Lies that Win

German doctors and health officials helped advance lies such as Jews spread typhus when the truth is that Nazi policies caused the conditions that led to disease, things such as hunger, overcrowding, poverty, and unsanitary conditions.

And today this kind of thinking permeates into communities across America by elected officials, particularly Republicans who make the news. Among the recent news has been that illegal immigrants are spreading COVID-19 and African Americans are the problem because of low vaccination rates in counties. I have concerns because a member of my family has not been vaccinated and he or she is not an African American (not revealing the gender for obvious reasons). Nazi thinking won and won until it was defeated, but it has never died out.

The section above was added as I wrote things that were on my mind. And yes liars often win, but the truth catches up to them and then trumps them.

On my return from Fort Lauderdale something happened at the airport that had never happened before as I walked through security. And it was not until just a minute ago that I pushed my mind to be creative. First I can relate what happened. I raised my arms as everyone has to do upon entering the screening booth. And as I walked outside to the freedom on the other side, I was told to stay because I had to be patted down. This was no surprise to me since I do have metal in my body. There were two security personnel near me and one of them patted down my left shoulder. The problem is that I have no metal in my left shoulder and the metal is in my lower body anyway.

I decided to include this information today and to make sure that The White House is aware of what took place. Now we can get to the creativity which led me to think about a malfunction of all security equipment around the world. What did actually take place to lead that airport security person to search my left shoulder? And what if there was a conspiracy to confuse staff around the world that could lead to multiple terrorist attacks through infiltration at security points. We try to have zero tolerance to keep people safe, but I know that, at times, people have walked past security check points that were not even being guarded.

And right now we know that there is fraud going on concerning religious exemptions for vaccinations and that there are counterfeits being printed around the world. We know that people who have protected US well in the past are about to be terminated for non-compliance in relation to COVID-19 mandates. This is about zero tolerance to save lives and not allow anyone to cause US to die. We cannot allow a system of “live and let die” based on individual freedom to suit anyone including Republicans. And it all goes back to Trump and the wearing of masks that 45 seemed not to recognize would impact our nation so greatly especially as he made rules that made him a king in a democracy where all men are created equal.

Nobody has the right to approach me with a condition that could kill me or cause me to die. AIDS and COVID-19 must stay away from me at all times and I appreciate the efforts being made in the form of mandates as we learn that the Supreme Court will not even touch the matter where a lower federal court upheld the mandates. And we learned or were reminded that 59,000 meat plant employees were infected with COVID-19 and hundreds died. I have noticed men who have let their guard down in the deli section of a supermarket and I decided to walk out, which is my right to do.

There are and will be lawsuits taking place around our nation even though, as I learned from a website in Iowa that there were doctors warning residents that this would happen as doctors tried to get support so they would not be sued. The right to sue is universal. And here was an example of thinking that would lead to diminishing that right. I clearly know that what protects people in almost all cases is that lawsuits must have real proof and not just hearsay. And even as I write that I know from history that juries have had their minds made up as they decide to believe someone who has not presented proof. History is full of those lies that win.

I wrote what is below on October 21, 2021 after thinking about the situation for a long time.

This was a total failure of people who are opposed to Critical Race Theory and saving lives during a pandemic. It is also my opinion that the Supreme Court of the United States will not side with these men and women who are terrorizing their communities. And where is the Washington Examiner today as these things are being revealed?

And this is what just happened.

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Religious Challenge to Maine Vaccine Mandate

By Reuters

|Oct. 29, 2021

The White House reached out to the Jewish community in Brooklyn, telling it to save lives in mid- March 2020 and within days of that and probably even before there were articles about the Wuhan virus and “blue states” that were being compared to Bolsheviks who were “totalitarian” and there was never any mention one of the main ingredients of those totalitarian regimes that included Stalin, Hitler, and Franco in Spain. That ingredient was the huge amount of deaths that they caused in order to win. And in The Town Hall in the article that I looked at just now the call was to lockdown restaurants for 30 days which was considered a form of Bolshevism. And The Wall Street Journal was in on it. And the views reached well into the Republican Party (the House Freedom Caucus) and into Israeli politics and nobody got it right. And the Republican that was mentioned in connection with this comes from the state that today has the worst record for COVID-19 infections or one of the worst and that is Colorado. I would give a buck to get rid of Congressman Buck of Colorado. The Denver Post just posted information about that the state may have to stop elective surgeries during their crisis and generate crisis standards. And there is no mention there of Bolshevism probably because the Bolshevik lie has died down a lot since March of 2020.

And in this week’s news we learn that The White House could have, should have done things to prevent deaths and Dr. Birx stated that Trump and his boys (thinking of Hitler and Stalin) could have prevented between 30-40 percent of the deaths. They were campaigning and people have bought into how to win with Trump who was more Bolshevik than meets the eye. Or was he just Bullshevik?

And if there happens to be a terrorist attack at Denver Airport because of some conspiracy, I would strongly suggest that in order to save lives that the restaurants be closed down in the airport. That is what good patriots do. I want to hear Congressman Buck defend himself right now. And I believe that others in Colorado should shout out for that state “Neither Bolsheviks nor Buck.”

In reading Myths and Legends of the Eastern Front which details the Battle of Berlin it would take a careful reading of what was going on among those Reds (likening that to what we see throughout our own land). “Americans assess the war in terms of human lives (lost, wounded, etc.) and Russians in the overall drain on the nation…they (the Russians) apparently depended upon overall success, upon patriotism, possibly fanaticism.” And this came from Crusade in Europe by Dwight D. Eisenhower.

And when I read about Republican Reds and “truth” by the internet sites that they subscribe to, it makes me think of Bolshevik Reds and their truth since Pravda means truth. Pravda (Russian: Правда, “The Truth”) was well known as the official organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party between 1918 and 1991.  And Pravda was closed down in 1991. And Trump’s “Truth” is marching on. And the original Pravda was founded by Leon Trotsky in Vienna in 1908.