Ben Shapiro and FSU (Florida State University) An Assessment

It was clear to me that although Ben Shapiro brought into the discussion the need for justice in our nation because of various factors including discrimination that he fell far short in his presentation. His talk lasted about twenty minutes and then he devoted twice as much time to the students in the audience and their questions.

It had been written that it cost about $35,000 to bring Shapiro to speak at the school, but there were better, more conservative things, that could have been done with the money. This was an event that could have been done for free in various ways. It could have been a zoom call where even the protestors outside could have been listening to every word. It could have been and probably should have been a debate with someone much more knowledgeable than the students battling against Ben Shapiro with questions from the students.

I watched the You Tube and took notes as things were discussed and it remains to be seen if our nation will be destroyed by wokeness. We were almost destroyed by Donald Trump and his talk and actions about a “stolen election” which has now been termed into colonial jargon as he cites “common sense.” Thomas Paine is not roaring with approval as our nation continues to suffer the pain of having Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

Let’s first turn to COVID-19 which was mentioned and I also observed that large sections of the students were filled by human beings who are not wearing masks during this pandemic. Those students still have not learned messages from the Bible and from patriotism that our highest calling is to save lives and not just to open one’s mouth or the American economy. Jesus was a healer and saver of lives and FSU students can stop, listen, learn, and even reread their bibles. In Jewish law, and Jesus was Jewish, it is called Pikuach Nefesh and that is something that the “orthodox Jew” who was standing in front of them could have brought up when COVID-19 was mentioned. People must think that I am under the influence of Nazis for writing the things that I write. We know who they are and they are repugnant.

And I am not done. I did searches of Ben Shapiro to learn more and this is what I came up with. Shapiro in October 2020 wrote about Trump that he should have:

Done wearing masks sooner

Sped up testing for COVID-19

Then he writes about Europe and Europeans wearing masks and the virus was still spreading as though everyone was wearing masks

Democrats thanked Trump for equipment

He cites the great success of Operation Warped Speed

The states hit hardest by the virus were the ones that had lockdowns

Biden’s plan — to accelerate a vaccine, to socially distance, to mask more he concluded was no different from Trump’s plan but that is what is now known in our nation as a lie. Trump masked less giving our nation a Republican choice.

And this is what Ben Shapiro wrote word for word “The narrative that Trump is responsible for COVID’s death toll, then, is a religious argument, not a factual one. It is reliant on a perverse view of the universe by which Trump is responsible for all evil, a miasmatic orange Satan haunting the land. And, the theory goes, if Trump is excised, COVID will be controlled by someone with a steadier hand.”

“Nonsense” he shouted back then as Democrats were called the “Party of Science”

My readers on The Force 2020 DDT know well that I have documented much more and more useful information about COVID-19 since February 10, 2020. And Ben Shapiro stands 5 feet 5 inches tall now because he failed to mention that the White House held talks with the Jewish community in mid-March 2020 concerning saving lives or Pikuach Nefesh. That was not mentioned anywhere by Shapiro.

Shapiro appeared to be a good actor in stating the opinion that after all the discrimination of the past that currently blaming (while thinking about reparation for all the wrongs committed against Black people and I would imagine that they were not far from his own mind) does not work that way in a democracy and that the swings of democracy depend on the electorate, its congress, and the president who signs legislation and not on our opinions alone. I understand well and agree that other ethnic groups have been damaged by the past decisions of the United States and I have written about reparations for all for those people, but we can agree to disagree on the point made here about what he calls your “fractional desserts.”

I was in Florida in early November and I reported things that happened there. Let me now continue. Solzhenitsyn provided us with this information.

The Communists seized among things papers included “a proclamation of public prayers against cholera during the epidemic in 1830 and Trump gave US mask choice. Republicans say they want more religion but chose an open economy and the freedom to make others sick and die.

He writes “We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” This comment was about how the representatives of labor were diminished by the Party members from the Central Committee and the workers applauded the party members who demanded from the leaders of labor overtime work without pay (which Trump provided to much of labor in his administration when he designated them as management) and reductions in food.

I pause to mention that my trip to get bagels included a look at the headline and in New York State masks have been mandated in schools.

Following the diminishing of the labor leaders so the Party could lead, we get to the Cadets who were established long before the Revolution. They who defended the people were put in jail and nobody helped them.

In The History of the Sewage Disposal System in his book we are told that there was a major attack on the “kulaks” who were strong in work and strong in their convictions and had to be eliminated. And this term “kulaks” came to be inflated as the enemy (probably because of the “wokeness” of those people). The Party’s objective was to obtain collectivization. And the new wave required another term which was “wreckers” and that led to trials and eliminations of all sorts. As we have “wreckers” today and only the Repugnicans can save US from the enemy in our midst (the American people.

AND THERE WERE TEACHERS WHO DISAGREED with the system of instruction and it is pointed out that Natalya Ivanovna Bugayenko was arrested and held for interrogation for three months. The leaders then found out that the system was, indeed, a faulty one. Then which aspects of CRT or Critical Race Theory in our country will be used as “common core” material and which aspects will be thrown out. Nobody CAN STOP AN IDEA from being circulated and that includes the ideas of Ben Schapiro as well.

And people who left the Motherland were also condemned and were arrested. This even happened to a man whose parents lived six miles away which he had done sixteen years before without a passport since it was not needed. But for going to Poland to Byelorussia on horseback to make those visits he was interrogated. He admitted the previous information and he was given a ten-year sentence. That is what happens when people in power make things up to destroy either individuals, communities, or the people or nation.

And those cases kept piling up and we come to this “But didn’t the Nazis, too, it comes to mind, argue that same way?” Making things up! Making things up! Making things up!

Interrogations were acts to break the spirit of the people and among other things was sleep deprivation. Cellmates were on top of each other on the floor and the light in the cell was kept on, depriving people of sleep. The cellmates would put a handkerchief over their eyes because of the light shining in them. Solzhenitsyn says he enjoyed this moment immensely since it was the turning point of his life. Yes he woke up!

And there were rumors about an amnesty for prisoners and Solzhenitsyn used words that resonate in America about the last administration and those words were “(amnesty) the like of which the world had never seen.” We can picture Stalin who was being referred to in this rumor with orange hair and no mustache. That was used to break down the spirit of the prisoner as part of the interrogation. So sign what statement the interrogator wishes and move on.

Whether a person was in the Gulag or in the grip of Donald Trump’s America for four years, there are amazing similarities that also compare to Nazi Germany. This is clearly not about The Holocaust. Although we know that all these repugnant things that we have learned have a common core in hate that is transmitted through the air just like COVID-19.

Ben Shapiro masters the technique of successful people who tell US some truths, but there are half-truths that need to be filled just like we write the word DESERT. I was thinking of dessert to eat and not sand that is forced down my throat. And then there is so much other misinformation that is spread in the name of Pravda or truth.

And the news right now is that Austria is going to require vaccinations of everyone. I alluded to the Nazification of COVID-19 earlier as I learned about this development. How long will it take Repugnicans to remind people that Kristallnacht took place there and that means that there is something consistent with Austria then and Austria now. Republican hills will probably be alive soon with that sound of music. Need I say more than that now. And I am thinking about climb every mountain and other things.

When the dog bites, when the bee stings

When I’m feeling sad

I simply remember my favorite things

And then I don’t feel so bad

My favorite things include fighting hate among some other things and The Force 2020 DDT was born to fight Trump. We have won the battle but we have not won the war.

Climb every mountain

Ford every stream

Follow every rainbow

But never ever follow Donald Trump

The war continues. When I heard Ben Shapiro say that “wokeness” is destroying America, it made me think of Trump telling Americans “we are building a wall” to keep people out and other things. I have written about communism and the McCarthy Era and how issues surface quickly and cause havoc across our nation. Things could be toned down. Let me illustrate by telling you that I did an outreach into Tallahassee, Florida and the response is nil at this point as I am about to publish.

Ben Shapiro, classically, made a comment in his talk to the students and faculty of Florida State University which kind of reflected what I have been saying (about Jews and African Americans) when he stated his wish that a stadium of people would stand up for the Jews. Just five years ago when there were fewer attacks on Jews, he blasted Colin Kaepernick on his wired up Daily Wire (Pravda-Truth) Show. I knew in 2016 that our nation was going to have increases in anti-Semitism and hate when Ben Shapiro was asleep. Colin Kaepernick is a hero just like Emile Zolá was in France and they were hit hard for doing the things they did. Shapiro Show Business has taken a hit with his remark about protecting Jews right now and he was wrong about the winds of change.