The Algemeiner Reports a Hate Message to Keep an Eye On

Jews, Muslims, liberal Christians, Marxists, and atheists were targets this week of Gab, right-wing site of great concern to US. Yes I remember things well. There was evidence linking the shooter at The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh to Gab.

Further research did turn up something that I was hoping to find and that was Kushner relaying information about banning “free speech” about Jewish people and Israel. But where did that leave everyone else on the list provided?  Nowhere but facing hate in America. And how long did Trump’s advisors expect this nation to refrain from criticism of Jews with so much hate taking place?

 And these statements were made as Trump lost his voice on social media and needed to get back on, which still has not taken place. According to the reports made about the expectations coming from the Trump team, he should have been back on social media including Trump’s own media. Trump again has taken tooooooooooooo long to make things happen as we noticed many of the promises that he could not keep, including providing evidence on Monday about an “stolen election” while he was still in control of the Oval Office that he diminished.

Donald Trump’s Team Sought Stake in Gab But Was Rejected, CEO Andrew Torba Claims

Jason Murdock  3/24/2021 from Newsweek

And according to the articles on the internet, Jared Kushner led the conversation to obtain a share in Gab. There was some talk about the TRUMP pages on Gab, but Torba effectively stated that Trump has had no role in producing content. We also see again that there were talks to get Trump on Parler, the French word for speak. Have you seen my last article on the Massacre in Paris in 1961. This content is killing me as I write.

Jared Kushner (and Ivanka), the family faces of the Trump Administration, need to provide to US contradicting information since it appeared that Trump was doing a lot to take control somehow of Gab. Telephone and email records of those days would be helpful in explaining just what they had in mind. And I did not find one piece of information where Jared Kushner or anyone close to him and Trump denounced the reports. Perhaps the staff of the Algemeiner can lead me in the right direction on that?

And please note that the staff of The Algemeiner did not even include any reference to Trump in its article about that Judeo Bolshevik plot written about on Tuesday whose plot was much deeper than get the Jews.

I can also tell you that by digging deeply, it was clear to me that almost all the well-known non-Christian news outfits stayed away from this controversy, but Fox News joined in reporting that Gab was obtaining 10,000 new viewers every hour and then it was reported elsewhere that 600,000 new readers had joined Gab after Trump was shut down by Twitter and others for spreading false information.

I have not stated that Kushner and Trump were involved in this since I have not seen any proof, but if they were involved there should be an acknowledgement of it. And on the other end, Torba can substantiate what he considers are the “facts” of this matter in the same way. I know just how easy that is to do since there is always a paper trail even if the paper is your record of incoming calls on your phone answering machine. This is not the 1930s when we would have to produce wire taps of unwanted calls. I noticed that CNN and Bloomberg had been reporting information about Trump backing away from Gab.

Oh yes there is a lot of misinformation and I forgot to detail a bit of that in my article about “I Love Paris” the other day. There we can remember, oh yes I remember it well as Maurice Chevalier spoke romantically to Hermione Gingold.  There the great Chevalier claimed that they met at nine and that he was ontime. Gingold countered with her own facts as stated and they were that they had met at eight and that he arrived late. And yes I remember that well.

There are applications to discuss across our nation including a mayor calling out the school board for pornography and no evidence, a school staff member urging balancing the history of The Holocaust with material from another viewpoint that contradicts it in Texas, opponents of Critical Race Theory including the press that minimize or do not even state that there are threats made against people at the meeting that terrorize people in office, people who still have not produced evidence of a “stolen election” who are making news when they could easily be deflated by the press, cancel culture attacks by those who do not wish to cancel out anyone in the name of “free speech” for the sake of no change at all, and more.

I wear a mask and like Joe Biden I have caught myself walking across a restaurant without my mask on (referring to the Washington Examiner photo this week), I have had my vaccinations, I do to the best of my ability the social distancing that everyone recommended (except Dennis Praeger who just reported that he seeks out people and he is happy that he will be protected by natural immunity which he claims is better, at the age of 76 I remember my younger days when I would head to the pharmacy to buy those protective items during sex (when I can remember oh yes I remember it well), I can remember talking to so many people as well that parent involvement has been a failure in schools in the past and I have  seen it in my own work over the last fifty years, and there is more.

We cannot Make America Great Again since my opinion is that America was never that great. We will not Build Back Better at the rate we are going if people do not learn much more to make things better. Before we know it, Christmas will be here and the New Year and a year of Joe Biden in the Oval Office will be over. The challenges are always there to face and great things are needed to make a country great. As a Jew expecting more from the Trump White House, I noticed his silence when it was revealed that Miami was experiencing the spread of anti-Semitism and now Herschel Walker is standing on his relationship with the Jewish community in Georgia as he wants to be in the United States Senate helping. But where was Herschel back then. Would Herschel Bernardi, a Jewish actor, have agreed with me? Herschel Herschel was known first on the Yiddish stage in the community that I most identify with even though my life has expanded into Latino and African American communities everywhere and he along with my mother’s cousin Joshua Shelly were cancelled or blacklisted because of Senator Joe McCarthy and other Republicans just like him.

There have always been Jews on both sides of a conflict and that was revealed well to me in the history in the book The Bloodlands by Timothy Snyder. When others in Georgia and around the world were fighting hate we ask ourselves where was Herschel Walker? Has he ever seen Fiddler on the Roof anywhere?

There are things to hate about America and things that were hated in Russia under the czar. And all groups that were affected by the policies of czar joined the communist party or were socialists. The LES where Herschel Bernardi was born had a large amount of socialist history already in 1923. We loved him as Tevye in Fiddler. Herschel Bernardi was in films and television including Peter Gunn, Mr. Novack, Irma La Douce, The George Raft Story, and The Front (with those blacklisted actors and others). He was the voice of the Jolly Green Giant, Charlie the Tuna, and the Tootsie Roll.

Jews wanted economic justice and other forms of justice from the czar and its people. The lyrics from Fiddler still ring loud and true everywhere.

“Dear God, you made many, many poor people.

I realize, of course, that it’s no shame to be poor.

But it’s no great honor either!

So, what would have been so terrible if I had a small fortune?”

Those of US who want justice do not want slow justice. Those lyrics reflect life in the 19th and early 20th centuries. And just before Herschel Bernardi was born, the laws of the United States were created to keep Jews and others out and the Republican Party even in 1964 stood for segregation.

Excuse me for taking you on this trip across politics that The Algemeiner stopped short of. We want answers from everyone. We want to Make America Great and We Want Build Back Better since things are not very good in this nation. Yes Tevye goes on to say this

Like a Solomon the Wise.

“If you please, Reb Tevye…”

“Pardon me, Reb Tevye…”

Posing problems that would cross a rabbi’s eyes!

And it won’t make one bit of difference if i answer right or wrong.

When you’re rich, they think you really know!

Now who could Martin Danenberg be thinking of right now.

If the Jared Kushners and Herschel Walkers decide to change their ways we can do this. I think that Walker will say almost anything to get himself into power right now and make up easily with his czar after he wins, since winning is the most important thing in Trumpism.

Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.

If I were a biddy biddy rich,

Yidle-diddle-didle-didle man.

And it should be stated that in that song that Trump, I mean the character played by Chevalier, got everything wrong (the month, which country the meeting took place in, the way that got them home and more). Do a search of the song. And yes we should remember it, well even the part about Herschel. And as the investigation moves forward about The Capitol Insurrection we hope that Trump remembers everything well as he gives his testimony. And since this is a universal message, it applies to Curtis Sliwa in New York who is running for mayor as a Republican and to Ron DeSantis who is running again for governor of Florida and to every place in between or far from those localities.

And it has just been reported that in Florida that Jennifer Jenkins on the Brevard School Board has documented evidence. She thanks Republicans for supporting her in her victory so that was important. Her private property was damaged after recent protests outside her home.  Florida officials also were called to her house after misinformation was spread about her treatment of her five years old daughter, including burning and slapping her child. This un-Christian behavior is par for the course for those people who claim to know the Bible which calls for telling the truth and tells Jews and Christians to fight to protect people and save lives. The Trump bible called for saving jobs during the pandemic. Could you imagine Moses telling the Children of Israel to do the same during the plague that God sent to Egypt? Or in other words, make sure you get to the pyramid on time or you will be fired. Also consider that whoever did make the false report led police to her home to investigate and this is just another thing to attribute to people who have a false sense of what law and order is about.

This was a total failure of people who are opposed to Critical Race Theory and saving lives during a pandemic. It is also my opinion that the Supreme Court of the United States will not side with these men and women who are terrorizing their communities. And where is the Washington Examiner today as these things are being revealed?

And just this is the news that I just learned and it is about Trump starting his own app so it appears that he is finally getting that done. Jews have stood up against hate and it must be taught that Hitler and Stalin had Jewish friends just as Trump has friends and family. We cannot stand with people who have propagated hate, but there are others that tolerate it. And Trump’s announcement comes precisely nine (9) months after his attempt to win resulted in a big loss. The baby is not born yet, but now that Trump has taken all these months to start his app…the app rentice now has an app and we can expect the one thing that Trump is good at and that is another bankruptcy as he attempts to build back better Make America Great Again.