Berlin Police Apologize to Jews

And now Americans feel that political violence is needed.

Even the officers’ union there mentioned that there must be “consequences” as German police did “press ups” on the slabs that memorialize The Holocaust there. This is information to has come forth about an incident that took place in May as police were called in to protect people during demonstrations there.

I couldn’t resist writing (again) as I had written in Jewish Business News years ago.

Kavanaugh’s Music Box: Grand Finale

By Martin Danenberg Published October 1, 2018


The Music Box (1989) by Costa-Gavras /  Mubi

War Criminal! Justice Department Releases Atrocity Photos.

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

It ain’t over till it’s over (Yogi Berra NY Yankees great).

And so it is with great stories (true and fiction). Perhaps you have seen the movie “Twelve Angry Men” still considered one of the best movies ever made. A jury seems ready to find a Puerto Rico guilty of murder and through time and the right questions asked in the jury room the Puerto Rican is set free. Latino Lives Matter. Whether it is following a particular explosive case in the news or a trial or investigation, we need time and people to ask the right questions. Sometimes we need more time than a week, which you know is the time that Trump has set aside for the Kavanaugh investigation by the F.B.I. I can imagine Yogi Berra saying that the F.B.I. would need more time just to warm in the bullpen.

And I had a strong purpose as I shared this article and as I had mentioned movies that are of great value to reducing hate in this nation. I did not mention The Life of Emile Zolá there, but I do mention later Dreyfus Revisited: A Current Affair at the end.

The police, the police, the police how I repeatedly mention those words and this time even the police union mention critical information. And that is great! In the movie The Music Box with Jessica Lange, we find out this “The Chicago Police had sent Magda Tibor the possessions of her brother who had been killed in an accident. Among the possessions was a simple pawn ticket.”

The Music Box is a must see.

Why? A Hungarian who killed Jews and took delight in making them do “push-ups” over a knife was finally convicted and it was his own daughter who represented him who brought forth the evidence and who became a believer upon learning more about the cruel and inhumane behavior of her father. This was a part of the history of Hungary and its anti-Semitism and the screenwriter, Joe Esterhas, found out about the anti-Semitic publications of his father (Hungarian version of Mein Kampf) and he wrote the screenplay. He also divorced his father. Proof was provided that opened eyes and in our nation proof is not provided and there is violence and threats to our nation and its people.

I got my information from various sources, including Breitbart News. And I want people to know, particularly Jews who are highly concerned, that although there should be more concern about media that is not mentioned in the report about the inclination toward political violence in our nation that many acceptable publications remind me of a lower level La Libre Parole which was perhaps the most vitriolic anti-Semitic newspaper of its time. But this time around, the target or targets are others.

France was at war with itself just as we are now. It has just been reported that almost one-third of Americans feel right that violence is needed in our nation, political violence. Justice was served by the truth or la verité. On January 13, 1898, Emile Zola spoke out about the lies and coverup of the French military. Speak now and do not hold your piece. Students everywhere should know this history.

Esterhaz wrote and or co-wrote Flashdance and Basic Instinct among many other motion pictures (Telling Lies in America).

I shared this information with elected officials in New York City years ago, but nobody listens to me.