Mussolini, Mussolini, Mussolini

Mussolini succeeded in his overthrow of the Italian government and Trump’s partisans ended up bankrupting Trump. Maybe they should have eaten pasta fagiola before entering The Capitol. There was no Il Duce for US in January.

Making world news which is just about exactly the same in each of many newspapers around the world that I have checked out is the granddaughter of Benito Mussolini. She is in Rome and got huge support from the voters, ten times more votes than when she was first elected as councilor there. Ivanka Mussolini does not wish to be judged by the history of the fascist dictator. The family has had a previous Mussolini in power, Lara. And another Mussolini was running for office who wanted the people not to judge Benito because those days were difficult times, Eric. Is there a Donald Mussolini?

I was waiting for information about the wonderful policy achievements by the granddaughter of the man I have written about so many times, both in Jewish Business News and in The Force 2020 DDT. There was nothing. I will continue to research that just so that I know and be fair if it is needed.

I wrote this in Jewish Business News “Donald Trump who is being more and more compared to Benito Mussolini than even George Washington as a new movie about Mussolini has come out in Italy. Reviews of the movie “I’m Back” could be read by the students of Montpelier and all high schools in America. Police must come together with communities in much better ways right now. That calls for much better leadership. The Kaepernick Solution is part of that and has not been integrated by police. Let’s bring people together. Let’s kneel together and stand together for peace in communities.” The title follows

BLOGSBLOG/ Black Lives Matter Flag Raised In Vermont: Black Students Feel Burned

It’s Bernie Sanders’ home state of Vermont where the “bern” was launched?

February 12, 2018

When I wrote on January 3, 20201 that I suspected a Mussolini type coup of our government to take place, my feelings were deep and based on years of observations. I want students to know this history.

Mussolini followed Hitler and Italy had been an ally in World War I. And today the mess we are in has largely been caused by Trump just as other strong men have messed things for their people and the world. In my reading there is much about rape of women by both sides (which the dictators allowed), cannibalism affecting more people than Americans wish to know about, destruction of lives through violence and disease, fighting on and on even after the cause was lost and the leaders knew it because they did not care if their people died, misinformation and lies and fake news created by loyal press, ethnic cleansing all over, and much more.

Mussolini should have and could have known that things were wrong from the beginning as Hitler attacked a radio station, blamed it on the Poles, and left Jews who were already dead on the floor. Then he declared war just for that on Poland and the rest of the world. And in the end this is what happened to the Germans and Germany. And to a certain extent this is what is happening to Trumpism, but much more slowly.

And just now we can read on the internet the needless loss of 22,000 lives recently in Texas and Florida. There the governors fight on and on and on, but the tide will soon turn against them. In relation to world history and that mistake that Hitler made which was mentioned earlier, Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic cost the Republicans power just as the Germans ended up losing power. His handling of the mask issue and his leadership in the vaccine effort were weak even though his words were often strong. People died unnecessarily back then. And in a way we have had our own Zyklon-T moment or Zyklon-DDT.

The Trumps Working in a Meat Factory?

Can you imagine the Trumps working for a month in a meat plant which has been infiltrated by the Corona Virus (Ivanka and Jared, Melania, Eric, and Donald Jr.? Churchill was in the streets of London, England which was in constant great danger after the German Luftwaffe or air force began its attacks. There is […]

April 20, 2020

And I included this in the article “And I know that we are in great danger because there are forces that come with a depression. And I am doing my part to help. Trump on the other hand is just being Trump. I have communicated my ideas to people connected with the Pope, the mayor of New York, the chancellor of the Department of Education of NYC, with people in Congress, and more. What has Betsy DeVos done? Send her to work in a meat factory too?” And Germans after the war were considered less than human. A nation cannot cause so many people to die and then get away with it. It can try to get away with it which is what the Republicans are trying to do right now. Covering up Trump’s disastrous days takes the form of he gave US the vaccine fast.  And even that has not worked out for 45 since the process of getting most people vaccinated has slowed.

And we can take a page from history that is revealing about Republicans and Repugnicans. People are afraid now about losing their jobs through mandates. Here was a mandate in 1981.

Reagan fires 11,000 striking air traffic controllers, Aug. 5, 1981

And there was no fear whatsoever of death by a Corona Virus at that time, just a man mandating that workers on strike should be let go in the public interest. And now things are getting even worse due to Trumpism and its most recent aspects affecting people who were our allies, our nation’ s schools and school board meetings, and the hope that we can find a much better path to fighting off this pandemic and the next one.

Okay I admit to spreading fake news, but only about the first names of those Mussolinis.