AP All-American Herschel Walker Fumbles in Georgia

Being a Heisman Trophy winner and knowing history, religion, and more would elevate Herschel Walker’s candidacy, but he is fumbling for sure.

A swastika being portrayed by anti-vaccination people across America and by people hopeful of a Herschel Walker touchdown (he was once great). Rudy Giuliani telling people that Christopher Columbus was just typical of his time and let’s not hold the ugly deeds of the man against him rings true today even of Donald Trump in the Giuliani-Trump partnership that is marching more people toward death in our nation. And Giuliani thinks that Jews have not forgotten our own CRT history since the Spanish Inquisition started during those historic moments, a period of death to the Jews (and Muslims) and or forced conversions. Neither Rudy nor Herschel has all this well thought out and we are not obligated to follow shallow thinking. It would be great if Walker admits that he is not taking Georgians to the goal line of reducing COVID-19 deaths and illness in Georgia now and across our nation. I have been calling for a faith-based initiative to fight COVID-19 and that initiative will surely be needed when the next pandemic strikes. Read on and learn from the mistakes of the last year and a half.

A swastika portrayed with hypodermic needles is circulated along with misinformation about the Holocaust to instill fear into people. Much of the Jewish world is upset, but there are Jews who follow the beat of Trump’s drum. We have always been divided.

I can visualize a Christian portrayal instead of the Jewish one, hypodermic needles in the form of a cross to save America. The problem with that is Christ was a healer and a saver of lives. He was Jewish and his own camp was divided as we know from the Bible. And what is that one man who started his own movement would have asked Jesus to forget about saving lives and healing people and just attend a party meeting that was holding a fund raiser on a rainy night in Georgia?

That piece of propaganda, I have read, was taken down and replaced with the flag of Texas instead. Jesus just got diminished again. How about this instead? A grouping of orange toupees (you can Nazify it or Christianize it if you choose to since Republicans gave choices including not wearing masks as a pandemic started that has taken its toll in deaths that could have been prevented). Trump empowered that! And we are told that another pandemic may take place.

Trump bullied Republicans as well. Some, a handful or more, did not go along. Another portrayal could have and probably should have been carefully placed sections of feces put together into the letters U-S-A. Obama told US from his first meeting with Trump as the reins of power were being passed to 44 that Trump was “full of shit.” I wrote 44 because there was something short of being president of the United States in Trump back then. History may decide to call Biden 45 instead and just pass over Trump.

And getting back to Giuliani we have to think more about recent decades in relation to Franco-Hitler-Mussolini-Stalin and others before we speak. It was not the attack on Poland that really set off the United States to combat fascism since that attack took place in September 1939. So it took two years and lots of persuasion and convincing to engage FDR. We need help right now and it is not Republicans who are going Save America and Make America Great Again and Again and Again and Again. Those Republicans continue to diminish patriotism, the Talmud and Torah and Christianity. The lessons to save American lives have been part of the code of conduct of the military and even dates back to the Maccabees in the Jewish faith. Trump has divided US.

There is nothing All-American about the Republican Party at all. Jackie Robinson was a Republican and he knew that his party supported segregation in the Republican Platform of 1964. I wonder if Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona would have supported the view that the 2020 Election was stolen? People just go along since they have no outstanding choices and I do not see the Rockefeller Republicans making a comeback either, liberal Republicans.

There was a horrible smell emanating from the Trump Campaign in 2016 and it continues today in so many ways. It’s the defecation that has affected our nation more than we expected although so much of it was expected.

I can take you on other trips to understanding the truth which is not being told by Associated Press and other news media. I don’t need 60 Minutes to show you the truth either. Fear has been pumped into America by the very people who say do not be afraid, be strong. All that politics is beginning to fall apart and even lawsuits against school districts are beginning to take place over the transmission of COVID-19 in schools. The Herschel Walkers in politics who were showing their people touchdowns and game winning plans will soon be defending lawsuits across our nation and that alone my increase the numbers of their shouts for secession from the 50 states of the United States.

I decided to do additional research about secession and the voting actually started prior to Lincoln’s presidency. South Carolina voted for it and Delaware rejected it. Then Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas voted for it in a matter of weeks, making the United States weaker. Even a territory of the United States voted for secession at that time. And that was Arizona, a Southern territory.

And with this mouthful of information about what has been and is going on, Herschel Walker appears to be a warlock challenging a Warnock.

I was just reading about how Joseph Stalin, the man of Steel, was doing a lot at the end of his career to diminish Jews and Jewish history in the Soviet Union which was brought on by the formation of The State of Israel in 1948. There were more Jews in the Soviet Union than there were in Israel at that time. Here in the United States of America there are attempts to diminish Black history.  There was bad leadership under Stalin and there has been bad leadership with Under Trump We Trust.

With more information coming forth about the Trump Administration it really may result in a new choice of parties for many or most Republicans. There could be, for example, what I might call the John McCain wing against the Trump wing or as it has happened in history the Republican Party may dissolve into something either better or worse. The Democrats once had to contend with the “Dixiecrats” for power. For now I just wish to see the truth about Jesus come forth in Georgia and throughout the land and if I had a hammer I would ring it all day long to make Americans know that truth. And then maybe the Hannitys and other Americans in the media will finally reveal the truth about Christ.

I won’t betray his trust

Though people say I must

I’ve got to stay true, just

As long as he needs me

Actually the Trump supporters are one and the same with Trump. They are all to blame as they love him whether he is right or wrong.

These lyrics actually were sung about Bill Sykes on stage a long time ago. And so many ugly, wrong, and harmful things have been staged by The Donald who belongs on the same Broadway stage right now. Bill Sykes was a criminal and his girlfriend knew it as she sang As Long as He Needs Me. They are playing the game his way and their way. You might wish to Google Judy Garland in 1964 singing the song so beautifully (or the great Shirley Bassey). And Georgians may just search The Broadway version of Georgia Brown singing the song in the show Oliver. Let’s end Trump terrible entertainment now!