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Back to Israel in the 1840s. Zionism? Colonialism? You be the judge. This was my reading, a chapter called Under Ottoman Rule: 17th – 19th Centuries of a book I picked up from the bookshelf in the living room. The context of history included history about the “Damascus ritual murder libel inspired by the example of Greece and Serbia.”

This was about a rabbi, Judah Alkalai of Bosnia, who called for a government of Jews brought about by man himself (of course with divine inspiration included). And this was decades before Marcus Garvey and his movement in America (Back to Africa). Zionism was planted back then. The roots were taking hold in the 19th century. Are we going to argue about that comment now and only point to the Balfour Declaration of 1917? And history matters!

I had read among other things until now, the horrific details of violence again in and around Israel and violent rhetoric as well. It was a no brainer that there would be anti-Semitic attacks taking place worldwide against innocent people. The violence in New York City and Los Angeles requires a national effort to contain the problem as it is not about to go away. In September last year I wrote about the anti-Semitism in Florida and called for Trump to do something and it is now Joe Biden’s turn to bat. Trump struck out in Florida but he won the state easily. And now our nation turns to Joe Biden as it once kind of turned in a song to that famous baseball player immortalized (haha) in the movie The Graduate. Well the Yankee Clipper was just another Joe.

Absorb this. Turkish Jews followed the flag as the winds of change were taking place in Europe. Europe was gaining more power and freedom, which meant more freedom for Jews living, for example, in France. But in eastern and southeastern Europe, Jews had to flee to Turkey and Turkey became the hub for immigration of Jews to other countries including place in North and South America. Even native Turks chose to leave. Is that what awaits US?

So here we have an historical example of CRT (Critical Race Theory) in another time. Am I a Marxist? No! But I surely used Marxist theory in Poland when I told its people who had not awoken to the fact that they were on the border of change as communism was going to fall. And I was happy about that. I had learned something simple which was that a new system develops within the old system to overthrow the latter. That has happened throughout the world. And fascism overthrew democracy in Europe and in El Salvador today people are saying that democracy has failed them so why not try Bukele.

We want to give a high five to Joe Biden as he achieves great things for US (DiMaggio had a high five on his baseball shirt). Wear the uniform proudly, I say, as the world needs better answers. The Florida anti-Semitism took place under an idiot and his cohorts who caused me to develop the DDT for this website (Defeat Donald Trump). And we do not want to start calling Joe Biden an idiot soon because of blunders over the Israel-Palestinian issue, both abroad and at home.

Here is a quick introduction to Hugh Baver that needs your attention. I was introduced to him years ago by a Dominican that I met at a bus stop in Santo Domingo as I made my way to Juan Dolio. The date of publication happens to be my birthday.

Published On: Sun, Feb 17th, 2019Blogs / Latin America / US / Canada / World | By Hugh Baver

World Recognition Of Sosúa : Dominican-Jewish Fusion

“7 years before the United Nations was founded in 1945, FDR convened 32 world nations at the 1938 Evian Conference to discuss the fate of displaced Jewish European Jewish refugees persecuted by Hitler’s policies and his Nazi regime.

Now 80 plus years later a new debate and opportunity has surfaced in Sosua, an agricultural settlement founded on an abandoned United Fruit Company Dominican North Coast banana plantation in 1940 at the onset of WWII by 700 Jewish Holocaust refugees saved by the actions taken by the Dominican government at the 1938 Evian Conference; the only country to open its doors and provide “safe haven” to these refugees.”

I had and still have my own way of helping Sosúa. My work included “Ojalá Que Llueva Café y Educación en Sosúa.” That was about educating people in that city and around the country.

Here is something else written to me by Hugh Baver at that time.

Published On: Sun, Mar 10th, 2019Blogs / US / Canada | By Martin Danenberg

Congresswoman Omar’s Mistake: The Damage Is Done

“Hugh Baver, the executive director and founder of Sosúa 75 has written to me from the Dominican Republic where he is concerned about this situation, but he is also recalling a past that took place in Michigan decades ago. Please note that Baver is the Michigander “It was back at Southfield-Lathrup SHS in Lathrup Village MI (a Detroit suburb where the population there at the time was roughly 1/2 Jewish, 1/4th Christian & 1/4 Arab/Chaldean/Muslim (not Palestinian however I must clarify).

That high school, my former high school, has now since closed as the neighborhood over the years (Southfield, MI area) transitioned to all Black (close to 8Mile Road of “8 Mile” Eminem Fame).

It usually was the same two or three characters, but and I, who the world does not listen to, am a meshuganah nevertheless we learned in high school back in the 70s what it felt like to be “terrorized” and to be immediately evacuated from the school premises with bomb threats as makeshift “bombs” were placed in the toilets in the high school bathrooms.

The deep-seated anger and hostility of these perpetrators was widely known and feared as many high school students would step very lightly around them.

The main flashpoint problems in the region all stemmed from Dearborn where the largest Muslim population outside of the Middle East is situated, hence the election of this woman.”

Thank goodness that it was only two or three youth who caused the problem (s) in Hugh’s youth. In New York, we didn’t hear about those things, but nowadays things can go viral and become a significant terrorist threat.  Nobody should fan those flames.” So here we are just over two years later and our domestic tranquility is being disturbed and we need help and answers to problems fast. This is a dangerous moment for all and it has to be examined carefully.

I call on the White House to get its thinking straight and to act now. Biden’s voice has to be heard by all right now. And we need to know if his administration has had its head in the sand until now? This nation cannot afford four years of disastrous politics that has brought US to where we are. Trump and his Repugnicans including the press are hurting our real future of peace. I just decided to watch Fox Entertainment with Dennis Praeger who just made it clear to millions of Fox diehards that it is not the land which is the problem in Israel and who controls it, it’s religion. Well the same can be said for the other two major faiths. People justified slavery here by the Bible and Christian organizations opposed Jews in the 1930s which Praeger should remind US about. Maybe the White House can participate with Dennis Praeger in a national forum of Christians, Jews, and Muslims to call even greater attention to this matter? Muslims have tried to reach everyone, including the Praegers of the world with the message that so much of the evil deeds perpetrated which are committed by Muslims is clearly not the Quran. That part of the fox’s message was not there on television. Sly fox?

The Anti-Defamation League has reported a huge increase in anti-Semitic incidents taking place in the last week. The NYPD Hate Crime Task Force is investigating incidents and Governor Cuomo is offering assistance through the State Hate Crime Task Force. More can be done. Much more can be done!

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  1. Why would thrump do anything about anti-Semitism in Florida? Or anywhere else. He’s racist. If you’re a racist, then you are also an anti-Semite, a xenophobe, a homophobe and a misogynist.
    Have you ever known anyone who wasn’t all of the above. You’re never just one.

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