Hebron-like Violence Throughout Israel

This was the statement made by the spokesperson for the U.S. Defense Department “Out of an abundance of caution and good prudence … we ended that planning conference a little early and got them safely to Germany.” He was talking about Central Command and U.S European Command staff members.

Why? First of all it was a possibility of more violence under Trump as there were attacks over a year ago. What really provoked me to share all of this was the Pentagon’s action to protect American life in Israel. Those Americans have no obligation to give up their lives for Israel.  We have to go back to my first article in Jewish Business News titled Donald Trump Belongs in Hebron, Not in America which was published on January 1, 2018. Added to that are my articles about not moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem as I expected Trump’s Benghazi to take place over lives lost there. I was wrong because there was no attack on the embassy that we know of, but there was or were attacks on other embassies outside of Israel. I held back from writing about those dire consequences of bad diplomacy.

When Ted Cruz spoke out about a relationship with Israeli scientists in the fight against COVID-19, just over a year ago I wrote do not collaborate with Israeli labs, but it would be okay to set something up in Indiana. The goal was to prevent US from obtaining badly needed vaccines without an interruption by Israeli violence or even war. That alone should disqualify Cruz from any office that involves foreign affairs.

I’ve been writing about Hebron since the 1980s and it was written about in O Jerusalem a work that influenced me. In 1984 in Paris behind la Rue St. Michel in a movie theater, I watched Hannah K, a movie by Costa-Gavras, which was about the law of return in Israel after Arabas were expelled. I contacted him and I wished we could have made a motion picture together. Costa was great to talk to and so kind, but the idea pretty much died as a motion picture. The screenplay is available on Amazon and it’s called The Sacred Oath: Ali Lakhar’s Revenge. Lakhdar was derived from Houria Lakhdari, a young French Algerian woman. Hannah K was not a success and even The New York Times did not like it. This was the story of a man who was defended by American Israeli lawyer (court appointed) whose premise is that Israel must be defended at all cost and keep Salim Bakri from getting his family land back. That was almost forty years ago. And the struggle continues to find peace. And this should be an important lesson not only to Israelis, but also to all of humanity.

I knew it was not going to happen or at least my reason was that there would continue to be revenge. Ali Lakhdar’s revenge. Nobody was listening to me back then who could make a difference and Joe Biden is not responsible for what is taking place today. Trump was the problem. And today with the talk, where is Trump if not in the dumpster at this moment. And for much worse since he and his cohorts perpetrated a hoax on the American people that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives. That “stable genius” that we read about was a fool and an idiot.

Imagine thousands of rockets being fired, but think about the stockpiling of those rockets and the cost. Who suddenly wrote out a check for those rockets in order to make it all happen under Biden? Russia? China? Saudi Arabia? Iran?

Having Biden in charge right now as a war develops in Israel and Gaza has the added benefit that some Israelis will be able to relate to, those tired of the escalation of violence as others have grown tired in the past. Trump’s immigration policy was based on America First and even though many Americans are Israelis there are Israelis that are not American. The protections that Trump threw out the window through his staff including Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller can be replaced so that people could come here (just in case that it is needed).

Here is a paragraph from that article about Hebron. “When I wrote the title for my article Donald Trump Belongs in Hebron, Not in America, I had two things in mind.  One was a famous Broadway show where a rabbi is asked if there is a prayer for the Czar and the rabbi responded “Yes.  May God bless and keep the Czar far away from us (amazing how the US fits).  And the second point is that there are so many conservative talk show hosts who talk about critical foreign policy issues and our need to fight against this country or that country and just sit there barking out opinions and placing blame, sometimes, in my opinion, way off target advice. This does stir up their listeners and increases their ratings.  I know that the son of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach serves in the Israeli military and that is totally different.  Donald Trump has not served in the military and he has always lived an extremely protected life, just as those radio talk show hosts have. They use someone else to challenge the despots and their armies.  Just once I would love to see one of them confront the person they are talking about by going into that country to protest.  That is why I put Donald Trump in the middle of Hebron playing golf, unprotected by anyone.” And we know that Trump was protected and protected over and over again by Repugnicans that still protect him even after The Capitol Insurrection and its related “stolen” election claims where the evidence never came forth.

And among other things, there will probably be an investigation, an internal investigation of Israel and how it failed to see what was coming. And Israel is known for its highly competent intelligence service. Since Netanyahu is not the power that he once was, this effort should be a lot easier for Israelis to swallow. Governing well does include this important aspect. And a report is needed.

Every government has its weakness or weaknesses. Obama told Europe to treat its immigrants better without realizing perhaps just how poorly African Americans were being treated. And here, today, is the uprising of Palestinians, Israeli Arabs, and Israeli Jews including the Orthodox community and revenge is in the air. I saw it happening in the 1980s. And it has never gone away. Govern well always! Click the link for more!

And the Trump Abraham Peace Accords have held up, but there is one particularly disturbing piece of the peace and that is there seems to be no peace with Lebanon and Syria as rockets have been fired into Israel from those locations. It may be time to cross out the countries on the APC just mentioned and bring Lebanon and Syria onto the agreement so that there can be true peace instead of what was handed to US under Trump. So its world news that Trump has let the Muslim world down as free access to the Temple Mount dissolved like Trump’s presidency. Even the evangelicals who compared Trump to King Cyrus of Persia must now take additional lessons to educate themselves. Trump on Twitter resembled more a channel on Sirius XM than anything related to the Bible.

Death to the Palestinian cries will only begin to more strongly create more cries of Death to the Jews that cause great fear in America and around the world. Perhaps more Torah lessons are needed? Evangelicals could join them in studying Talmud as well, including Pikuach Nefesh which could have saved more lives during the pandemic. And perhaps governments must do more to unite us than divide us. Jewish lives and Palestinian lives matter, but do they really matter to those All Lives Matter people?

Ma-ga-lot (MAGA-LOT)

I know it sounds a bit bizarre. Ma-ga-lot Ma-ga-lot that’s how conditions are.

The winter will have an insurrection to overthrow the government.

In July there will be no global warming.

By Autumn summer lingers into November.

In Ma-ga-lot.

I know it gives a person pause. For in Ma-ga-lot those are the legal laws.

The White House staff will get jobs at Fox News.

Ron DeSantis will pardon Donald Trump (according to the Constitution of Florida).

Historians will write about its greatness (half-truths and documented lies).

In short there’s simply not a greater political plot for happily ever after in than here in Ma-ga-lot.