The Pandemic Within a Pandemic

We are witnessing a pandemic within a pandemic in America and around the world. In the United States “follow the leader” continues to be follow the idiot. A children’s game? A game that got out of hand from the beginning.
What happened to me in Florida could have happened anywhere in the world and it started off related to COVID-19. The person who I overheard talking about how God gave people the brains to decide if they wanted to wear masks or not came over to me (again). Among other things he stated that the Jews killed Christ and that the part of saving lives which I learned about from Jewish history and I cited the period of the Maccabees he analyzed for me stating that those things were written by Catholics. By the end of the conversation he walked away saying aloud that I seem to know more about the Bible than I led him to believe.
There was indeed more. He even stated to me how the government of Egypt took care of an entire region at a time when Joseph was told that there would be seven lean years. And he stated that to me after telling me that the government was not required to do the things that charitable contributions do as they assist people. I think he walked away realizing that people should not just quote the Bible but use the Bible as a learning tool to apply to today’s conditions. He really seemed to have the kind of awakening that is needed in this country.
I had my mask on and he didn’t. And then I noticed that more and more people had their masks. COVID-19 is spreading again and Jews are being diminished in Europe (I have expected monuments to be destroyed for years and even when Black Lives Matter was painted on a New York City street it was no surprise to me. People have to be protected from the pandemic and all sorts of harm.
The man I spoke with is Canadian and he believes that socialism is coming to that country. What he and other Christians fail to realize is that socialism integrates fairly well with Christianity and lots of Christians have always been attracted to socialism in the past, including communists. He said that we (Americans) have a good man as president and he was talking about Joe Biden, which seemed kind of strange to me since the conversation about socialism and communism is huge among Repugnicans. Canada with its socialized medicine among other things and the United States with so many historical and factual socialist laws are not capitalist economies and have been mixed economies for decades.
Things are escalating and I woke up a day ago to read that Mike Flynn is calling for “one religion” for America. This is the moment to make King Trump the founding father of all this. And it is clear to me the direction things will go. An Eye for An Eye will reign throughout the land in Jesus’ name. And within the same speech Mike Flynn calls out a devout Catholic for being Pontius Pilate. I am waiting for the reactions of key Trump supporters and from our White House.
And it has been reported that in Canaan, Connecticut that eight people have died in a nursing home from a COVID-19 breakout and that 89 people have become infected which kind of takes US back over a year ago when everyone expected the virus to be contained well and elected officials got into trouble afterwards even by members of their own parties. And how will that change the thinking about matters. And they drew a conviction. Como or how? In the press with probable insufficient evidence! Have I just written these words? And drew Como? Do you remember my article about Ron DeSantis and Mark Levin as I indicated my thoughts about how one institution can contain the infection and others couldn’t contain the infection!
The pandemic appears again to be slowing down in Florida, but world events point to more Trump-style chaos which will affect Jews and others. Will Floridians turn against Ron DeSantis after the Mike Flynn comment?
Republicans have given the people school choice (adopted also by some leading Democrats who have chartered a different course), mask choice which has divided our nation when we needed unity, and now religious choice appears to be coming to a theater near you, which is called Christian choice. And this material does not come from a study of Critical Race Theory which is so much in our news. It comes from the mouths of fools guiding a huge portion of our population.
I think it is time to start to rename our states so I must begin right here. Florida could be Germany. Alabama could be Hungary. Mississippi could be the Ukraine. Arkansas could be Lithuania. Georgia could be Latvia. Louisiana could be Vichy France. South Carolina could be Belarus. Texas could be Latvia. Iowa could be Estonia. These changes are a warning. Who am I warning? Have you ever read any of my hundreds of articles that I have published on the internet?
As I sat eating breakfast in the hotel in Florida, I watched Fox News 30 from Jacksonville. There was a major event to raise money for training dogs to help our wounded veterans and over $750,000 was raised through donation for those K-9s to be trained. Why didn’t the federal government provide those funds during four years of Trumpism? Does the story of Joseph resonate at all? And there was the report about a school teacher who held a Black student and told another student ten years old) to strike the youth. The teacher was removed from the class and the reporter indicated that she would be checking out things to see if there were other such incidents in that school in order to expose them. But would that reporter and others go the whole nine yards to address the same kind of thing or things by local or state police? That was my computer like reaction to watching her reporting. And what about investigating incidents of hate? Would an incident provoke a deeper investigation that could lead to exposing a much larger cell or operation in that community?
No lesson on the harm would be incomplete if I did not share my latest reading and this time from The Gulag Volume I of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in which he writes about the choice given to the people of the Soviet Union and its religious communities. The Petrograd Church Trial lasted from June 9 to July 5,1922 which was almost one hundred years ago.
The communist leaders concocted charges against the leaders of the church. At the top of that leadership was “The Metropolitan” who was being required to give up some wealthy items of the church to fight famine. The church leaders, like church leaders everywhere, had been raising funds to fight the famine which was horrific and leading to cannibalism in families in that country.
Here are key bullet points
There was a large crowd outside the trial each day and some or many got on their knees when the Metropolitan was driven to the trial. People got on their knees to sing “Save, O Lord, thy people!”
Some of those people were arrested outside and others were arrested inside the court room.
Red Army men rose out of respect for the Metropolitan as he entered wearing his “white ecclesiastical hood.”
The accuser and the tribunal called The Metropolitan “an enemy of the people.” That reminds of the Soviet style politics that we noticed under Trump.
The tribunal ordered the imprisonment of a witness for the defense (in other words there would be no defense). That witness actually was prepared for it and packed things to take to prison.
The list of charges was quite broad and included the role that priests had played in provoking revolt.
Accusers pointed to sixteen men whose heads they demanded and others pointed to the whole Orthodox Church. There was another choice to be made.
There was no proof of guilt and actually there were no facts at all. Ten of those sixteen were condemned to death. (The) Metropolitan Veniamin and three other defendants were shot on the night of August 12-13.
There was also a church trial in Moscow and twenty-two lesser-known trials took place in the provinces.
On the same page, we learn that Vladymir Ilyich Lenin was in his Gorki Mar-A-Lago or estate. That was what Marxism was largely about as detailed by the author. Oh he didn’t say Mar-A-Lago at all. And in Iowa right now, the news says that Trump leads Biden by double digits.
And in Poland last week, right-wingers destroyed the Statute of Kalisz which was granted in 1264 to protect Jews. Those protections were precise to make things clear to people who very often chose actions in contrary to the law of the land.
Here are references to those statutes
Power over Jews would be taken out of the hands of local authorities and granted to the prince or his count palatin since local leaders were not trusted.
Jewish merchants would only pay the local taxes required of others and no more than that.
Christians desecrating a Jewish cemetery would lose all their personal property.
There were fines for Christians who would not come to the aid of Jews in the middle of the night.
There were many other statutes of religious protections including a statute against “blood libel.”
I had read these things before in the Historical Atlas of the Jewish People. There was artwork on page 269 in the book and a reference to the Statute of Kalisz and the title of the next page is “America is Different” and the near future America has to prove it since the brightness can turn to darkness here. And in Poland rightists were shouting “Death to the Jews” and in America Jews are divided about what to do and who is to blame.
It was my intention to share information about the Statute of Kalisz with my readers and it is unfortunate that it has to be done after such a hateful incident. And I wonder just how far our elected officials will go to turn the tide of hate and bad government here.
The hotel where I stayed had a poster telling people how to save lives during rip-tide alongside the well-known guidelines about COVID-19 that were diminished by the leadership of that state a long time ago.I have asked everyone to provide our nation with a faith-based initiative to fight COVID-19 and any future pandemic. That has not happened.
And now that the problem is a pandemic within a pandemic, and it is time for our nation to rally everywhere and not just hold sporadic meetings to denounce things here. Jesus Christ would not have allowed the religious community to get away with “herd immunity” even by doctors who profess their faith. Trump probably would have injected everyone in order to achieve herd immunity as would any leader who didn’t care about the health of its people. This week we took note of the real things happening behind the Oval Office Curtain when several people were sick with the virus and Herman Cain lost his life in the Battle of COVID-19 in America. Trump and Chris Christie survived it and Trump tried to hush it up. And we get people concerned about “wokeness” when fighting for justice didn’t cause people to die. Trump couldn’t inject everyone with COVID-19 so he ended up doing the next best thing as some acquired immunity others died from the virus.
The Repugnican agenda compares well with those Russians who constantly looked out for themselves while talking about the proletariat of the workers. Corruption in government takes many forms and reprehensible things were made the law under communism and reprehensible things were done under Trump. And lying to the people and withholding information took hold in the Soviet Union and in the Trump Administration, either by deception or by Non-Disclosure Agreements that were uncalled for and backed by a team of lawyers that have agreed to collaborate and by a population that has become extreme (un-American behavior or truly American?).
And Mike “One Religion” Flynn probably knows that he is stirring the pot of hate even as a Jewish senatorial candidate supports him. And Trump pardoned Flynn who probably would have gone to jail and Trump’s decision set in motion Flynn’s unpardonable statement. The Soviet Union often took care of their own in the same way. Being loyal to the party combined with all of the above makes me wish that Flynn had decided to make the Soviet Union a country with one religion at the time that they were diminishing the importance of religion through firing squads. All those people and more are complicit in spreading hate, hate that will probably end by the killing of someone or lots of people.
Trump probably approves of this new controversy and remember that he no longer is responsible for upholding the Constitution of the United States that Flynn is shooting bullet holes in.
There have already been dozens of articles about this new Flynn controversy. Do we need this new controversy? Hell no. And where are the Jews who have won office in our nation in the Republican Party? Do they think that this is just a passing shower and the sun will shine brightly as they fail to remember Hitler’s Germany and the complacency of Jews and the world back then? Flynn’s timing was “perfect” as Trump would say or clean or kosher. And it should be considered as well at this time and for always that even if those Republicans like Lee Zeldin in my county and David Kustoff of Tennessee do end up making a strong statement against Mike Flynn, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will end up supporting Trump to the maximum if and when the time comes. It doesn’t matter to them if Trump makes a statement or not. Communists did the same things for themselves and each other as long as they did not betray the Revolution that was spelled out for them through trials and shootings. Party loyalty matters (or else). David Kustoff like Zeldin voted not to impeach Donald Trump and stated that Trump did nothing wrong as he wrote about the need to do infrastructure at that time and he did not recently vote for infrastructure (and neither did Zeldin). And what is Donald Trump doing now and doing right? How long do we have to wait to see?
The Pandemic Within a Pandemic demands that we learn more about the constitutionality of the Soviet Union and from Solzhenitsyn we can all learn it. The people who were arrested, tried, and either sent to the Gulag or who were shot were not told the truth about their constitutional issues which should have mattered. He writes that “the OSO was never mentioned in the Constitution or the Code.” Prior to the OSOs there were the “troikas” giving out sentences (locally). And from the early days until 1924, the troikas could only give out sentences for up to three years and after 1924 they could give out ten years sentences. All unconstitutional! The OSOs from 1937 to 1948 (still Stalin’s era) could give out sentences of 10 years or what they called “tenruble bills.” And from 1948 on they gave out a “quarter” (25 years sentences) and during the war years prisoners were even sentenced to execution. There really weren’t any trials since the verdict had already been decided, handed out through typists. And that is just now Repugnicans and communists are so alike in accepting violations of the constitution for party unity. This is critical moment for our nation and who is going to speak out anywhere?
Solzhenitsyn was tried and sent to the Gulag and then he woke up to where things went wrong since there should have been a huge public outcry that wasn’t. Keep an eye on Trump and see the writing on the wall. Trump’s troika is hard at work.
And when I woke up today, I quickly searched for Trump’s comments about Mike Flynn since we know how loyal he is to people like Flynn and the Flynns are loyal to him. We could talk to the people of Iowa favoring Trump over Biden for 2024 or to the ears of corn there with the same results. Perhaps when the sun rises today, we will read statements from the traditional base of Trump supporters. Perhaps we shall learn things from them even though we know that they spend most of their time talking about freedom of speech. And that is what I accomplish as a blogger. It is clear to me that the Republicans for now have gone from “extremism in defense of liberty is no vice” to not even speaking out clearly and loudly of a major transgression that could lead to the classical appeasement of Americans and acquiescence which history books are full of.
I can tell you that I noticed no commentary today like mine on the internet among the articles that have been published. You will find articles that illustrate the thinking of the Founding Fathers and how people of all faiths fought for this country and either died or lived. I find those thoughts inadequate. Those voices are not loud enough, not strong enough. Trump has caused all this to happen just as Hitler gave Germany Goebbels and Stalin gave people like Beria to the Communist bloc of nations.
And thinking about Mike Pence and Indiana. Maybe Indiana could be Italy for passing racist laws in the 1940s. And thinking about other states as well without declaring anything new.