Check Desantis’ Claims

This reporting is from Miami only minutes from the docked cruise ships. An English government official just revealed the number of deaths expected there from a “Plan A” which was around 500,000 and this was just days before Trump could have done much more to save American lives. Two days were spent talking to Trump about a military operation against Syria. Governor Desantis recently told about the numbers he claimed made Florida successful in fighting the pandemic as he spoke with Mark Levin. Desantis should spend an hour in front of the people where he provides evidence of that model.
I do not know just how the information below will be applied to Florida, but I know that the people in Miami are complying with federal mandates and going beyond them. People do not even want to get sick here in Miami and reject what Desantis stands for. Desantis now calls for opening up the cruise ship industry his way or else.I suspect that he will be seeking a compromise, but let’s save lives and prevent illness. We know the worst about ships and legionnaires disease and the pandemic affecting our navy around the world. Maybe Desantis can take his place next to a Brazilian nut. He is cruising into dangerous waters and his boat should sink.

Right now the UK has more than 125,000 people  having died within 28 days of a positive COVID-19 test and this places England high on the list of nations. What was really going on when Trump and his Repugnicans were expecting a flu? As the pandemic was flying over and around us, it became like seeing our first snowfall with accumulations that exceeded one foot along with other dangerous conditions as it reached three feet of snow, stopping all normal activities.
Where were you in early March or even April and where was the science that Repugnicans were talking about? February 29 (January 30, 2020 was the first English death known only months later, but February 21, 2020 was a known death) was our first recorded COVID-19 death and the White House was not much help as it was going by Republican Science that contributed to death and illness, instead of protecting life for all. To life to life le chaim or la vida was not really on Trump’s mind as the economy was more important. Christians were not informed to save lives. It was the same in Great Britain and you see what took place there.
See my article on March 7, 2021 about Mark Levin and the governor. Of course the things that DeSantis claimed about looking at the numbers in March will not add up. That is unless he had a crystal ball. Historians will be writing about him, especially if Trump is in a position to annoint him for 2024. I do feel that Repugnicans everywhere will be citing his great crystal clear achievements, even if they are lies admitted to on a Bible. I consider that a fundamental truth and could you blame me?
By the was when England had 45,000 deaths, the United States had 130,000 and it was being blamed for locking down too late. And rhere was an important exchange of their information provided to the American company Palantir in June 2020 in which personal records of Brits were protected by providing new names. This information came about by reading this The UK did some things right to fight the coronavirus, but it locked down too late


Christina Farr
Floridians Beware! Create your own CDC. or Check Desantis’ Claims thoroughly