. This all begins with telling people not to think about the past and only concentrate on the present and it cascades after that without really making the world situation better. But the Trumps and Carlsons of the world will take you along, minimizing the consensus of opinion about those Russians, and lead you to believe that Russia will be a great partner against China. Hitler and Stalin played those games with each other and particularly way back against Poland. And that game didn’t even last long as Hitler attacked the Soviet Union. Ask Dennis Praeger about those things since he majored in Russian history.

I will go back to the book Hitler in Los Angeles but keep in mind my article called Hitler in D.C. as I do this. It’s going to be the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor soon. And this is what was going on in the Pearl Harbor Roundup in his book.

Angelenos feared an attack by Japan

Knowing about “Fifth Column” actions there was fear of sabotage

Hollywood Boulevard was filled with trucks and jeeps filled with heavily armed soldiers

A major camp was set up just south of the University of Southern California

A state of emergency was declared

All important support services were protected including tunnels, airports, gas, power lines, and more

That day the arrest of all aliens considered to be dangerous was authorized by the Department of Justice coordinated with the F.B.I.

At the top of the “A” list were Hermann Schwinn and Hans Diebel.

And the information that the F.B.I. had on the leader was scant or hardly anything a month before that. The “useful” information came from a small team of people investigating what Hitler was doing in America (for many years). This team was headed by Leon Lewis who had worked for the Anti-Defamation League and who helped foil the plots against Hollywood and America.

Our very own plot to take control over the government of the United States has resulted in several hundred arrests and the convictions keep coming in. The men and women seem to our own people and not aliens this time. What is alien to me and should be alien to all of US is the role played by Donald Trump. His conservative talk show hosts will point to this speech just before the attack on The Capitol and tell his audience that there was nothing in that speech that indicates that Trump provoked those people. His four years of governing point in different direction as he provoked and provoked and provoked, constantly pointing to the opposition as “the enemy of the people.” He fought hard to achieve all of that for his base. And I predicted in writing an attempt to overthrow the election and the Constitution of the United States on January 3. 2021 days before Trump’s talk outside The Capitol.

The investigation of these Nazis included searching the Aryan Book Store in Los Angeles where lots of incriminating evidence was found and that struck fear in the larger German community which feared more trouble for them.

There were 12 American citizens who were detained and then released once they could prove their citizenship among the Japanese (326), Germans (66), and Italians (14). And a few days later, German sympathizers were calling for the impeachment of Franklin Roosevelt. And the right of free speech of those people was upheld by the Department of Justice.

And in the news today, which was taken from the Department of Justice, is a young American who was just arrested as he enlisted in the Air Force for the following: engaging in physical violence in a restricted building or grounds, civil disorder, and assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers with a dangerous weapon, among other charges in connection with The Capitol insurrection. And this defendant claims he did only “lawful” things.

By March 1942 the infamous Deutsches House was no longer a hangout and a “for rent” sign hung outside. And thinking of another house called Mar-A-Lago, I share the title of my first article in Jewish Business News and I respected Trump’s American citizenship. I did not ask for his deportation.

Donald Trump Belongs In Hebron, Not In America

By Martin Danenberg Published January 1, 2018

And nobody listens to me. I wanted Trump out of the way since I observed a man who was out of control by that day.

Check out just several sentences here. Donald Trump belongs in Hebron where he could build a golf course and play lots of golf there.  He did not release his tax returns.  He lied about so many things before taking office. He has been caught in lies, other falsehoods by press, and generally has made so many things up that he never belonged anywhere in government.  There is a famous quote “I would rather be right than be president.”  Trump must believe in “I would rather be wrong and be president.”  His tax law is the eighth largest tax refund to people in history and not number one as he pretends it is.

Los Angeles is close to Pearl Harbor and The Capitol is close to the Oval Office. And right now there are details of three “burner phones” purchased so that the organizers of the march on Washington could communicate with each other and Eric Trump was involved. Emails show that the organizers indicated the phones must be purchased with cash and it should be well-known that those organizers already possessed cell phones as most of US do. The Nazis didn’t have cell phones, but knowing what I know about Hitler I can tell you that what has been taking place over many years in the United States was not something that Hitler wanted people to know about. Being careful was paramount as it had been during Kristallnacht. Being careless would be costly. And here is the definition of burner phone on the internet.

Burner phone

A “burner phone” is a cheap, prepaid mobile phone that you can destroy or discard when you no longer need it. In popular media, criminals often use burner phones to evade detection by authorities. You might use a burner phone for privacy reasons, as a last resort, or during an emergency. And could the biggest phony ever elected in the United States be done in by a phone? He lost the election over his handling of what he called the China Virus and could it be that the phones used were made in hmmmm….China?

Trump said that he could handle the big boys of powerful nations including China, Russia, North Korean, and even Iran. Were they his enemies? Probably not when we look at things up close, but he had his enemies which he heard about often and too often. Solzhenitsyn tells about Stalin and this is what I just read in The Gulag Volume 1. “For it was the socialists, after all, whom Stalin saw as the most dangerous enemies of his socialism,” he wrote as he detailed what was happening to political prisoners. Were we to be Trump’s “political prisoners” after January 6, 2021? And this was and is Trump as I saw him before he got elected. For it was and is Democrats, after all, whom Trump saw as the most dangerous enemies of his democracy. The treason and the reason are one and the same. Trump power!

Think about our nation’s history and for those who arrived from other nations think about the same kinds of things in your own history. From Lincoln to Kennedy which includes Garfield and McKinley and we should not even leave out to attempt on the life of Ronald Reagan, our nation has been alarmed by the actions of one man or the plotting of a group of men. And there was hardly a whimper of oppositional thinking in those times as our democracy had to be maintained.

And today and ever since that day, January 6, 2021 we see the tremendous opposition and outpouring of support for Trump and those men and women who attacked The Capitol. We saw nothing like it when our presidents were assassinated. So what do we have now that can easily be expressed since there is new evidence coming forth. What we have is clearly becoming The Plot to Assassinate America (by destroying the Democratic Party)!