Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Still Flunks Holocaust History

Marjorie Taylor Greene: “I have made a mistake… this afternoon I visited the Holocaust Museum. The Holocaust is- there’s nothing comparable to it.” This was months ago. And the story does not end there.

Now we get to more understanding of the problem since her visit to the Holocaust Museum really cannot straighten out the problem for her and our nation (and the world as well). There is a paper trail from Hitler to consider related to what was done then and what is being done now. Here is where I shed more light on The White House of Donald Trump and the Donald Trump who in nearby Alabama just called Marjorie Taylor Greene the greatest. She is just as repugnant as she was before going to the museum.

Now on to learning more about the Hitler paper trail in another context, a modern context.

Nazification of the COVID-19 Message in America

“Would Hitler have inoculated Jews with the COVID-19 virus to make them sick and cause them to die? Thinking about the rabbi and all others who favored herd immunity instead of saving lives, I learned immediately from what the rabbi spoke. He would have to rethink his position. I would hope that if he erred in his understanding of the Talmud that he would agree with the Chabad movement and its position. Getting back to Hitler, wouldn’t he have to think about that hypothetical situation and say he was rethinking his position as he finds out from someone else that the virus could infect and decimate his troops and cause him to lose his powerful military and his war to Make Germany Great Again? We know that COVID-19 has spread to our nation’s military. I have been telling people since the beginning that it is patriotic to save lives as well as following the Talmud, but nobody listens to me. Or are people now listening to me? My last article about Joe Biden is that he is much more patriotic than 45. Without a doubt! Vaccinations are mandated in the military now. I hope you can see that Repugnicans should know much more about the subjects that they are making news with.”

I sincerely hope that the term Make Germany Great Again resonates more now with the American people. And how did we come to the point of allowing “herd immunity” to take over the thinking of so many Americans?

Marjorie Taylor Greene clearly did not and does not belong in Congress or in government. She has a right to earn a living but elsewhere. And she does have the Constitutional right to remain silent about how she and others (including Republican governors helped spread COVID-19 by telling people or agreeing with people that they have a right to choose whether or not to wear masks. And since I am on that topic, the White House failed in mid-March 2020 in a call to Christian leaders to emphasize that Jesus was about healing and saving lives. If you have not read my article about Nazification of the COVID-19 Message in America just click on it.

Have you asked why all or part of my message contained in articles since I concluded that Jesus Saves Lives-Pikuach Nefesh (from the Talmud and Old Testament)-Military Patriotism are all the same because of the same origin.


Jesus followed the principle of Pikuach Nefesh as you will soon see. Trump is another matter altogether. An article in the Jerusalem Post about COVID-19 and the Haredi community called for “sensitivity” in dealing with the crisis in Brooklyn and the author cited non-religious conflicts in his article as an historical basis for cracking down […]

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Think of all the illness and death that could have been prevented after mid-March 2020 by a White House that had this kind of sense of history. And the mainstream media has not picked up the vital information contained in this article which belongs in USA Today, on major television news, and even news sites like The Washington Examiner.

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  1. They chhose to be fee and not wear masks or get vaccinated. That’s cool. Fewer repube votes in coming elections. Pathetic.

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