Trump Is the Corona Virus

I called Trump that on February 10, 2020 and in the title of that article I referred to his legacy, his manifesto. We were three weeks away from putting the first American death on the scoreboard and I had already been talking to people, people who just didn’t get it or didn’t want to get it. I knew there was danger in the air, and political was going to hurt and kill Americans.

If I had been wrong, without a doubt people could clearly state that I was biased against Trump. And it doesn’t take a lot of historical research to prove that I was right. Trump was unfit to be president of the United States and Republicans and some others put him there.

Let me point out my reading early this morning as I got up before 4 A.M. This reading was about the politics of Uncle Joe or Joseph Stalin, the strongest of the communists. Think about those days when Donald Trump did his best to diminish Senator John McCain and try to figure out if Trump learned that in his economics classes in college, in discussions with realtors that we would never have access to, in talks with police who were veterans of the military, or maybe Joe Stalin’s demon visited Trump in his bed at night in his own Ivory Tower.

McCain was taken prisoner in Vietnam and Trump clearly made the point that he deserved little or nothing from the American people because he was taken prisoner. Trump’s heroes were those who fought on and fought on. People who have read about Stalin know that he was the same way and think of those Russians who went into battle not as Russians but as your own children. Think! Something is clearly wrong with 45.

Control of the Soviet forces by Joe Stalin, the commander in chief resulted in death, death, death in the tens of millions. Those soldiers were not trained well, they had terrible equipment, the wounded were not helped as the Germans did much better at protecting the wounded (even taking them away from battle in their tanks which Russian tanks were not designed to do), and people assigned to assist the wounded did not even have the physical strength to help them which was an essential for help essential workers. Commanding officers in the Soviet Union had no real training in military school and were not real generals or officers as we know them.

Stalin played a major role in making sure that his men attacked and attacked and attacked the Germans. These are the recollections of a German soldier who fought at the Battle of Leningrad.

Unarmed Russians went into battle.

They were instructed to pick up the rifles of the dead and to fight on (showing the great level of unpreparedness that contributed to millions of deaths).

NKVD (Stalin’s right arm in battle and who policed the soldiers) aimed machine guns at the backs of the attackers.

How could they have been in position to aim their machine guns at the backs of the attackers?

They were aiming at their own men who were attacking and in this way the men would not think about retreating.

The German observer also pointed out that those waves of attackers were killed just like animals in a slaughterhouse. And there were others who surrendered. And that was not permitted under Stalin’s communist system and it was not permitted according to Trump.

And FDR did not order machine guns on the beaches of Normandy to point to at our attackers as they fought against our enemies, nor did he expect anyone to fight to the death or be considered a coward. Even General Eisenhower could not believe the say Stalin controlled things as human life was important to the American command. Trump and Stalin were on the same page, a different page. I wonder if our nation’s veterans actually care about this material. And I say this knowing that FDR and Trump were so alike in many ways but the difference mentioned here still stands as something powerful to know and share.

With that said, it might be appropriate for Trump’s people to create a monument to those men for the world to see. Trump’s decline was predictable as my writings show. Bonaparte, Stalin, FDR, and John McCain are gone, buried a long time ago. Arlington Cemetery in a place of honor or something similar for Trump? Hell no! How about a fitting one in the South, not too far from Mar-A-Lago? I see a place of honor for him consistent with the title that I gave him. The Corona Virus should be in an unmarked grave in the Delta of the Mississippi. That delta word is just as popular as Trump today as the human cost gets bigger and bigger.

I can just imagine Republicans trying to deflect all of this while saying that I must be on drugs, but my drug is history and presenting my viewpoint. Stalin’s impact was felt in battle as commanders would just continue to follow orders instead of making independent judgments that would have helped and benefited their men. The Stalins and Trumps pretending to know more have inflicted great harm on their people.

Russians know that Stalin feared a new “Bonaparte” coming forth to challenge him. As a political note we know that Trump and his supporters fear the Democrats and they portray it by declaring that they are saving the nation. What a savior they selected! And we know the effort of Donald Trump to publicly tear fellow Republicans down and to cooperate with some or many of them to keep the party in power.

The machine gun facing the backs of the attackers could be illustrated in a poem as the dead add up during the pandemic. It could be illustrated by the ignorance of family members across our nation who turn their backs on their own families to support gunning down their loved ones a la Stalin. Those include even police and firemen who have been revealed to all of US, those Trump loving so-called patriots.

Let’s look at Trump today as a leader. He does lead lots of people. Has he changed? Has he devoted his free time to demonstrate that he even cares? There are attacks on Jews as well and he remains quiet even though he was called “King of the Jews.” And this article is dedicated to all the Republicans who will tell you that they know Trump says a lot of crazy things, but they love his policies. The Mississippi Delta is large. Delta, Delta, Delta! The Corona Virus became a Delta. And I would expect this to be twisted as Republicans would say what a great piece of land for a man who deserves honor (after all the things he has done that caused him to lose).