Government is Greek to Me

It’s all Greek to me.


Laura Ingraham, back in April 2020, told her audience that her guest had a great resumé and that she loved him because he is Greek. My favorite desert is baklava, which is Greek. My home is adorned with art and photos from Santorini, Greece. And I am not Greek. My front door is painted blue for Santorini and those memories, but I am not Greek. Her comments about her guest, showing admiration for Greece were really nice, but the man, the expert was wrong.

How do you say in Greek that hundreds of thousands of people in America were going to die because of Trump’s policy errors?

Have you ever read about the Cuban American that I sent to Secretariat’s doctor to find where his infertility problem was? His doctor did not find the problem, so I sent him somewhere else. His original doctor wanted to do the surgery that he needed and I am sure things would have worked out okay, but he used the doctor who correctly diagnosed his problem who had helped Secretariat the Triple Crown winner. Trump and his people, as we know, preferred to have things like horse medication in place or even bleach to eradicate the virus.

As you can see, there is written proof of my efforts to help this nation and those efforts expanded in helping people around the world. Why wasn’t more done? Ask all the people in power that I have been in touch with to find out. People are asking the same basic questions right now about their own particular interests, interests that are wide and varied. Some of those interests do not hesitate to allow people to die and others to live. So this nation is surely about a title so many of US are familiar with. That title is Live and Let Die.

The dead on our streets due to violence which increased, I noticed, while Trump was in the Oval Office has led to more violence even in red states where the blood is flowing. The deaths continue to mount due to the pandemic and I called Trump the “Corona Virus” before April 30, 2020 when a leading epidemiologist who had the ear of the White House was generating his own misinformation and he continued to do that and continues to this day. He made a whopping mistake and the man who served Whoppers to a great football team in the White House ate it up and the rest is history. Those powerful men gave US death when they felt about 40,000 people would die in America of the flu. Fox News along with Mark Levin went along as they portrayed science having little or no convincing knowledge in this matter. And they were all right about that part, but they all got things wrong in the end. The end was a long time ago and things have gotten worse since then. Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin probably will soon be pumping out more to aid Trump on his new app and close their eyes to all the death, pain and suffering that our nation has faced. This is not a Greek tragedy. It’s an American one caused by policies designed for people to die.

They all helped open the economy to death just as the two have portrayed the opening of the border to death, rape, crime, drugs, and more. If an open border is illegal to them why is the sacrificing of so many lives legal?

I know the economy has to be open. Even after German (Nazi) factories were strategically bombed during World War II by the Allies, the bombing didn’t put those factories out of business as they rebuilt Making Germany Great Again. One of those bombings did help with the final invasion on the beaches of Normandy. Timing matters! But from many viewpoints, the German threat was greatly diminished and the war could not be won by the Nazis by the end of 1942 (the war ended in the middle of 1945). So things went on and on and on for three more years.

The number of COVID-19 deaths is now approaching 20 times greater than the Greek epidemiologist had predicted or at least 10 times greater if we calculate the impact of two years. He spoke about having less fear while others kicked that up a notch and said not to have any fear. We can agree with him when he was right. I have seen lots of studies that were wrong while others did not take notice at all. Again we saw this week that taking baby aspirin to prevent heart attack has not really worked. Israeli research scientists have worked on other studies and debunked them as scientists are doing all around the world. The goals are to save lives and to decrease suffering by people and to do it with great transparency.

And the Greek is still being talked about and mentioned as a great hero which he is not. He failed. Florida is a state where Ron DeSantis and Mark Levin helped spread wrong information. The public must wake up and take action so that lives are saved and the next pandemic will be handled better there.

The April 30, 2020 date to get the economy back at peak operation was wrong along with the talk of the Corona Virus being a flu. More time was needed, but the errors were taking place that even the Greek was not aware of. And what was going on was not Greek to me.  I had my eyes open wide and my antennae up.

Let’s go back to March 17, 2020 to things that the epidemiologists had no knowledge of. Faith and unity based on Moses protecting the Jews and things that I learned later were on my mind. The studies of the Princess Cruise ships and the nations cited by that epidemiologist said nothing about saving lives by containing the virus. Pastors everywhere were dying and congregations had to find new leaders. Trump survived as did most people in politics.

The World Cannot Come Together as One Right Now

 March 17, 2020

“There comes a time

When we heed a certain call

When the world must come together as one

There are people dying

Oh, and it’s time to lend a hand to life

The greatest gift of all”

                                               We Are the World

We Hope That the Pope Will Ask the World to Provide Corona Virus Information in All Languages

And the information provided by that epidemiologist was distributed in four languages. Thank goodness that it was limited to that number. And as you can see from my working mind the important message about detailing the information in all languages.

I later went to a Social Security Administration office and noticed Hispanics asking for help to process whatever they needed to do.  Translation was critical and there were others as well who needed help in the hour that I sat there.  I decided to check out what languages were available for translation and this is what I came up with.  The website of the SSA indicates that there are seventeen languages.  Here is the list:  Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, Farsi, French, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hmong, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese.  American Sign Language is also offered and with English that makes nineteen.  Many of these languages are not on the websites of the Departments of Health that I had previously visited.

And here is the part about Florida and the mishandling by the governor and his staff.

I am no expert, but I have undertaken some research that should be helpful to people in Congress.  In New York State information about the Corona Virus has been generated in various languages including Spanish, Korean, Kreole, Bengali, Russia, and Chinese.  Spanish and Chinese are languages with posts in South Carolina (the English only state for education programs which I have written about).  With the movement of people who speak lots of other languages around our country, more has to be done to protect everyone.  A suggestion is that the South Carolina could immediately borrow shared information with New York State in the languages that I have mentioned that apply and that all states cooperate to generate information in all languages where possible to help people and to save lives.  Money should not be a problem in these translations.  Puerto Rico only has Spanish on its website. Florida has two languages and Washington State has several.  Caring and sharing are needed now.

Text, letter

Description automatically generated

I reached out to George W. Bush, with Newt Gingrich and contacted his staff, and people have seen the letter that the late Senator John McCain sent me as I wished to clean up national and domestic violence to make this country safer. I have also written about the big mistakes of presidents and we have one example right here.

That Greek has a name and it is John Ionnidis and you can read titles such as The Greek American Epidemiologist Who Misled Donald Trump on the internet. I will not be having baklava and coffee with him and for good reasons, but I can also admit that if one day soon he comes up with a great idea to save lives that we should listen to him.

There is a lot on my mind including a rabbi who supported attacks on George Soros on Fox News, the escalation in crime and I happened to watch Senator John Ossoff of Georgia with F.B.I. Director Christopher Wray together in that discussion, the school boards under attack, and more. I now turn to the news of the Loudon School Board and community where they are deeply involved in what appears to be two rapes in a school building and a 15 years old male has been arrested.

The LES is the place and it’s 1949-1959 in P.S. 188 on the Lower East Side (LES). Keep in mind that this was shortly after World War II. We had to go to the bathroom at school and in those days there was a woman stationed at the bathroom with a notebook and pencil to document who went into the bathroom. I would imagine that our school was pretty safe since there were no guns that we knew about, no drugs that I witnessed, few fights, nobody was stabbed as I recall, and there were gangs. And I repeat that there were personnel assigned to the bathroom and later on (decades later) teachers were assigned to patrol the halls near the bathrooms. I had that patrol duty back then in the junior high section in the 1970s.

School board members often need to be replaced and great school districts have an advantage over poorly performing school districts. Yet danger lurks and I have written about and been involved in protecting the students. In the last site I taught in back in 2000, which was on Marcy and Puttnam Streets in Bedford Stuyvesant, I wanted a metal detector. I just noticed that Bronx parents want greater police presence because 5 guns were just confiscated in schools. We support the police, but not those who do wrong and those who go along with those men and women. We support school board members who tell the truth and those who do not make up lies about others in order to diminish others for political purposes. A lie, by definition, should be clear to understand.

I do not expect the bathrooms to be immediately staffed by parents in Loudon schools as they might have been back in 1949, but I surely do not wish to see any parent there without a mask. And I do not wish to see any parent or school personnel there lower his or her mask to cough in my face or in the faces of others to express his or her freedom. The lawsuits have begun, taking into account that those assailants of real freedom have treaded on others, just as the British did things to the colonists.

This was not one nation under Trump and I knew that it was not going to be one nation under Biden. And I knew and I knew and I knew. Christopher Wray said that “juveniles” are committing crimes now and that is what seems to have taken place in Virginia’s Loudon School District and it should be no surprise to the people there. Things are happening all over the country and it started under Trump. Trump was, in my opinion, the Corona Virus plaguing our nation. You may recall Trump telling Virginians to protect the potatoes, but that was really a moment to recognize that all of US were going to be in danger. And he sat there doing little or nothing as he cheered US on. And I recognized this problem as early as February 10, 2020 and wrote about it.

And what I wrote earlier about John Ionnidis applies to parents who really never tell teachers or schools what to do, especially as a mob. Parents work with the teachers and school personnel. Any parent that has a wonderful idea surely will be heard, but that doesn’t mean that the school will go along. I know from my own experiences that “nobody listens to me” as I have tried so many times to bring about change.

We should not be laughing at Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin who chose a path that was destroyed by COVID-19. They continue and Mark Levin recently tried his best to conceal his early major error by doing a podcast with Ron DeSantis, portraying DeSantis as a hero of America and Florida for his handling of the pandemic. And even there Levin was wrong for providing comparisons that were misinformation. It’s amazing that this country these days continues to promote people whose thinking is hazardous as they whip up communities throughout our nation.

And those people who are being whipped up like butter in a container to be purchased in stores across America, barely think of the new seeds of the America that fought against the British to be independent. Independence truly was for the few and not for the many at that time. The changes in the Constitution are testimony to that. But in this ever-changing world we live in the shift of power is clear. Venezuela and Cuba, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, Germany and Italy are not the focal points of power. Power has always brought allies and in our history classes we learned that England, France, the Soviet Union, and others were our allies, whether we liked it or not.

That causes US to turn the page of current events and ask just which nations are the powers of the world right now and how do we fit in. Clearly there are three to me. The United States, China, and Russia. The European Union is in great turmoil as it has been for many years. We could have lived without the The Capitol attack by Americans devoted to Donald Trump earlier this year. So that must lead US to give deeper thought to just how safe we are as a nation right now.

I like to use lyrics from songs and here is another one. Did you miss the lyrics on the last page which were sung by Paul McCartney in a famous motion picture?

Forget the past

And think about the present

The present’s very pleasant

Who cares what the future will bring?

There’s just no predicting a thing

Don’t wait for a miracle

That comes from the song A Fact Can Be A Beautiful Thing. And our people want facts to be beautiful things, but they often are horrific.

If China and Russia (Soviet Union and its past) actually unite and declare war on US, where will that miracle be? And who will be called upon to wave the white flag of truce? Could it be a man who believes in his own truth whether or not he is on Twitter or his own truth app? Your man, your strongman, who will come forward can only be one man. He can make the deal since he is the best deal maker that the world has ever seen. Here are the initials that you can rearrange, but we are not in a game. U-T-P-M-R and that person is the one closest to Putin. And this is a good time to mention Trump-Giuliani-Parnes since Parnes, the Russian, was convicted yesterday in federal court of making illegal donations to elected officials to influence them.  I rest my case. You think about that and decide if the colonists who fought for independence would tolerate such a deal maker. It could very well be that people are being whipped up but will be wiped out in one way or another.

I love my baklava!

I just noticed that Professor Timothy Snyder of Yale University just “sounded the alarm” about 2024 and this is considered one of the loudest alarms of a possible steal of the election by Trump in three years as he has real loyalists in place to undermine the next election. There are historians whose books that I have read that sit back and say nothing when they have important information to share. There are also people who were in Republican administrations that could have shed more light on events since they were a part of history. I thank Professor Snyder author of The Bloodlands for not remaining silent.