Paris in 1961 A New Lesson

Massacres and the list gets longer.






My Lai

A newly uncovered massacre which was not uncovered now to know about is the massacre of hundreds of Algerians in Paris, France in 1961. And it involved the police and others which was no shock to me since in my reading about Hitler and Stalin I have read about those things in just about every country where murder was rampant. And I recall someone who I cancelled who told me that he reads about “communism” a lot and told me that we are heading for that. He supports Trump, of course (bien entendu in French).  His problem is that he reads without seeing any bad things in Trump, his best president ever who is a lot like powerful people that we love to hate. So people were made to remain silent for decades, even after the horrific events of the Holocaust and the evils of communism.

With that said I must point out to the reader that Harris Faulkner of Fox News spoke about the French in relation to the Jews and I wrote about her comments as she took our history (Jewish history) far out of context and put that history into the wrong context, adding that she has a Jewish husband. There was an attempt at Nazification of the COVID-19 message as Mayor de Blasio was attacked (he is not a Trump supporter). Israel at the time was doing the same things to Orthodox Jews.

Harris Faulkner of Fox News says I Never Thought I Would Look Up and See Someone Call for the Roundup of Jewish People

Pardon my French Rabbi Hier (yesterday in French) and Harris Faulkner of Fox Entertainment as I report the news of July 17, 1942 as 9,000 police rounded up 26,000 Jews in Paris known as the Rafle du Vel D’Hiv (Vel D’Hiv Roundup in English). I Never Thought I Would Look Up and See Someone Call […]

May 4, 2020 Posted

And now we should ask the same Harrison Faulkner to expose what happened to human beings from North Africa Moroccans and Tunisians as well) as we learn about that massacre. Even though I support the police, I am not blind to their excesses. The innocent police will not be judged here. We should demand justice of Harrison Faulkner. And that she should finally put this information into the right context.

That year for those of US on the Lower East Side was filled with romantic thoughts about Paris, France with no mention of the rounding up of Jews in France during World War II at all. At least for my family home. Others surely knew. This was the Paris of Gigi and things that clearly took all Americans away from the knowledge to be known and shared.  

There was my dad decades later attempting to sing I Love Paris which we spoke and laughed about after hearing him sing those words. By 1968 my extended family was talking about Louis Jourdan and Leslie Caron in Gigi, which we didn’t talk much about before. My mother was sharing trivial information sometimes. For example, she mentioned Regina Resnick the well-known opera singer.

There was lots of entertainment but little history and we learn new things all the time.

I have gone through many pages of the Timothy Snyder book The Bloodlands reading over and over just how the police in so many countries were involved in the killing of Jews. I used to hear things about police in Puerto Rico many decades ago as well. I was just speaking to a doctor who wants to return to France again soon about my many trips there and I overlooked talking about Grenoble and Bellegarde where I had important meetings with Algerians in France. These were experiences to treasure just as we treasure the songs from Gigi.

Louis Jourdan’s father was arrested by the Gestapo, but he successfully escaped captivity and possible death. The famous actor joined the resistance as a youth where he was involved in very dangerous activities.

I watched Maurice Chevalier with my family on television, particularly the Shew of Ed Sullivan, who pronounced show just that way. We watched Marcel Marceau do his mime routines without really knowing what Marcel Mangel went through in Europe. This was a nation without the internet where Americans learned mostly patriotism and today a significant part of that nation wants a return to the glory of America based on preventing truths from being broadcast. It’s impossible to do that right now, but people will believe what they wish to believe and governors throughout our nation will believe they can pull this off. It’s impossible is another famous song, but it is being used here to remind people that the limited knowledge of the past to shield US today is dead on arrival. Critical Race Theory opponents including right wingers have stirred up our nation, but they can serve our nation best by finding other pursuits immediately.

We did not learn about the Hebron Massacre in either school or Hebrew school. Probably my parents had never heard of it. There was another well-known massacre at Deir Yassin which happened during the War for Independence and was committed by Jews fighting for their lives and for a right to be in Palestine. I have written about this before and about my concern that Muslims from other nations may not have heard about both of those massacres. Talking only about the Deir Yassin Massacre could only lead to one conclusion about Jews who lived in Palestine and I still wonder just what Muslims and others including African Americans know about the Massacre in Hebron in 1929. Among other things, Black Lives Matter because history matters. And nobody should be deceived by things that prejudice their thought process. This is obviously something that has been overlooked by people in government for many years. What is going on at the local level? I have also read about the work of leading Jewish organizations that seem to overlook history in favor in many cases of current events. Knowledge matters in this fight.

Okay so I strayed somewhat from writing about The Paris Massacre which was just written about. Once again I had to read about police who killed hundreds of people and this time they were Algerians who were thrown into the River Seine. And there were 14,000 arrests made. The government and the press were involved in the cover up and that is why we have not heard about it.  Racism was blatant. And archives where the material has been found resulted in the truth coming out. And this is a roundup that Fox News should cover since it did a story of the “roundup” of Jews in Brooklyn, New York when the police were sent in to crack down on people there who were not social distancing properly. President Hollande of France in 2012 recognized that it occurred. And consistent with much, many, or most of these events that have taken place in history, firemen and vigilantes were involved. We Jews know this sort of thing pretty well.

Maurice Papon, the Paris police chief, had sent 1,600 Jews to concentration camps in Germany during World War II.

We can imagine what the loved ones of these men, women and teenagers went through as Paris and all of France lived a lie. And we also think about the lies of the past, but particularly the most recent lies of the last four years. I have crossed the Pont St. Michel, close to the Notre Dame Cathedral, and love the area there. Since 2001 there has been a plague there which I knew nothing about. And I was just mentioning the great times that I had there. Also mentioned was Vincennes where I stayed for a week which is very close to Paris and people were taken there who were arrested. French people from North Africa were mistreated during those days.

And back to those days on the Lower East Side, now known simply as LES, my mother told me something about opera singer Regina Resnick. That comment was about her being the friend of my mother’s friend. I just learned this about Resnick by doing research.  Her husband Arbit Blatas, a well-known painter, fled Nazi occupied France in 1941. And his family was killed by the Nazis. Resnick collaborated musically with conductors who had been members of the Nazi Party in her career. Other artists including Jan Peerce, Richard Tucker, and violinist Isaac Stern refused to perform with the same conductor. So Jews were divided. Who was right? And in 1953 Resnick’s career was advanced by her performance under another known Nazi party member.

Her husband painted Marcel Marceau, a homage to that famous personality.

The French role in rounding up Jews was unknown to me in the 1950s when Resnick was achieving fame and fortune. That roundup doesn’t stop me from going to Paris, a city that I enjoy and hope to visit again, but those were the days my friend and we hoped that they would end. The fight for justice goes on to help all people.

And the conclusion of The Bloodlands tells US we are not much different as we watch our politics and Donald Trump. Stalin had his enemies and he did he best to destroy (collectivization of the farms to provide food for his economy). Hitler had his enemies and he did his best to destroy (Jews, Poles, and others) so that he could expand east the way the United States expanded west. Trump used scapegoating tools throughout his four years and finally a huge amount of deaths appeared in the form of the pandemic. Those deaths due not compare with huge amounts suffered at the hands of and by the politics of Hitler and Stalin. What rings true about all three men is this. Hitler expected to win, win, win in several weeks. Stalin expected his food plan to be in place within weeks and the result was starvation. And Trump within weeks made the mistake of opening the economy expecting to win, win, win in November 2020. We see the economics of death in all three. And by not closing the US east coast to traffic from Europe, his misjudgment-plan of action resulted in the rapid spread of the then Corona Virus (his crowning achievement since corona means crown).

Hitler committed suicide in a bunker. Stalin went into a coma and died days later. Those men had more than a decade in power each. Trump lasted just four years. They all found scapegoats for their failures. Thank goodness Trump did not attack the Jewish people at the end, but I can assure you, that if you had followed things closely, including the anti-Semitism that was taking place in Miami in the middle of 2020, he did nothing to help. And with all this Nazification of the pandemic, he has done nothing to help US. He is out there only to help himself and foster misinformation just as Hitler and Stalin did. And the thing that stands out the most, of course, is the Election Was Stolen which is something that Trump has been working on for a long time. How dare any nation contest The Donald! There continues to be imminent danger because Trump is still with US.

And in races across our nation, students must learn about this important news. Will anti Critical Race Theory supporters even consider it? I doubt it. And how can you always “Back the Blue” knowing all this? Justice must prevail.

And in 1983 on the LES outside my parents’ apartment, my uncle asked me why I would go to Germany knowing what was done to us. I went there to learn to explore and to see, knowing that even in New York City we did not cast blame on Germans we met; however, we did not know that Conrad Adenauer, who was chancellor of Germany, had been a Nazi. The news didn’t report that when his name was mentioned.

I did go to Germany and saw its beauty and interacted with Germans who took a Jewish man into their arms of welcome. One of them took me to Dachau to see and learn more. I guess back then I realized what so many people and institutions including the Yad Vashem recognized and that is there are good people that should not be blamed.