Andy Slavitt and Trump’s Deadly Sins Handling COVID-19

This is a nation that will believe almost anything, well kind of. Nobody seems to believe me.

PREVENTABLE is Andy Slavitt’s book which just came out as he resigned his post with the Biden Administration days ago.

I am reasonably certain that the mistake Trump made in mid March 2020 will not be in his new book. This mistake was religious in nature and it involved Jesus (the Biblical Jesus and not the Jesus that people used as the pandemic worsened).

The White House made a call with Admorim, Rabbonim, And Community Activists and it went like this as questions were asked to Ira Berkowitz. Q. Should Minyanim be held outdoors? A. It is not advisable. And there were questions answered about holding classes indoors and when it would be safe. Just ask Ira Berkowitz and find out if you do not believe. And Pikuach Nefesh was repeated many times as this call among Jews was about saving lives. Trump and Pence may have decided not to participate.

Since Jesus was Jesus and practiced that Talmudic Law that was mentioned, both Pence and Trump should have held the same kind of discussion with Christians. That did not happen. Are these things in Andy Slavitt’s book? Do you know how many lives could have been saved by people who did not represent the real Jesus for over a year? So people who listened to the worst of Trump in both faiths spread the disease. What will happen in the next pandemic? The same thing? I hope not.

And show this to Pence now? Trump is probably going back to his ways before taking possession of the Oval Office for four years. But Mike Pence should explain to him what this is all about as they both contributed to a nation where people chose not to wear masks and do things that caused more deaths. They know they did it and they did those things for political gain.

Slavitt breaks things down very simply this way. There was immediate denial and delay by Trump’s people. And not enough personal sacrifice in preventing the spread of the disease. And he calls out for a better response next time as a pandemic is expected by experts. The book is on sale now and so far the material is what we would expect and what we have suspected, for example, of Dr. Birx and what she was going through. The pressing issue of the real Jesus who saved lives and healed people is badly needed to keep saving lives and to prevent the next pandemic from killing hundreds of thousands of people.