Hitler, Stalin-USA

Consider all of this information.
We should begin with this Nazi Germany eye opener.
Germans were going to
bring order
bring prosperity
Slavs were to disappear

Demographics ranged for Poland-Ukraine-Belarus-Czechoslovakia were projected from 80 percent-65 percent-75 percent-50 percent to disappear for each grouping.
Slavs were Native Americans.

The eastern lands were Hitler’s “Manifest Destiny” along with its destruction of people. Of particular importance were the European “bread basket” and oilfields for Hitler and Germany to make it a colonial power.

Collectivization of farms and industrialization were what the Soviet leaders were after and Stalin wanted his Volga River to become the German Mississippi once his power took root there.
The deaths they caused by starvation, murder and killing, and the two ds of disease and death. They learned lots from the USA.

The death aspect plagues US in the USA. There is news about Puerto Rico which is not news to me since I wrote from Florida in May 2021. This is from Yahoo News by Andrew Romano “because politics and polarization continue to warp U.S. COVID policy in ways that other societies simply haven’t had to contend with.
Mark Levin and Ron DeSanctis

Posted byAdministrator February 28, 2021 
Let’s look at some state and international numbers right now regarding Florida in relation to everything. Florida 142 deaths per 100,000 people. Puerto Rico 63. El Salvador 29. Dominican Republic 29.

Death didn’t have to knock so hard at our door. Trumpism is the root cause and it was off target. Jesus Saves Lives was far from his mind. Giving people mask choice failed along with things that Hitler and Stalin had the capacity to prevent as they issued policies that destroyed lives.

Since foreign policy matters, Hitler wanted to take out England and Stalin with a hundred warnings would not believe that Hitler would attack him.

Hitler believing that he came from the master race apparently could not accept his soldiers surrendering to the enemy.  Stalin preferred his men to kill themselves. Think of John McCain and his capture on Vietnam and Trump’s criticism of the late senator and you can now see the source or sources of Trump”s evil attack on McCain years ago. And Americans tolerated it.

I must share this about “The economics of Apocalypse” because it is revealing. This is April 1942 about Leningrad.
A stranger was observed and this is what we know at first.
His back was to a post
He sat on the snow
He was wrapped in rags
He had a knapsack over hid shoulder
He must have been tired so he sat there
The young woman who described this noticed him again over a two weeks period.
He had no knapsack
He had no rags
He was in his underwear
He was naked
He was a skeleton with ripped out entrails

I stopped reading a book about the myths of Stalin tp learn more. German superiority was almost always there in the war against Stalin’s forces as millions were dying and being killed. That history helps explain the thinking of Hitler-Trump. The deaths were mounting but the fatal flaw had to be covered up. The German plan was the “lightening” victory and that meant the Germans had lost even as they smashed Soviet troops. And for Trump it was over quickly due to his handling of the pandemic. The first death was February 28 and Trump’s marching orders clearly failed our people. Operation Warped Speed could have been taken from Hitler and Himmler. Taking US from America First into a raging pandemic was exactly what the Nazis did. Among the many Nazi Operations was Operation Swamp Fever where over 8,000 Jews were liquidated.

I just learned that the US has passed 700,000 deaths.

The failed “blitzkrieg” provoked the Hitler oval office directly to an altered version of The Final Solution. Trump selected a different, but logical enemy, declarimg that the election was stolen.
In Lithuania Chiune Sugihara, the Japanese consul who provided visas to Jews to save lives, expected Germany to attack the Soviet Union. He was monitoring troop movements. I was watching Trump and others and waited for political violence in Washington, D.C. And I got it! We got it!

History shows that in those years from 1939-1945, the principal highway of death was Poland and its people. There was blood every where, starvation by design, and the spread of disease. The Germans and Russians were free to do all this.

I clearly know that there are major differences between the three “strongmen” portrayed here. One major difference clearly is that Hitler is not here to incite US to defend free speech (his and his partisans), even to defend it to the death.

That man who sat there is also symbolic of Americans who not only remained silent but also did terrible things to undermine humanity. Things that are and remain true today. Here is one key sentence. Reject Hitler, Stalin, Trump, and DeSantis. And in today’s news Trump says he thought COVID-19 would have been.gone by now. Honest thinking but stupid thinking