Gulag 45

The book The Iron Curtain was published in 2012. I read this and had to share it. Marxist Theory was important in the Soviet Union and there was discussion of The People’s Colleges in Hungary which the Hungarian communist leader condemned because there were no such institutions in the Soviet Union and because the “founding fathers” Marx, Lenin, and Stalin knew nothing about. So those institutions along with others were destroyed because of all that and a man who felt that there was no need. In other words it was “constitutional” to defeat institutions that were a threat to the Repugnicans. I mean communists. It could very well be that those communists learned from American Constitutional Law as Hitler learned much from America’s racism and segregation.

So here were Hungarians hoping to define their lives in Hungary after World War II and the new government refused to recognize their history (and this played out in Poland and other places) as the leaders said no…no…no. The new order meant going by the history of the founding fathers. And what does this say of the United States today which is embroiled in this CRT mess that Trump helped to provoke? Does this history help at all to straighten out the mess?

This made me think of a Russian woman who once commented about my post on the internet and she felt that I had no knowledge of the Soviet Union treatment of its people. I quickly sent her a copy of a coupon that people in Gulag’s had to show to get their daily meal. She thought that I had been in a gulag at that point. Of course I had never been in Russia or in a gulag. I’m from the Lower East Side and I prefer Western European countries for the most part. Poland is beautiful and it has always been great to visit.

Now we turn to the lone prisoner of Gulag 45. Gulag 45 in my mind is an American gulag for people who deserve to be in prison for political reasons. Of course he (it is not a she) can have visitors who can stay in the gulag for a while.

One month will be in a motel that I stayed in on a trip out west. It had a pool and it cost about $29 a night. That motel had a number after it. It was Amarillo, Texas and I can almost taste the hydroxychloroquine (hot dogs) and bleach (French fries) that 45 sold by the pool (under the boardwalk) of politics along with thousands of lies and other misinformation.

One month in a homeless shelter in any Democratic controlled big city in the United States.

One month in tent city in Los Angeles.

I am pausing for a moment to reveal one of my latest creative ideas. We have to secure the insecure island of Cuba and its people. I recommend to the President of the United States, the Congress, the people of our nation (Cubanos) that a pathway should be created to make Cuba the 52nd state of the United States. We also should consider foreign policy objectives meaning that once Cuba is part of the United States we are obligated to protect life and property in Cuba. This effort will at least mean that no corruption will be tolerated by any Cubans wishing to take advantage of an independent Cuba. So economically and politically help will be given. I know that there are divisions among all people, but I just came up with idea two days ago and had to share it.

One month in a “concentration camp” created by Repugnicans at our Southern border. I will call AOC to ask her to go there to check up on 45 to see how he is doing. Let’s continue with Gulag 45.

One month on a naval ship loaded with COVID-19. It is clear to me that 45 put our military at risk and that he really was unpatriotic even as he wore the American flag on his lapel and placed the blame on his favorite target China immediately. His successful attempts to help were severely limited in those first months. His possible replacement who has governed in Florida is in big trouble now for the doubling of cases in hospitals there and for having 20 percent of our nation’s cases when as a large state the percent should probably be around 5 percent or so.

One month in Guayama, Puerto Rico in a house without a roof due to Hurricane Maria, a house that should have received federal funds right away, but the money was held back by 45. He can spend time there learning about witches to perfect his knowledge of witch hunts. And Trump can learn some Spanish while he is there, recalling his criticism of Jeb Bush for speaking Spanish on the campaign trail. And Trump’s lack of knowledge of Spanish was not his biggest problem. Hay un manicomio en Puerto Rico? Manicomio is insane asylum.

One month in the forests of California for not doing enough to help put out forest fires there.

One month in Minneapolis stirring concrete to rebuild a police precinct.

One month outside Trump Tower in New York City telling all the people that he has wronged just how sorry he is.

One month at the IRS in chains as he answers all tax questions under oath. And a lie detector accompanying him.

One month in Chicago using his genius to stop the “carnage.” He is strong, brave, and fit, according to his self evaluation and he should be able to survive the streets.

One month in a medical facility with COVID-19 patients in Mississippi who were deceived by 45 since March of 2020. Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi have had large surges because of his politics.

A pause as we think about Pastor Tony Spell of Louisiana who is a candidate for the next month of Gulag 45.

One month will be divided between two places studying the Bible instead of just practicing “An Eye for An Eye.” The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and The Temple Emmanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina are the places. Targeting homosexuals, feminists, and all others shall be liquidated. After completing the class Robert Jeffress, Franklin Graham, and Jerry Falwell, Sr. will be invited along with their families to learn more. And they will finally learn about Jesus saving lives and healing people during pandemics and be reeducated so that during the next pandemic more lives will be saved from the very beginning instead of just opening up the economy and churches. And they will learn that helping save lives was the patriotic thing to do.

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13 months.  Mmmmm. There must a little bit of Kaminsky in me, Melvin Kaminsky. Should I drop one of the months? Who would care if I did?

At this moment a visitor’s list is being prepared to keep tight security at Gulag 45.

Ted Cruz

Kevin McCarthy

Mitch McConnell

Mo Brooks (no relation to Mel)

Ron DeSantis

Greg Abbott

Louis Gohmert

Rudy Giuliani

Sean Hannity

Tucker Carlson

Marco Rubio

Dan Bongino

Candace Owens (the darling of the G.O.P.)

And the list is growing fast. There could be a cast of thousands, including men and women convicted in The Capitol Insurrection and those who went along with Trump about the “stolen” election. And Candace Owens is in the news today exposing the Democrats for not being interested in truth and only caring about power. This is Candace again at her best reminding US of her comments that Hitler was a (good) nationalist before he had global aspirations. He had authored Mein Kampf long before taking control over Germany and Hitler was planning to take over the United States. And she sat in Congress next to a Jewish man on camera who didn’t even protest (Mort Klein). And we should take note of all those “nationalists” in our nation who are people of color who quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who spoke about “not judging a person by his skin” who cause the Civil Rights’ leader to turn over in his grave by leaving out the context of his comment which was mostly about integration which Repugnicans have not helped our nation achieve. Yes that is what Dr. King wanted most as he rejected John F. Kennedy who wished to grant a huge education effort. Kennedy knew he could not deliver integration, even in Repugnican communities around our nation. And just as important is the fact that Dr. King did not wish to take the slow route toward the advancement of the “Negro” which means it was the obligation of the nation to do much more for an entire group of American citizens who had been denied access all across our nation, access that was systemically denied.

Could it be that a new motion picture called History of Gulag 45 is in the making? And one more thing. Gulag detention rules state that no one being held may arrive at the designated destination by private jet, economy class or Greyhound or similar transportation will be the only way to attend. No appeals are permitted.

From the Election Campaign of 2016 (and long before that) right up to the stolen election theme and beyond both that and the insurrection where 45 did nothing to protect the people in Congress, we have a case against 45. I wrote back in 2018 in Jewish Business News in Israel that he belonged in Hebron, but knowing that a “gulag” is not American culture today maybe we could have made a trade with the Soviet Union decades ago and had him sent to Siberia where his “genius” could have been utilized in the name of freedom in a communist nation. And I think I know the chief reaction of those people who are on the list. They will probably tell me that they are proud to be Americans (patriots) and support everything that 45 has done.

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