In Soviet prisons prisoners were not allowed to cough freely. This took place in Special Purpose Prisons. “One could get into a punishment cell for coughing,” Solzhenitsyn wrote. The prison staff spoke and told the men and women to cover their heads with a blanket when coughing. As soon as I saw this I knew […]


Donald Trump made history and should be in The Guinness Book of Records. We have two events to think about (thinking of Freddy Gray in Baltimore and his death after being arrested), Trump is the only president in our history who has told police to rough them up before taking them in and the only […]

The Pandemic Within a Pandemic

We are witnessing a pandemic within a pandemic in America and around the world. In the United States “follow the leader” continues to be follow the idiot. A children’s game? A game that got out of hand from the beginning. What happened to me in Florida could have happened anywhere in the world and it […]

Trump Is the Corona Virus

I called Trump that on February 10, 2020 and in the title of that article I referred to his legacy, his manifesto. We were three weeks away from putting the first American death on the scoreboard and I had already been talking to people, people who just didn’t get it or didn’t want to get […]

Jonah Goldberg and Other News

Jonah Jacob Goldberg got my attention so I did some research. There were two things today, this morning. There was the evacuation from Afghanistan and Colin Kaepernick that he wrote about. Let me also begin by adding that Goldberg knows many Republican leaders that have indicated to him that Trump was “unfit” to be president […]

Berlin Police Apologize to Jews

And now Americans feel that political violence is needed. Even the officers’ union there mentioned that there must be “consequences” as German police did “press ups” on the slabs that memorialize The Holocaust there. This is information to has come forth about an incident that took place in May as police were called in to […]