The Most Famous Teacher

I had conversations with a man who came here from Bolivia and he started to repeat time and again the words “most famous teacher” around me. This man is clearly what we call in Spanish (chistoso), but it was all in fun. He introduced me to several people including people who have met and known Amelia Vega and Bo Dietl (the detective), two people that I have met and spoken to. I decided soon after to write an article or even a series of articles with this “most famous teacher” in mind and use the initials MFT to make readers recall how this came about.

Let’s go to President Joe Biden who gave US the evacuation from Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Learning from the Godfather and more

August 31, 2021

A lot of worse things could have gone wrong with the diplomatic decision to leave by Trump. That is clear to me. What also seems very clear is that the Taliban want US out and want to hear US out as the C.I.A. has just conducted a top-level talk with the Taliban leadership. Let’s look at a famous example of diplomacy from world history. The Soviet Union signs an agreement with Nazi Germany that involves dividing up Poland and not fighting each other and then relatively soon Hitler invades the Soviet Union. The Nazi exhaustion from fighting a war on two fronts leads people to begin to conclude that the war will soon be over, particularly since the Nazi campaign in Northern Africa faltered. Yes we have our concerns and should have them.

Now that we are in October and looking at the situation, we know that things have continued to be dangerous and people are being killed. Reading history helped me understand when others were basically watching the U.S. Open Tennis matches which is another kind of war, I used to do that back in the days of Guillermo Vilas, the Spanish tennis champion.

In my last article I explain how that the famous Japanese diplomat who saved Jews was spying on European powers while performing his duties. German diplomats were doing the same things in the United States under FDR before December 7, 1941. And I learned in the last century how there was spying taking place among German agents in France in the 1890s leading to the “trial of the century” called The Dreyfus Affair.

In Hitler, Stalin-USA Chiune Sugihara was mentioned but I did not tell the reader that he predicted that Germany would attack the Soviet Union (his prediction was for June 1941, He was observing the movement of troops for some time and sensed an invasion was coming. Stalin did not see it coming.

Years ago in Jewish Business News in Israel, I wrote about how the head of Texaco was helping fascists with oil and information right under the noses of our elected officials and all he got was “a slap on the wrist” from Roosevelt. Texaco’s agent-spies helped Hitler sink ships with a great loss of life.

For many who watch the news, there was political bias which generates power outages, there was hope and confusion as things appeared to be chaotic. That chaos was normal just as a gang attack on your street or your gasoline tank reading empty when you know the gas level is low. What took place cannot be treated like a walk in Central Park or Main Street in towns in Iowa.

The dangers were well known. The Taliban, ISIL, and others were watching and the suicide bombing that killed our people was just the tip of the iceberg (potentially). I refuse to tell you more about what was and still is on my mind. We thank Joe Biden based on the facts of the situation and again the point is that if we had started sooner to process people and evacuate people there surely would have been a kind of equal and opposite reaction that would have harmed more people. The reactions of reactionary Repugnicans should not be tolerated by Americans who know more. And it is unfortunate that good journalists just have a limited perspective as they are assigned things to write about. Things that may appear to be right but are clearly inconsistent with history and current events. This creates chaos for US where there should be greater unity. And my producing of this article is not about patriotism which results from misguided men and women and from faulty media productions. It’s about teaching our people or MFT. Biden could have and should have provided proof, just as we ended up providing proof of the movements of Japan leading up to December 7, 1941 as the attack took place on Americans. There was a bombing in Kabul days ago and Trump bombed out in America long before that.

With far too many Americans involved in trivial pursuits and others who would continue to attempt to overthrow our government, this is surely one of the low points of American history in the 21st century. It started many years ago and resulted in an American president who pretty much had his head stuck up his fourth point of contact. We welcome the people coming from Afghanistan, but Trump in recent days has declared that people from that region are unfit to come to our nation. And Trump again reminded me of just what had happened to the Jews and others in history because of the stupidity of men like him.