More About Fox News and Things that Matter

Education matters along with many other things in order to help Americans and make this nation a much better place. We are learning from reports that the police departments really did not have enough personnel, particularly on the streets, to make cities safer. Alexandria, Louisiana has been one of the most dangerous cities in the nation (that few people know about) and now I have been told that there is an escalation in homicides. Education is still the key and we have to monitor more closely than ever the education of adults. They commit the murder and most of the violence, but I just read that a middle school child was killed over a $1 bet as another youth punched the youth extremely hard and that youth died soon after Everything matters!

I watched a man I know on Fox News talking about getting a meeting with Black Lives Matter. His wife approached me at a national violence event for help with the GED and nothing ever happened and not because of my own readiness to help people. Fox News probably could have contacted the Biden Administration on behalf of the man and asked Biden to help. For what remains unclear since he did not speak in concrete terms about what he has to offer. Let me remind my readers and tell new readers that over a year ago when Obama was planning a trip to Finland, Lou Dobbs mentioned that instead of spending the large sum of money on the trip that the money could have gone for programs to help gang members in Chicago. Chicago! Chicago! Chicago! But what about Alexandria and all the other cities in great need. Nothing?

My readers from a decade ago also know that Dallas, Texas had funding to put gang members in the classroom to earn a GED. Where? I do not know, but the Justice Department grant was given to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. The big questions are what happened in those problems and how effective were things such as GED success and getting those youth jobs?

I watched the Bong Show again on Fox News with Dan Bonggggino. There he came up with the brilliant idea to chastise liberals for stereotyping the police and stirring the pot of hate, but what has he done for Black Lives Matter (with gigantic emphasis, Jewish Lives Matter, and telling the whole truth about the four years of Donald Trump and particularly why he never offered thousands more police in cities across America paid for with federal funds which could have prevented the entire “defund the police” movement or reduce the movement. States should defund for things that have already proved successful. You can hear “Bong” tell the people half truths about the police working for “almost no money” when the police can sometimes or often reach maximum pay in only five years. And Thomas Sowell, who he mentioned, is far from the “genius” that Bongino portrayed.

Bongino was telling millions of people that “politics is local” but Republicans who constantly tell the public that we should leave things to the local community because they know what they need are now in the process of taking power away from the local community and threatening local communities. Fascism and communism should be thought about more here. I support the police, but my support is not expressed in the same way. Spend more money instead of pandering to conservatives. The governor of Georgia was just interviewed about the bill in his state and Fox News online made it seem that it had already taken place.

I was told by someone who knows me and my work that I could communicate with Black Lives Matter through her. That is good, I guess, but the entire history of my work with certain exceptions has been talking to the wall. What was bad was an icon known to both police and community there that I got involved with led to another defeat for the people. We talked about three community centers that he could deliver to me where youth get helped and nothing was delivered. This kind of thing happens in all communities where an organization is really only propagating its own existence and progress. Most community organizations and even national organizations have their own agenda. It is urgent for the US Mayors and other similar organizations to finally do the right thing. The wrong thing and mediocre things have added up and we see the total right now as the world is getting crazier. I knew that was going to happen.

I would be very happy to expose the news media for every wrong move that it has made in the past up to now. We need a free press, but an intelligent one. I don’t have the list, but I could quickly put one together.

Betsy DeVos was not much of a secretary of education as she devoted her time to keeping busy and refraining from the kind of work that accelerates progress in school and community. Great advancement everywhere under her would have kept more communities away from the kinds of problems that we see that are making things worse. And we cannot allow any secretary of education in the near future to spend four years on things that will not make communities safer. I suggest a look at that Justice Department initiative that took place when Michael Bloomberg was mayor of New York City. And if there was limited success in that GED program, just ask me for more information. When we seek information about COVID-19, we get most of the best from one source and it has to be the same with GED (and other related subjects like passing the state exams).

And the division within the Catholic Church in relation to granting communion to Joe Biden (President) and Nancy Pelosi makes me think of the division between the Vatican and the bishops of Ireland during the violent days between the Irish and the British. Bishop Patrick Foley of Kildare, Ireland during The Rising ordered priests not to grant absolution to “any rebel who was prepared to kill for his cause.” I seem to recall that the Pope intervened and demanded that the priests grant absolution. I could not find the exact place in my books to document things so I found another source online which was Professor Oliver J.Rafferty, SJ who stated that even the British military were attending to the insurgents and preparing them for death. And this was at a time when others were considered in opposition to the insurgents. There was a statement from the Church of Ireland indicating that the Catholic bishops were “thoroughly disloyal” and “anti-British.”  The Catholic world is divided about Biden and Pelosi now over the abortion issue. This may require papal intervention to resolve, if it can be resolved.

I also learned that the last rites were suspended at the end of March 2020 in Springfield, Massachusetts by Bishop Mitchell Rozanski, citing that only priests could administer the sacrament. This order in coordination with the US Conference of Catholic Bishops is consistent with what I have been writing about. The sacrament could be administered by telephone if the patient is alert. I have explained to my readers that Trump must be held accountable and that this is not just a “constitutional” issue for Catholics and Christians. Saving lives was really not the Trump agenda. And that White House call to the Orthodox Jewish community to comply with the highest calling of Jews to saves and not making that call to Christian leaders to do the same was part of a major political and moral blunder by Trump and his supporters must finally recognize that. The world must recognize that! And we have to thank all the centers of faith that shut down in March to save lives. Unfortunately, we must arrest those who violate health regulations based on the work of Jesus to heal and save lives (even on the Sabbath day which is a day of rest). At question here is whether or not canonical lawyers who have guided the church have actually calculated well and I illustrate that Catholic priests held mass in basements in France during World War II to protect men and women in the resistance to accomplish those goals. Opening the church to services would have put those freedom fighters in harm’s way.

People still must be responsible as a new wave of COVID-19 is anticipated in the Fall. Get the word out!

I went back to the book The Graves Are Walking to look for that information about the Vatican and I could not find it. We can see that in January 1847 that the condition was grave in Ireland, but a new organization was founded called the British Association for the Relief of Extreme Distress in Ireland and Scotland. John Kelly, the author, compared this moment to “We Are the World” by Michael Jackson and others. That meeting was held at the Swithin’s Lane offices of Baron Lionel de Rothschild and resulted in around 470,000 British pounds and the British treasury paid insurance, freight, and shipping charges when commercial ships were used.

The end result of the famine and the spread of diseases was about one million dead and two million that emigrated. And the death and disease continued into America and Canada as immigrants got off ships.

I watched Fox News again regurgitate the old news from March 2020 and the seriousness of this pandemic. This time their expert who wanted an open economy from the beginning to prevent starvation around the world pointed to the vaccination of children as unnecessary. I know about the huge resistance right now to getting the vaccines which will impact on children. And more children are dying, I’ve noticed, than were originally expected to die. The doctor from Stanford was born in India and he might learn something from the section about faith which is a strong part of the Judeo-Christian America or so it seems. People are dying in India in huge numbers right now and more clearly will continue to die. There are similarities between the potato blight and the spread of disease that are affecting India right now and perhaps that was not expected. So this is a time to learn and not pontificate, especially if at the inception these doctors or experts really expected a Trump flu instead of a pandemic that kills like AIDS but without the usual intercourse or infected blood transfusion.

In the 1840s and for eighteen months the British government maintained the position that it “cannot feed the people.” The after all the deaths and a hundred thousand more that were anticipated, the government concluded that it could feed the people. A new system had to be put in place. There was a New Poor Law Extension Act to help all groups including children who became orphans.

And here in America we saw one man with orange hair turn his back because he knew his economy would fall and he did the wrong things for too long. Had he done the right things from the very beginning, Repugnicans possibly would still have him in the White House.

Mask or no mask! A nation of free people and of slaves. United we stand, divided we fall. Local communities know what to do and governors that dictate to all their communities, suddenly flip flopping. I am not going to mention names DeSantis. I was thinking about Abbott and Costello. And what about hit the road jack (Kemp) and don’t you come back no more no more!

There were vaccinated and unvaccinated people there as people masked up. What percentage wore masks? The governor of Georgia skirted that issue as he was interviewed. People admitted that they were afraid, because they know that this was a life or death situation as they try to get back to normal. We need the governor to expound more on that, if he has the fortitude to do it. Thanks goodness that the stadium only holds about 38,000 instead of 60,000. In April the Atlanta Constitutional Journal reported that a clear majority of the fans were not wearing masks. That article also mentioned that Dr. Anthony Fauci says he wouldn’t hesitate to go to a baseball game with a mask covering his mouth and nose (of course). And Fauci is fully vaccinated! And we want Fauci and Biden to do more to protect US!

I had to take you back over a year ago as we witness more turmoil for Israel and its citizens. With more and more rockets flying into Israel and some loss of life, take a look at this point.

I wrote this on April 20, 2020.

“Ted Cruz wants the United States to collaborate with Israel and its scientific companies in this matter of formulating tests, treatments, and cures. This is what globalism is about but there is more. Cruz wants to eliminate the dependency on China. I say that Israel is an ally and it has advanced scientific development. I would prefer to see another way of obtaining the help of Israeli scientists. The United States has done that sort of thing before in the creation of the Atomic bomb and the location was Manhattan. Also after World War II the United States brought in German scientists who propelled US into the space age.  Even the New York Yankees built up the most powerful team in baseball by paying money to bring talent to New York (Roger Maris was one example). We never had any rockets flying over our heads because of all that critical development in science, but Israel recently has had some damage due to rocket fire and we should place scientists in the safest environment possible. What about Indiana as the placement of the lab or labs and the scientists?”

I was just kidding about Indiana! As you can see, we must know how to integrate information. The example is Israel and its development of vaccines by scientists. I was not comfortable with Ted Cruz’s suggestion and pointed out why. But nobody listens to me! And Nikki Haley just spoke about the attack as though there were no rockets fired back in April last year under Donald Trump on Fox News. And Harris Faulkner of Fox News just sat there and allowed that to happen. And the former ambassador to the United Nations conveniently forgot which seems like a high qualification for Trump, but a low one for those of US who want the truth.