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There is so much to talk and write about in the news today. Here in New York, we have two congressmen, both Democrats,going at each other over the Israeli-Palestinian fight which has caused protests around the world. Both probably have much to learn. Congressman Bowman’s comment supporting Palestinians is just as problematic as other half statements made, for example, by Republicans who just speak about Lincoln and the Republicans that helped free the slaves from Democrats. They hide the fact that the Republicans helped set up Jim Crow (indirectly) by the compromise in the Election of 1876 by returning control of the South to the Democrats. In that matter they point to the very distant past instead of telling the whole truth and here Bowman is pointing to the present without telling the whole truth about the past.

Look at it this way. Things are much better today than they were under slavery and using the same logic right here Bowman would have to concur that we should not study the past about African Americans and just help those who need the help today. But I know that Bowman knows that history matters and this should be a moment to either learn more or produce better as an elected official. The Arab Israeli conflict is complex and I asked Congresswoman Omar in my last article in Jewish Business News to be more upfront, particularly since she is not Palestinian (Somalia) and she should do more to be balanced as we all should be. Before the Nakba there were massacres of Jews in Hebron and other places and when I presented my views to Palestinians in New York City decades ago, my work was recognized as “balanced.” We want a “Balanced” Bowman in Congress.

“Let us build a world,” he concluded, “where not another person dies senselessly and where we recognize and respect the humanity of all.” I found that quote in The Grio. The Jewish people from Europe needed an Iron Dome upon arriving in Palestine and that dome should have extended around the world to save lives. And that dome should be used so that not “another person dies senselessly.” I know the “good, the bad, and the ugly” of both sides and that is why I wrote in the 1980s. Click here!

And in Austria at one of the protests a man should out a message to shove the Holocaust which appeared to be applauded by the small group around him. This is another opinion that should be left at the door, the closed door of life. Austria in 1938 accepted Hitler and we ought to know more about that man he attended the rally. Shouldn’t we?

And Fox News is portraying Congresswoman Omar as a supporter of Hamas for her stance. Her so called support for Hamas which Fox News linked to her support for Palestinians has been strongly denounced at is misinformation should be denounced.

Published On: Sun, Mar 10th, 2019Blogs / US / Canada | By Martin Danenberg

Congresswoman Omar’s Mistake: The Damage Is Done

And this was published in Jewish Business News in Israel.

“I called the office of Congresswoman Omar and her staff searched for my article on the Holocaust Chronicles and found it to show to her.  That article details that people of color, but particularly African-Americans and other Black people probably would have been next in line to be exterminated.  Even one of my readers was quick to point that out to me.  Black History Month just ended and Jews share too much in common for people to divide the importance of the commonality of our history.  This should be shared of course with Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and with students on campus across America.”

It may appear to African Americans as a black and brown issue because of all that talk and there is a well-known member of the N.B.A. who seems more concerned about that than talking about the game performance. That alone should take us back to Malcolm X who discovered a Muslim world that he had not known before, a world where white skin and blue eyes existed (thinking of the Hadad sisters as I write).

I was sent a You Tube of one of the survivors of the Tulsa Massacre testifying at the age of 107 and that is the kind of thing that I write about. Innocent people getting killed when they should have had the chance to stay alive and prosper. That was not Palestine under its leadership before the Nakba, but essentially it was the same ugly spirit working in another part of the world.

There were alliances that we learned about in school that provoked World War I and there were things that we were not taught in school as we learned the basics. The ugliness toward Jews had been taking place in Europe it seems forever or almost forever and Jews were Tulsans in the Holy Land.

I had told one person about my thoughts for the first time on Tuesday and I went yesterday (Wednesday) to Barnes and Noble to purchase new reading material. Greeting me as I entered the store was a book titled What If the Allies Had Fallen by Showalter, Deutsch, and Fortschen. The book cover portrays the symbols of England and France together draped by the Nazi flag as planes fly over the seat of government in London. There were sixty thoughts to provoke people into thinking about the “what if.” I thought of my own “what if” this year. What if the Axis powers had won World War I.

I wrote this in Jewish Business News about African Americans Published On: Tue, Mar 20th, 2018Blogs / Europe / Latin America / US / Canada / World | By Martin Danenberg

The Holocaust Chronicles: Not Fake News

The author of My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me is described here. “Jennifer Teege found out late in life that she was the granddaughter of a German commandant who was killing Jews for sport. He can be seen in the Steven Spielberg motion picture “Schindler’s List.” That commandant had a daughter who had an affair with an African and she got pregnant. Since the Nazi racial views are widely known, Jennifer Teege knew what her fate would have been. Death! Know your history. This is not “fake news.” Well before the Holocaust, there was terrorism in Palestine. Talmudic students were killed by Arabs.”

We could speculate about lots of things right now in addition to that. Would those same Arabs and who were killing Jews for decades come to the rescue of Black people and people of color in Europe, America, and even Africa to create a so-called better world? Or were their ambitions dictated only by selfish interests? I have opened the discussion more than ever before. But where will it go?

I took time to watch the violence against Jews and their associates in Los Angeles. It really doesn’t seem that the attackers were white supremacists since there was some kind or kinds of verbal exchanges in Arabic. The violence also seemed to be very limited which was the only positive thing about the incident. Jews were targeted and now feel much less safe in America. So where can those people go with Israel under much greater violence?

The violence among Pro-Palestinian youth in Israel is now on its way to being a world-wide event. And there is imminent danger everywhere. And I wrote about this back in the 1980s. Is this time to learn more or not? And if you research, for example, World War II in France and other places you will find resistance among youth against the Nazi occupation. What information do those youth now committing the violent acts in Los Angeles have in a free society where the exchange of ideas is readily available? And can their views be subject to change, particularly since they have attacked people for just being Jewish? This is what has occurred throughout history. And history keeps repeating itself!

Do we want youth who may end up becoming aggressively dangerous all over our nation? At the very least a national meeting of the minds is in order. Maybe AOC can get together on this with Ted Cruz? Don’t Jewish Lives Matter in America to them or is all of this about foreign affairs, support or not for Israel? I can give advice on the how to in order to approach this matter and hopefully to prevent more violence. Revenge has to be prevented.