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1619-1776-Tulsa, Oklahoma Massacre-Hebron Massacre. There they are to discuss as I discussed this with a doctor who was born in Israel. His eyes opened up as I spoke.

Critical Race Theory and the racism of the United States go together in any year. The 1920s were part of the picture and the Republican Party Platform of 1940 and the nomination of Barry Goldwater in 1964 were part of this. Factual information that reveals that History Matters!

I would love to see many or most of my articles discussed in schools today to set the record straight. That is one of the ways to build a better world.

Tulsa was 1920 as the Black Wall Street was wiped out. Hebron was 1929 and an entire community of Orthodox Jews was wiped out. History Matters and I asked members of The Squad to share this kind of information when I wrote about it in Jewish Business News.

Published On: Sun, Mar 10th, 2019Blogs / US / Canada | By Martin Danenberg

Congresswoman Omar’s Mistake: The Damage Is Done

Congresswoman Omar, at least, brought up the issue of holding the United States accountable for the violence against the Palestinians in Gaza and linking Israel and the United States with the Taliban accountable for violent acts. Even in today’s New York Times article there is a reference to Congresswoman Omar’s learning about anti-Semitic tropes like the use of the “Benjamins” by her back in December 2019 as Jewish Democrats have spoken out against her.

With lots of Americans living in Israel and people about to visit Israel in great numbers as it comes out of the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that the congresswoman is taking a position that Israeli and Jews should just sit back and take 4,000 rockets being launched, launched to kill. Would she expect people including tourists to just sit back and shout out over here? Hit me! Kill me! There was war going on and she represents her community in Congress. What are her real expectations in this matter? I would like to know.

“Ever since I watched the movie Exodus, I knew that Palestinians were divided during the war and I later learned about the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who wanted to destroy all Jews.  I also noticed severe prejudice against the Palestinian people long before most Jews had a clue about what was going on.  From my own viewpoint, nobody should talk about the Nakba and the attack on Deir Yassin without mentioning the massacre of Hebron in 1929.  Nobody!  Events need equal time.”

So whose truth is being told today and if we put aside the history of the Jewish people in Palestine is it also fair to put aside the history of Black people in America in order to “unite” US. Or put aside anyone’s history?

In a short amount of time we hear Congresswoman Omar speaking out again. This time about the violation of International Law which included mentioning the United States. The article that I read did not reference the act or acts which are considered violation(s), nor did the article perfectly declare that Omar was making a statement. Then there is the faculty vote about BDS against Israel at the City University of New York over the destruction of many, many Palestinian lives during 11 days of war. And there is news that Secretary Blinken has reached out to Israeli-Jewish-Palestinian groups in order to Build Back Better so to speak.

I surely had Critical Race Theory on my mind since I have spoken out kind of quietly about my own theory which is we are witnessing White Supremacy and continued White Domination in America. The racism is there and there is documentation about that across the board. Chris Mancini sent me his book Deliberate Indifference years ago showing the racism in Florida that Governor DeSantis has to do more about. In Florida there has recently been controversy over the lights depicting the LGBT community on a bridge there. Those lights were ordered turned off, lights that have a history of its own. We will find out if DeSantis ordered the lights turned off. History Matters and Holocaust history is also the history of homosexuals being sent to their death.

I try to learn more about the race for mayor of New York City, but at the heart of my feelings is this. After all the work that I did there and work on behalf of the State of New York related to high school equivalency, there are Dumb Democrats, Wreckless WRepugnicans (The W is silent), and Poorly Prepared Progressives seeking office.

In 2001 when my campaign to help people killed off 24/7 our nation needed a GED vaccine and you can check out the results of all the minds in power as the numbers declined and never realized the potential of even the year 2000 or even 1999, a time when the governor and legislature of Florida made it more difficult for people to earn a GED. Read that twice and New Jersey was involved in that kind of nonsense as well. Illinois required people to pass a test on the Constitution in order to get a diploma and Puerto Rico required people to pass an English test after successfully passing the Spanish GED and that hurt Puerto Ricans and others taking the test in that jurisdiction. This has figured today in the hopes and dreams of millions of people who have been oppressed and often quietly oppressed by their own government which failed to protect their interests adequately.  Contact me for more information. And in addition to those twenty years of helping people across the United States and around the world, I can tell you that when Obama Care was first talked about that our nation needed a complete package of ideas to help tens of millions of adults who never finished high school, adding a million more nurses across America which the GED initiative could have directed immigrants and Americans into, providing more minority teachers to our nation, and much more. Nobody listened to me and now progressives are fighting communities over Critical Race Theory and more. The Commack School District was just in the news about that battle.

I will quickly take you on part of that journey where I expected people in government to do much more, Latinos and African Americans as well. I had already met three times with the former Consul General of Mexico to help the Mexican people, particularly two-thirds of immigrants who were dropping out of high school. By 1965 I was standing on a line at the opening of Pollo Campero, the KFC of Central America, in Brentwood, New York when a Salvadoran asked me why I was there. My race stood out. The man was shocked to find out that I knew Antonio Saca, the president of El Salvador and that I was “profesor” of the Consulate of El Salvador. Arabs were thinking about the Jews the same way as they came into Palestine long before the War for Independence and the Nakba. Nobody threw me off the line, but Jews and other faced violence for coming to Palestine.

“Address the root causes that drive our young people to turn to gangs and crime: lack of access to jobs, unstable housing, food insecurity, and inequitable education. The best crime strategy is a prevention strategy.” That was taken from one of the campaigns for mayor of New York. We should take a look at this candidate’s paper trail to see if the candidate really knows about what you will now read. I doubt that the candidate knows.

I still strongly suggest and would hope that the schools of New York City and schools around our nation will take this advice. Although the graduation rates have doubled since 2000, we see gang members and people acting alone that would benefit greatly from obtaining a diploma early in life instead of waking up later on in life to progress. Universal pre-K touted eagerly Mayor de Blasio and others failed to help the adult members of the family who needed their own Marshall Plan and we see more than ever just how dangerous things can get. There is violence in large cities controlled by Democrats and I just reached out to a small town in North Carolina where there have been several shootings, a town controlled by Republicans. I can assure you that there are “wreckless” people in that small town. And I was just informed that 24,000 (more than 200 of them high school students) students were held back in Puerto Rico, a place that needs lots of guidance and help. My suggestion? Oh that? Every student who wants to be discharged from school anywhere should be given the practice test for the high school equivalency in that jurisdiction. And the parent should be part of that process to determine if the student should continue in the high school or make plans to take the equivalency. I have been involved in helping in one way or another three youth in New York City who had had problems related to school and life in general and who attended Brooklyn Tech, Stuyvesant, and Bronx High School of Science, the latter I helped to pass the GED in Queens before I retired in 2000. I was also asked by the head of ASPIRA to speak to a man whose child was graduating from college at a very, very young age and who was required by law to have a high school diploma or GED in order to earn the college diploma. For those who do not know this, the three high schools are the elite schools of New York City’s public school system.

New York and Florida are well at the bottom in graduation from high school in our nation, along with Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. But those statistics do not reveal the graduation of African Americans which placed New York at 49th in the nation when I retired.

I found data for African Americans for 2020 and there were eight states that had graduation rates under 85 percent. Those states are Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina, Rhode Island, and New York.

The states that had 90 percent or better included Wyoming, Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, Idaho, and Maryland.

The states below 80 percent included Mississippi and South Dakota.

Due to the vast amount of work that I have done and knowing about both Republican and Democrat GED plantations very well, I can inform about the failures including the failure of those who sought the destruction of the School to Prison Pipeline that keeps plaguing our nation.

And it seems that people around our nation and the nation’s press is waiting for someone like Bob Woodward to include in his next book about the history of the Trump administration’s failure to reach out better to save lives in the middle of March 2020. Trump and his cohorts were working to open the economy and giving people the choice of wearing or not wearing masks. Then the volume of lies and misinformation took place to confuse and keep the best information from the people, particularly many Christian communities since no call was made by the White House to save lives. Jesus Was Not a Neanderthal is still a must read for all. It is my opinion that all the people who have read this article and not done anything about it must be embarrassed that they had not thought about the important work of Jesus who saved lives and healed people which is different from the Jesus of our churches and communities who wish to pray and not do the due diligence that was necessary to keep people safer.

So in summing up we need open and fair discussions of all issues, knowing that sometimes being too open may present a danger to people in communities. That danger can be handled by contacting the right place in a community to nip things in the bud. Looking back at my work, I can recall how students in Patchogue protested the use of Spanish by students there and it made news. Can you recall Donald Trump trying to and probably diminishing Jeb Bush for speaking Spanish on the campaign trail? Would it be wrong to speak Yiddish? The Soviet Union diminished Jews there who wrote or spoke Yiddish. Hitler clearly needs no similar presentation so what Trump did was the worst of leadership and people tolerated it. Oh I must be wrong because that was America First speaking.

It would great to get a response from Joe Biden, governors and mayors and the candidates for mayor in New York City. And I’m not talking about a response to me. This is a matter for our entire nation to learn about.