Turning to His Majesty’s Secret Service

What if they had succeeded in the attempt to intimidate and overturn the election results in Washington, D.C.? Perhaps that was not possible or probable and it was all in their heads as they penetrated The Capitol. There are other what ifs to consider as well. I keep reading about battles that took place during World War II detailing the deaths, wounded, missing in action, prisoners, and the unaccounted for. There are also losses of vehicles and weapons involved in all these battles. And there is always a ratio of losses detailing the German losses vs. the Soviet losses and that includes people linked to both of them including Hungarians, Romanians, and others. I am reading about the Normandy Invasion in relation to what if.

There was loss of life on January 6, 2021 and perhaps the most famous one is Ashley Babbitt whose death has been written about and there have been messages reaching Trump supporters by Trump himself. His Tweeting power was taken from him, but that didn’t stop him from exerting his influence.

Let’s think about another scenario or what if. Instead of the unlawful penetration of The Capitol, we should turn our attention to a fictionalized account of another penetration, the White House. We know that within recent years that the security detail had to stop someone who had penetrated there. But let US imagine that Ashley Babbitt had penetrated the property and made her way at night to the room where Donald Trump slept. The alarm has gone out and security rush to protect the President of the United States. There are protocols for protection and in The Capitol shooting the Department of Justice chose not to investigate Capitol police. Now we see secret service agents running into a fairly dark room with guns drawn, see a woman walking near the president, and guns are fired at the woman. Ashley Babbitt, Air Force Veteran, is struck in the middle of her forehead and falls down dead. This is a James Bond moment which so many of US have seen on the screen, but this is not On Her Majesty’s Secret Service at all. And nobody would believe that years ago that I spoke to Peter Hunt on the phone who directed the James Bond movie. He told me that he thought his film was the best Bond film of all.

We have to think of Trump’s praise for that woman who lost her life in The Capitol, but it is hard to imagine any other protocol in the White House situation. There was a break-in and the president could be in danger. We know from Trump’s comments that there is something wrong with his thoughts, but how could Trump (His Majesty by Trump himself) explain a dead body on his bedroom floor knowing that his own secret service took the life of Ashley Babbitt?

I had not thought about Peter Hunt for years and as I started to refer to James Bond the memory kicked in.

I had also been thinking about Condoleezza Rice who calls for US to move on. We will move on when everyone is ready and her weak call is testimony to a revelation that I have written about. She was concerned about “apartheid” in Israel while she was in The White House, but I have not seen any comment by her about that, particularly since the issue was brought up by Republicans against Democrats. When you begin to read about history where people remain silent, such as silence about Jews being killed, Poles being diminished by a nation that it fought valiantly for during World War II, or Algerians and other North Africans being massacred by French police and others in 1961, and Black Tulsans ,we ought to weed out everything and make these things known to everyone, including students in school whose parents do not wish them to know the truth.

And now we are at a critical point in the investigation of January 6, 2021 and it appears already that people in Congress and others connected with Donald Trump were involved in the planning. The words “blanket pardon” are in the air. I wasn’t there so I have to get the news like everyone else. The information that I read earlier this morning came from The Rolling Stone and it claims it has the emails to support the article. At this very moment the world should be asking Donald Trump “How does it feel” while we take into consideration the fictionalized account of Ashley Babbitt’s death at the hands of Trump’s men. It could have happened that way. So we hear Trump’s “love” for that woman who lost her life and people take up his cry. And making it seem that the Capitol defenders were enemies.

And for Trump some of the words of Rolling Stone ring loud and clear to much of our nation.

Now you don’t talk so loud

Now you don’t seem so proud

And there is more.

How does it feel?

How does it feel

To be without a home

With no direction home?

Like a complete unknown?

Maybe not a complete unknown, but greatly diminished. And Repugnicans know very well that whether something is fact or fiction it doesn’t even matter that much as long as they make it up. And they have a master of those trades commanding them.

Trump disgraced himself and our nation. We have to see just what evidence there is besides what we already know. Since I know the thinking of people who support him and probably continue to support him, there is one more thought to share. They want US to move on and we will do that, but Trump continues to plague this nation and will remain an important issue, even if the Republicans lose again in 2024.

I do not think that there is a single, honest judge in our nation that will back Trump and his supporters in court. There have already been convictions. As more comes out, those very same supporters who have always spoken about those “tough” judges who are not liberal will be seeking out what they call “liberal” judges to “cut ‘em loose” or to reduce the sentences of the men and women involved in The Capitol Insurrection.

And I’m still waiting for that Monday spoken about by Trump and on which day he said he would produce the evidence about the “stolen election.” I am still waiting. And be certain always that there are people with creativity and others in power with stupidity. We await the evidence about that insurrection.