Critical tRace Theory

For Repugnicans not a trace of wrong by Trump will be written and circulated since this is how their politics operates.

Repugnicans are using their opposition to communist theory again to bolster their demand for higher patriotism in America. They will not mention how they helped our nation heal by allowing the South after 1877 to return to normalcy and Jim Crow. They probably thought they were handing the African Americans two chickens in every pot and Jim Beam. Then the acted pretty much as double agents of Hitler in America in 1940 by keeping the Germanic-American race intact and this was done by their isolationism, their party platform to keep Jews and others away from our shores and the Statue of Liberty, and by collaborating with hate groups that were plotting the overthrow of the American government under the so-called “Jew Deal.” And then leading US toward segregation under Barry Goldwater in 1964. And then, among other things providing the Oval Office with an idiot or imbecile as defined in anti-immigrant literature and backed up by the testimony of important staff in the White House that had to put up with Trump’s shortage of intelligence and knowledge.

And today hiding the truth about America by Republicans continues under the title of Critical Race Theory as it bans that in states where it may or may not work. How strong that effort is or will be still has to be defined. And this idea of Critical tRace Theory is political as well. The truth wasn’t stopped in colonial America when the American Nation was being built and it cannot be stopped now. The Southern Democrats gave US burning Uncle Tom’s Cabin (the book) and people everywhere want the truth to be told, others don’t. It’s like that with all people including the Trumps who are in court battling the battle that had been expected. And Lindsay Graham misses Trump at a time that he should keep his mouth close about that and just use it to enjoy some Graham crackers. Did I say that?

Graham cannot be honest with the American people and he is acting like Trump was thousands of miles away from The Capitol Insurrection (which I pretty much indicated would happen as I published something just like it on January 3, 2021. He is acting like Trump’s handling of the pandemic was second to only Jesus, the healer and saver of lives (and I can picture Trump telling US that he saved more lives than Jesus would have). He is acting like Trump was the savior of Israel at a time when he provided no solution after four years knowing that Trump had been looking at a two-state solution to the problem. What Israel got was the Abraham Trade Accords.

Graham voted to sustain that idiot and wanted four more years of it. Here I am providing the truth about Democrats and Republicans (Repugnicans) alike and I will not stop. Students have to learn the truth here just as they have to learn the truth about Stalin and others. Even this week I noticed a book in a store about how Hitler attempted to assassinate FDR, Churchill, and Stalin. And who would benefitted from that in the United States? Repugnicans, of course. It has been a hundred years since Repugnicans have chased after communists and tolerated and cooperated with fascists. And it afflicted Democrats as well.

I was sent the letter just written and published by Holocaust survivors asking people from refraining to use the Holocaust for their own political purposes.


This moment with violence against Jews (and others), the letter states, “This targeted violence is happening as we also watch with great dismay a persistent and increasing tendency in American public life to invoke the Holocaust for the purpose of promoting another agenda.” And it went on to share this “What we survived should be remembered, studied, and learned from, but never misused.” But this powerful statement, in my opinion, could have included an example. We reflect on the statement of Congresswoman Omar in the last week as well which in the form of a question was still imprecise and raised great controversy among Democrats, Republicans, and even Hamas which did not wish to be compared to either Israel or the United States. Great communication requires good examples.

 Let me cite important material from just one page of Hitler in Los Angeles: How Jews Foiled Nazi Plots Against Hollywood and America by Steven J. Ross.

First there were organizations that moved from being isolationist to nationalist. They included Informed Voters of America, Americanism Defense League, and Americans for peace. A substantial part of their membership called for death to Jews.

Then we get to the California Women’s Republican Club. And these specific comments were made by some of those women including “too many Jews,” Jews “to be hung from lampposts within five years,” and one woman spoke up to say “that was too slow,” and another member “advocated forced sterilization.” And comments such as these were being spoken in other places in California including the farmer’s market.

And there are your examples of good reasons why Repugnicans do not wish you to think more and know more. Lindsay Graham, we miss John McCain. And I’ve written much about the pre-Holocaust and the Holocaust and will continue to write about it my way, based on old and new information that everyone should know about. It would be great for students in our nation’s schools to learn more while attending those schools.

I have intervened by calling two school districts in Suffolk County where I shared my views with the Board of Education and I will do more when I can. And we shall soon see if the major Long Island newspaper actually wants to know or if it wants its readers to know the things that I have shared. And with that said, we know that newspapers write about the most trivial things and I can tell you that when the conditions back in the 1930s for Jews were worsening that the New York Times did not seem to care enough about making the information front page news as the segregation of Jewish, Polish, and Ukrainian students became institutionalized in Poland. I did that research decades ago and came up with the material and  that conclusion based on facts. It was not covered in any school lessons back then. We need all citizens to learn more and not just high school students.