Jonah Goldberg and Other News

Jonah Jacob Goldberg got my attention so I did some research. There were two things today, this morning. There was the evacuation from Afghanistan and Colin Kaepernick that he wrote about. Let me also begin by adding that Goldberg knows many Republican leaders that have indicated to him that Trump was “unfit” to be president and that reminded me of Imus of Imus in the Morning who told a radio audience that he knew that anti-Semitism is well established because of what people said to him about Jews.

I decided to address Afghanistan again since my mind was alive with something to share. I wish that the United States had evacuated Jews under Hitler, Jews who had lost everything long before the Final Solution. And if that evacuation of human beings had resulted in a small amount of deaths due to the incitement by Nazis, I believe that President Franklin D. Roosevelt would have been recognized as “King of the Jews” at that time and maybe forever. The recent “King of the Jews” just gave Israel an embassy in its capital city and some extra dough to protect itself. Roosevelt and the American people did little or nothing until it was too late.

This appeared in Goldberg’s article in The Los Angeles Times about “Let’s Go Brandon.” “Colin Kaepernick used the NFL as a platform for his causes,” which does not do justice to the brilliance of what Kaepernick did. He used the media which is what I have written about Emile Zolá in France in 1898 (Zolá used a newspaper and Kaepernick television). I have even tried to entertain my readers by juxtaposing Kaepernick and Zolá together in a play (read the treatment online Quixote and Zolá).

What actually got me going this morning was this. A quote from Professor Deborah Lipstadt that was incorrectly written in an article.

Christopher Miller

Wed, November 3, 2021, 5:47 PM

Asked to define the Holocaust, which many of the defendants have claimed to be a hoax, Lipstadt gave the court a brief history lesson. “A state-sponsored genocide by the Hitler regime, which took place between 1933–54. A systematic plan to annihilate all the Jews of Europe and actually beyond as well,” she said of the Holocaust. “It didn’t matter if the Jews lived inside German territory or outside. It didn’t matter if they were old or tiny babies. If you were a Jew, you were to be annihilated.”

And this was in Buzz Feed News. No this was not “fake news” nor is it “a lie” that was printed. It was just a mistake. Did you instantly notice the error? Franklin D. Roosevelt won the election of 1932 and took office that year and the world watched and watched and watched.

In case you did not see the mistake, the annihilation of Jews ended in 1945 when World War II ended, not in 1954.

There have been lots of mistakes made lately as well besides calling the Biden evacuation “botched handling” which conservatives like Jonah Jacob Goldberg will do. We were both raised Jewish and it does take time to wake up to history and current events and we do have different takes on those things.

In the world of cats and Catsimatidis on the radio, there was apparently a mistake made by former Governor David Paterson of New York who called Todd Kaminsky the “author” of the bail reform in New York. A fact-check of that showed that Kaminsky was not the author of it but had voted for it. There was no correction by who is supposed to be an astute observer of politics and I guess of history. All those kinds of errors lend themselves to supporting the cat man for mayor of New York while the truth should set people free. Errors do matter. Also circulated was an error about the role that socialists have played in American history that have contributed to many things that we take for granted including social security (and those socialists were all over New York City). David Paterson could benefit either from a course in American history or just read one of my many articles.

Okay here are a few paragraphs to go back in time that New York City just after my grandparents arrived here.

We are the children of the immigrants who arrived in America around the turn of the 19th century and during the first decade or so of the 20th century.  We know that history and apparently our younger relatives do not know.  The police and military helped the businessmen put down strikes when the people hired by business (Pinkerton’s were not available).  There was violence against immigrants.  In the book I am reading right now, there are some details of those days in 1917 just one year after my late father was born and he was born on Henry Street on the Lower East Side where much of the action took place.  Jews, Poles, Ukrainians, and others were mistreated in many ways.

In February 1917 thousands of housewives were protesting the shortage of food in New York along with the high prices.  This reminded me of the starvation of Irish during the famous potato famine that struck Ireland (and other countries as well).  The shortages of potatoes and onions were 90 percent and 50 percent from the year before.  On Rivington Street where I used to walk often from the late 1950s to 1968, one thousand five hundred women targeted a grocery store and police were assaulted with garbage cans and rotten produce.  This movement spread to the Bronx and Brooklyn as well as other cities across the United States.  The shortage of food was reminiscent of the shortages reported in communist countries as well throughout the history of communism.  Around 1914 average food prices had skyrocketed 44 percent.  

Lots of immigrants did not feel that great in America so this theme America has always been great is false history or quite mixed.  Soon tens of thousands of Russians were returning home to Russia as the Tsar was overthrown.  Others probably realized that things were not over as the United States was about to enter the war in Europe and the newspapers such as the Forward were presenting the ideas of the leading socialists so there probably was a large group that was fearful of what would happen after the return of those leading voices including Trotsky and Lenin.  Trotsky in New York 1917: A Radical On The Eve of Revolution is a wonderful read, especially for this Lower East Sider who lived across from the Forward “skyscraper” in Seward Park.

And those words were taken from

B & B Trump

December 18, 2019

The B&B were there for bankruptcy and bankruptcy, of course.

And I just wrote an article in October called Government is Greek to Me which Catsamatidis and his conservatives should take a look at. History matters or η ιστορία έχει σημασία and that is Greek to all of us.

Then there is a leading rabbi whose nation I will not mention here who I have contacted about saving lives during the pandemic. I have asked him for his earliest statement concerning saving lives during 2020 and I have not received a reply. He is a rabbi that has been in the news recently and that how I learned about him. I am waiting.

And I met a man yesterday and I will not say where.

He walked over to me telling me that he is not vaccinated and that is a no-no.

He told me that he takes vitamin D to ward off COVID-19.

He told me that four of his friends died within two weeks of being vaccinated and that there are more people dying this year from COVID-19 who are vaccinated than died all last year during the pandemic (without being vaccinated). And I have seen the reports of that misinformation. I know that the vaccine is not a guarantee against death.

And he did quickly start to tell which news media I listen to as I started to speak. I held back providing the many details that my readers know about me. That was a mouthful that he revealed to me but I did not learn just which news sources he was getting his information from. Maybe John Catsamatidis will discuss these things on his radio show?

And I noticed the news about Kanye West’s Sunday services and found this

Kim Kardashian feels she ‘annoyed’ Kanye West during COVID-19 lockdown

By Web Desk April 02, 2020

This was in The International News under Hollywood

Kim Kardashian, according to the reporting, was involved in serious family social distancing which my family was doing. I am far away from all family members. She really did not say what Kanye West was doing during those days before April 2, 2020. It would be good to know since everything matters.

I can remember the critics of Franklin D. Roosevelt decades ago. Those decades were filled with profound respect for FDR and some disrespect bordering on fanaticism. He sure made big mistakes as my blog has documented well. The chief thing that opponents keep ringing out back in those days was “he didn’t get us out of the depression.” FDR provided economic opportunities to millions in various forms as the Trump Administration provided during the pandemic, especially in those checks with more than a thousand dollars that were distributed. The person most criticized for being connected with communism actually helped save America from communism by providing relief to families and doing other things.

That doesn’t mean that the threat was that great since I know that the greater threat was from hate groups that were eager to collaborate and then probably align with Hitler and fascism. Republican whining takes different forms and right now one of them is called Save NYC which had a voting line in many districts. There was no socialist or communist line in those elections at all that I looked at in Queens districts in the November 2, 2021 races.

Start spreading the news. The right news! And please keep people who are spreading COVID-19 away from US.