The Attack on The Capitol (2021) and Fort Sumter in 1861

Missing from his statement of love was a lack of love of the Constitution of the United States (again at that moment) and the implication that others in the building were “enemies of the people.” Far from the scene there still exists in South Carolina a place called Fort Sumter where the attack took place to divide our nation and lead it to civil war. Trump has been presenting to US a “clear and present danger” for some time and he has had lots of accomplices.

I wrote all that on January 7, 2021 in an article called Resign, Resign, Resign

There are now lots of articles about the coming of a Civil War, but in reality it started under our noses on January 6, 2021, but the attack was too mild to be felt. A slight earthquake could be felt more easily because an earthquake is not political.  That attack would have been felt much more had authorities not taken actions to prevent the carrying of guns and other actions around our nation. That attack was enough and now Trump is under investigation. One of the results of the secession and Civil War was that some of the South’s leaders lost their citizenship and or fled to other places such as England. And monuments were built for some or many of these men in the South.

Republicans who are being interviewed and who are talking about a civil war have been duped by Trump who actually told them years ago that they were stupid. How can their talk of civil war arouse fear in US when there is more to the story than meets the eye.

I was provoked by an article in Newsweek a day ago which detailed the support that the Golden Calf god has in Iowa including more than a 50 percent approval rating which shreds the support for Joe Biden. Then this morning I read that the new Make America Great Again, Again tour is also called “The Revenge” tour. From the beginning of the first Trump campaign to today what we have been witnessing most of all is his “Eye for an Eye” campaign so that he can win, win, win. But the fact remains that he has had so many bankruptcies since 2017 that have not resonated with the voters in Iowa, including 4,000 rockets that were fired into Israel after Trump gave us peace, the Taliban now refusing to go after ISIL in cooperation with the United States, and the spread of COVID-19 into his base of operation to cause his troops to die and get sick.

And over the last weeks Trump has spoken about the disintegration of the United States within three years. Stoking fear as communists and fascists do under the name of freedom is what he is doing once again.

I had just completed reading about the “Holocaust and Revenge” in the book The Bloodlands.  The Revenge Tour will lead US into things far worse than civil war. All this talk about revenge without having proof or substantial proof of the key things that matter to his supporters will lead to far worse unless it is controlled. I can see it as I sit here typing. People who think they are the patriots have been set up. This is a Trump designed project that will fail once again.

Iowa’s economy is about 5 percent agriculture and in a civil war it’s food supply will be destroyed which is something that didn’t happen between 1861-1865. The South was largely destroyed as General Sherman marched to Atlanta, burning everything. Hitler and others learned a lot from that history and destroyed and destroyed and destroyed. I just read about the entire destruction of Warsaw, Poland. And there were Nazis that tried to prevent that from happening, but Hitler and Himmler fought on for the freedom of their people until they ran out of time.

The American “utopia” of Trump like the Nazi “utopia” is doomed to fail. The supply chain of products that has resulted in shortages (for now) of so many products will be cut off entirely except for the military so there will be no food anywhere. Prisoners will be killed and people suspected of helping the other side will also be killed. This is essentially what Trump has had planned for everyone since 2017 regardless of the party affiliation. The “enemy of the people” is Trump’s enemy or just YOU. Stalin operated the same way as he would not tolerate the slightest initiative that deviated from his plan. Both Trump and Stalin are men of steel and also men of steal as well.

Here is the title of the article in Newsweek.

Trump Supporters at Iowa Rally See ‘Civil War Coming,’ Say He Will ‘Save the World’

Fatma Khaled 13 hrs ago

Go read it and share it with people. Trump, you may recall, reacted to events in Virginia and told the people to protect the potatoes (meaning private property). Nobody will be able to protect our food, not even Popeye the Sailorman because there will be no spinach. And families throughout the rural South during the Civil War were at the point of destitution. So nobody will be there to protect the “potatoes” as well.

These states generated over $10 billion in receipts from agriculture in 2019.

California, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, & Indiana.

Trump still has time to resign, resign, resign. Do you see what I see?

Here is an article that I will not even quote from which is recommended for 5-8 grades. Children probably know better than many of their parents if they have read it. It appears in National Geographic which I hope most Republicans feel is not “fake” news. You have the title so find out even more.

Hunger and War

Many of the worst contemporary wars are accompanied by mass starvation. In some cases, starvation is used as a weapon.

And among other things, there will be no churches open because many will be destroyed with congregants in them which has happened to Jews and others. There will be no schools open where someone just might state something that will sound like Critical Race Theory.  I won’t be able to travel again to Florida since there will be no travel. I rest my case for now, but I hope that people learn more. Trump led the attack on CRT and here I am providing vital history and knowledge to people. This nation needs CPR after all these years of Trumpism. And it has been pointed out by people who know Trump that he really knows no history. Oh he knows things that he has copied from those strong men referenced here in this article about the Civil War.  To be or not to be that is the question. Many other people are really talking about the take over of our democracy by a totalitarian state.

Repugnicans have diminished US since Trump took office. For a long time all we heard from The White House was that they have alternate “facts” that were being shared.  Then Trump gave his followers the “freedom” to not wear masks as he tried to destroy reasonable advice that can clearly be proven right now since most Americans are vaccinated. The civil war theme does require an additional question for thought. Which two nations that you can think of are just waiting to take over the United States of America that is involved in a civil war?