Idiots and idiots (uncapitalized).

I just wrote to Eric Adams and Bill de Blasio yesterday, putting idiots in the subject of the email.  Idiot is capitalized at the beginning of a sentence (but it refers to the long list of Repugnicans and their leader Donald Trump…idiot is a lesser human form of Idiot and needs no capital.

I have read repeatedly about the rise in crime (taking place all over our nation) and the youth who are out of school in the pandemic. I would imagine that some or much of the trouble is caused by the youth based on the statements being made. I was warning and warning and I can divulge critical information for people in New York City to learn about. Just ask me.

And on a national level Fox News with Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens just placed the blame on Democrats seeking to “enrich” themselves and gain more power. No! Candace may be suffering from Candida Albicans of the brain or fungus. I do say we have a fungus or two among US. Where were their solutions before all the violence started recently and where were they with educational solutions based on the problem and not based on just what may appear in a book to collect dust?

Owens says the US government is engaged in criminality and focuses mostly on COVID-19 and the power granted to people in government (big government). It included things like using Black people as pawns, government telling people literally about when they can breathe, the mayor of Chicago using $10 million to fight a health crisis called racism, Juneteenth was mentioned also as well as the  1619 Project (even though only 14 Republicans voted against Juneteenth becoming law). That must make about every Republican congressman engaged in criminality. And I must not literally be breathing at all, according to Candace.

I wonder if my readers can smell the stink from the fungus.

And I understand that the governor of Georgia just two months ago started to help the cities in Georgia to investigate and solve crimes when the problems have been there for a long time. And this has nothing to do with the attack on the Critical Race Theory that Candace spoke about just now and that Tucker Carlson agreed totally with. I would suggest Tucks Medicated Hemmorhoid Pads for Tucker’s brain which may be a tumor.

The news is full of material about the surge in crime. The governor of Georgia is against the mayor of Atlanta. There have been investigations of crimes committed by looters and gang members. Cases have been dismissed and cases are still pending. The Democratic candidates for mayor in NYC are getting tremendous publicity as the voting will be completed soon and the results announced. There is a commercial for NYC Comptroller telling everyone that a candidate is a “Latina” to vote for. She is already a Repugnican in her own way. I can just imagine my new and old friends down south who would react to a candidate’s ad by saying that he is just a Southern White Boy looking to make a difference in his community. There is a lot going on and there is still a lot that is wrong, including Curtis Sliwa now calling for 5,000 police when he just wanted the cops to do their job when the first sign of looting started. Fernando Mateo, another Republican candidate for mayor, is right in calling for jobs for students now, but that increases the size of government, a Republican creed that would be defunded or dispossessed here.  Where was he all along?

And this is for Eric Adams to digest and share with all his campaign people since my ideas should have been shared with him already. His recent comment about the shooting (under de Blasio in the city) where two children were caught on video at that scene under the feet of the assailant and the victim got my attention. The communities where I live had its own version of street violence that so horrified a nation that Trump exploited it repeatedly to scare Americans into submission.  I am referring to the butchering of two high school students on the street.

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Extra Extra: Read All About The Police And The MS-13

In this article “I called upon Lebron James to join forces with Parkland parents and I wanted the parents of Kayla Cuevas and Nisa Mickens to be there too. Lebron James has been contacted and we hope to discuss joining forces this coming week. Trump has provided them with publicity but that is not enough. The community has to be cleaned up in many ways and that he won’t do to Make America Great.”

Officer Bob Kroll in a Nutshell

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Giuliani was tough on crime, but he got the money from Bill Clinton to hire 1,000 police officers.  But crime increased and more people got locked up.  I repeat they got locked up.  The year 1993 was a very telling year for the state of New York and the immense city where I lived at that time.  The State of New York decided to make the GED test free and that started to create a drain in diplomas.  The effect was immediate as the numbers shrank.  Whether Giuliani knew about it or not, there was indifference toward the education of the young adults as they went to the streets to earn a living.  My point is that everyone including the police have to be better informed and I can assure the lieutenant that I am very well known to Chicago PD.  And I know what to do to help depressed communities of gang members, incarcerated men and women, and former incarcerated people.  The best answer is not more police and the cost to taxpayer that goes along with it.  And counting on just morality has never really worked in history, not in the South, not in Ireland under the British, not in Europe under Hitler, and not in Syria right now as Trump abandons our allies there.

And here is one of my earliest articles in Jewish Business News in Israel.

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Trump Silence About Jews And African-Americans: Unacceptable For Leadership Today

Instead of MAGA we have much more of MTFT or More Trouble For Trump

“Zola’s truth was that the military conspired to convict a Jew in the racial profiling of its time.  Donald Trump supports the military and police, right or wrong.  Trump’s truth is not our truth.   Police and prosecuting attorneys have conspired against African-Americans forever and that should remind all of us what has happened to the Jewish people over and over.

I know that you are aware that the Clintons, Trumps have Jews in the family?  Did you know about the Obama’s having Jews in the family?  Yes you know well that the Trumps have Jared and Ivanka who has converted, and the Clintons have Chelsea’s husband.  I found out by reading Michael Oren’s book that the Obamas have a rabbi who is Michelle’s cousin and he is not only a rabbi, but also he is a chief rabbi of the United States.  Why were people not told?  There must a good reason why?  Barack Obama has Irish roots, but there is someone that was more famous in his time that had Irish roots, coming from the Grady family of Ennis, Ireland.  And perhaps that pugilist’s life may have been much more different and perhaps Muhammad Ali would have kept the name Cassius Clay if he known his roots.  Oh there are all kinds of power affecting us, but knowledge is power and that is not an “alternative” fact from the White House.  And I believe that the police in the United States must build a bridge to Colin Kaepernick to make things better for community and police. Donald Trump has undermined the work of police as his projected budget cuts would hurt police.  This has been in the news, but he will keep praising the police and his war on crime.  So the Clintons and Obamas were weak on crime and new equipment in the hands of Chicago’s police is making Chicago safer.  Over a thousand police more have been hired in Chicago without Trump doing his part as president of the United States.  Community policing is an integral part of that success instead of the abdominal methods used before.”

I wanted Trump to provide funds for major cities and others for more police, but better trained police was an essential part of my plan. Trump is largely to blame and it would great to see Republicans speak out about that now. And when the violence seemed to increase in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria the people got Trump’s contempt and delaying funds to rebuild for its people. Republicans there went along with Trump and his road to bankrupt the people. It’s all documented and his fall was predictable. So he had to create the election being stolen without even a hard drive of evidence to support it with. Republicans in New York City can win some elections, but they should feel ashamed of the association with Trump for all kinds of reasons and that is my small thought as I think about Critical Race Theory and the Trump. There was a race to help people and during Maria, COVID-19, and much much more and Trump was not there (even if he finally realized he had to do vaccinations). I want to see Curtis Sliwa and Fernando Mateo and that Latina with Trump outside Trump Tower campaigning together. The pigeons will know what to do. Nobody listens to me, but perhaps some pigeon talk will do.

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