Nixon Resigned and Trump Should Have Resigned

or Never Never Never

Nixon was speaking out about Jews, calling them disloyal and talking about “a Jewish cabal.”

Nixon and John Connolly concocted a lie about Arthur Burns (Burns was Jewish and considered part of that cabal) for the Federal Reserve System which was that Burns had asked for a pay raise during a time of inflation and growing unemployment.

Nixon would not honor a contractual agreement to give pay raises to people in the auto industry.

And all of this was before Watergate as Nixon was preparing himself and the nation to win the Election of 1972 which he won.

Trump lost the Election of 2020, but you can see similarities or at least you can smell them unless COVID-19 is an integral part of backing Trump.

I just finished reading about the Nixon part of The Great Society and had to present the important information in the book by Amity Shlaes who is a conservative. We could begin with just about anything in the book which does not detail The Watergate break in since that happened later than the information provided in the book. The book ends with Nixon taking bold action to control the inflation and other economic matters.

My readers know that I have written about the Ten Commandments thinking about Mel Brooks and his humor and there was a good one, a very good one about Nixon and The Ten Commandments in the book.  In this interpretation of the event, we learned that there were eight key points instead of ten (five in the Mel Brooks version because he dropped one tablet).

No raises of price, wages, rent, interest, fee, or dividend. Any or all of these would destroy the free market that Republicans profess as holy.

No payout of gold, neither through the precious metal nor paper.

And then the thou no shalt group including drive Japanese cars, wear Italian shoes, drink French wine (red or white) and I guess that means even those bottles of red and white in your favorite Italian restaurant while listening to Billy Joel.

Of course almost fifty years later, Japan has been replaced with China and actually most things seem to be manufactured in China that were once made in France and Italy. But I rest my case knowing that there were tariffs placed on goods in Europe and China.

I do want my Jewish readers and my friends of the Jewish people to know that some of the most important economic advisors to Nixon were Jewish, but that didn’t stop other Nixon people from referring to people who wanted to buy gold as “money changers” which was one of the driving forces for centuries in the story of Jesus and has contributed to anti-Semitism. Those words had to be toned down to speculators. Nixon by the way got himself into a situation that happened this way. His policies would be labelled “fascist” and Pravda, the Soviet news agency, took delight as the fall of the gold standard and the dollar would shake the foundation of capitalism. And this set in motion a period of austerity for Americans, aspects of which lasted 1,000 days even though the announcement was for 90 days of austerity.

This effort pitted the United States against countries in Europe (particularly France and Germany) and Japan as Nixon blamed all the previous presidents for the loss of trade around the world. And who does this remind US of today? Let’s take a closer look.

The conservative author reveals an impatient Nixon who had gone through changes in the previous years and with an election coming he had to bluff and be bold in order to get his way and when he invited the most important people to Camp David to work out the plan of action people like James Comey and Anthony Fauci were not there.  And years later, some or many of those men would apologize in their memoirs for what they had agreed to.

I took a break from concentrating on Nixon to do research about the very important Lend Lease Act of February 1941 with the intention of finding something about Utah since my last article was about Utah and its Republicans (and Repugnicans today). These states were entirely Democratic states and voted for Lend Lease: Alabama, Arizona (only 1 rep), Arkansas, Delaware (only 1 rep), Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada (only 1 rep), New Mexico (only 1 rep), North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas (1 voted present), Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming (only 1 rep). What was taking place among the Republican opposition besides isolationism. We know immediately from looking at the Southern states that practiced Jim Crow that our nation was not fighting the racism of Hitler. So I guess a book about Red and Blue detailing the discussion within each state would be important. I know that those Southern boys took their racism with them into England and the Brits resented it. And I have to point out that “true” voices of patriotism such as Mark Levin only share with their audiences half the information about fighting for freedom when an important vote such as Lend Lease gets ignored. Lives were being lost all over Europe back then and human suffering was horrific as Republicans voted nay. The vote was 61 percent yes and 39 percent nay with 25 Democrats voting nay and 235 voting yes. Whose patriotism were those Republicans defending?

Now we can take a look at Republican states that voted for Lend Lease: North Dakota, and New Hampshire were Republican but voted yes for Lend Lease. Maine and New Hampshire were Republican, but the vote was divided between yes and nay. Shouldn’t this information be taught in our nation’s schools?

I asked you to see the comparison of Nixon and Trump earlier and if you did or even if you smelled the similarity, we can address here the days of lies and failings of Trump, which have been covered up for years. At the top of the Trump list is the flu hoax leading to more than a half million deaths in the name of opening the economy. It has been called freedom and constitutional freedom instead by so many. In a war it is not the purpose to have our men killed and at the time of the dropping of the atomic bomb the effort was about saving American lives. We are in a war and have been in a war against COVID-19 and the mess that Trump created in mid-March 2020. If he had resigned, we might have had someone better in the Oval Office.

The loyalty and the lies went on and on. Trump was looking forward to winning in 2020 and he did lay down the case for voter fraud long before he claimed it happened. If he cannot win and if he could not win to him there has to be voter fraud. And now with the economy worrying US more, I see very high prices for flights to Mexico and other places. I went for bagels today and the news report is a tripling of steel prices, making me think of the outrageous price increase on steel in the Nixon Administration of only eight percent. The news also reported the possibility of an additional 55 cents per gallon of federal taxes. Yes this is happening under Biden, but it all started in mid-March 2020 and lasted through January 2021 when Trump was moved (removed) from the White House. It was a process in motion that included federal stimuli that we had received from the US Treasury under Trump. And in Congress, we had our yes and nay votes for things to help Americans as we do right now. And the lie being told to support Trump was the same kind of lie that led to the Freedom of the Press in colonial America during the Zenger Case. The King of England wanted the jury to go by the law and not by the truth. And the truth right now is that Biden won.

So here we had Richard Nixon wishing to lower the interest rate (Trump was calling for that too) and Chairman Arthur Burns opposed it and got into trouble with Nixon when he spoke against lowering interest before Congress. George Romney (at HUD where the inflation made things more difficult to fix housing units due to higher costs) said that wage and price control had worked in England, but this was not England. This was considered as socialist style pressure. The government clearly needed more able people and Nixon did not want “meritorious” advisors. Trump did not want advisors devoted to science.

The fight over the huge bankruptcies that were taking place such as Lockheed pointed out that saving Lockheed and other similar businesses was “welfare for big business.” Economists supporting capitalism knew that businesses that were not efficient enough could be replaced and would be.

Those years also were filled with buying gold which drove the price of gold above the gold standard of $35 an ounce and we used to talk about the gold of Fort Knox. Gold was leaving the country and it was a major topic of concern for Nixon and Connally. And the gold standard fell and fell hard.

Connally was finally had the big assignment of taking the United States into economic austerity. And the big meeting took place at Camp David. Everyone had to be on board or else, including Chairman Burns. What Burns got was that the Fed would maintain its independence and he could continue to make the appointments to the board. Nixon was threatening to take over, but “Tricky Dick’s” attempt to dictate fell short.

I can tell you that I had discussions from 1987 on with a man in Queens, New York who spoke about those Japanese cars and the tariffs. So they were apparently still around then. We were buying Toyota (Cressida) and other cars. The major point to digest about that 15 years gap is this. The Japanese could provoke a stock market collapse with their money. That much wealth had been accumulated by then. Japan prior to World War II had very wealthy families like Mitsubishi. I can remember being told that Japanese money was very heavily invested in real estate in America because the return on investment was secure and higher than their money would have earned in Japan.

And China has that kind of wealth today. I guess when we hear people call China an enemy or adversary instead of a competitor, the statement is designed to overlook all the investments that they control around the world. Business investments! So it was easy for Trump to play the hot head ready to destroy communism and another thing to do it. And why do it? The Chinese are Reds and so are the Republicans.

Was Amity Shlaes thinking of Trump as she wrote much of this which was published in 2019? Authors do that sort of thing and even mention Trump in a few paragraphs as I have noted. Trump was Nixonian in his own way and we can see that things did not work out well. Get with the plan or you were “un-American” was the theme. Show contempt for England as Nixon did. The inflation that was getting strong went down and then up again and down and up again. So things did not get under control. I guess we could conclude that the science was just not there and what Nixon wanted most was to win in 1972.

I love my Honda Accord. It’s Côtes du Rhône this afternoon with early dinner.

And those Ten Commandments and the motion picture. I have my own modernized version of that. Pharaoh speaks and tells the world to love and protect the children of Israel. And he castigates one man, not Moses. He tells his people and the scribe may the name of Donald Trump be stricken from the record. I notice that his name has been cancelled from an apartment building that bears his name in Florida. I know that Trump’s name will resonate as the best president ever in schools and communities where deception is paramount. And I take you back briefly to my previous comment about Moses speaking out about the pyramids and the imminent death of a Jewish woman. It would be easy to say that no realtor should be allowed to be president again after Trump, but if there comes a time when a realtor will fight for the persecuted and the oppressed, he or she could be a good fit for America and the world.

We cannot make the next Republican resign before his time, but we can have someone much better than we had from 2017-2021.

And finally please do something to point a finger at the Trump White House telephone call to Brooklyn around March 16, 2020 in which staff pointed out to the Jewish community that Pikuach Nefesh called for all Jews to save lives during the pandemic. And since Jesus was Jewish and practiced the Talmud where this comes from, the Christian community should have been alerted as well. Trump must bear responsibility for that and this information should finally be published in the mainstream media. It could and should result in saving lives instead of fighting over individual freedom and the Constitution. And combining Trump’s COVID-19 decisions (which can stand alone) and with the attack on The Capitol and his response(s), he makes Nixon look good. It’s amazing to say that, but it reflects just how bad Trump was. And those violations of the Ten Commandments.

I did another search before finishing this article. I searched Amity Shlaes and found this in Bloomberg News “Ford could continue Nixon’s economic policy: a politically driven, interventionist mishmash that went as far as adopting wage-and-price controls. Under Nixon and his Democratic Treasury Secretary John Connally, inflation and unemployment had moved dramatically higher.” And she provides details about Republicans championing a shift to center politics and providing income for families (Mitt Romney mentioned), which was mentioned in her book from the time of Johnson through the Nixon years. And she mentions Senator Tom Cotton sponsoring a minimum wage bill calling for a $10 minimum wage instead of 15 and that is probably 10 years behind the times. Milton Friedman pretty much cursed the minimum wage and called it anti-Negro because it leads to more unemployment. If that is the case and I have to tell you that I had a conversation days ago with a family member about low wages and this is how it went. In Poland, communist Poland, there was no unemployment, but wages were low and the benefits went to the top people in the Communist Party structure. They were the haves and the rest were the have nots. Nowa Huta (1951 in Krakow) was brought into the conversation, a beautiful district for the construction workers to live in, but just a chicken in every pot and two cars in garage which was the Republican campaign in 1928 things did not work out.  I do not think that this is the kind of socialism that people have in mind as we think about Cuba, Venezuela, and other countries as we reflect on the key Repugnican strategy to make Americans think that this kind of socialism is at our door. If my reader has read and thought about what I have just written, the conclusion should be that what was going on in Poland has always been at our door and in our house. Nowa Huta became a hub of protest and activism by anticommunists during the fight for freedom in the 1980s. The Polish people needed much more. Fidel Castro had visited Nowa Huta as it was showcased to foreign dignitaries including Haile Selassie. The plant at Nowa Huta incidentally collapsed and there was huge unemployment (38,000 jobs was reduced to 4,000). A Soviet Pittsburgh? Detroit? New England mills? New York City garment center? There was also tobacco processing there and my research came up with a call for Philip Morris. And there were violent street protests there in the 1980s. And the monument to Lenin was dismantled later on (blown up).

People went there for freedom and a better life and others were forced to move there and had to give up their possessions, especially as loved ones had become political prisoners in the Soviet system.

Amity Shlaes needs more education. African Americans, Puerto Ricans, people in Appalachia, and others needed more education to help themselves and help America grow and that was not happening fast enough. Throughout her book, The Great Society: A New History, she shows how government spending on defense was shrinking and social entitlements were growing. Here is an example of August 1965 to January 1966 which heads Chapter 5. Guns 7.1 % of GDP Butter 4.9 %. By 1971 Butter had passed Guns at 7.1 % and Butter continued to grow and grow. And here I am 20 years after I retired and knowing things that she, Lyndon Johnson, Nixon, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and others did not know about helping America. I have failed because all economists have failed to interpret the path to something better.

I was going to provide this information in a different article, but why not share it now. The top states for GED in our nation include Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. These states have a total of 76 electoral votes. Those states are 0.7 percent up to 3.3 percent higher than the national average. Two of those states are GED plantation states where the delivery of diplomas to African Americans suffers due to a gap of more than 20 percent (Montana and Wisconsin). Utah has a gap of only 3.5 percent. Do you think that the economists know this or even care? The other eight states have a range above 10 percent and below 20 percent. All of this is based on 2013 which was the last year of published records. Things are getting worse in adult communities and education matters! Kennedy was ready to do more about education as the talked to Dr. King who wanted integration foremost. Neither one had the plan to help the huge amount of dropouts that even Shlaes wrote about in her book. Her work needed more research and I found a great opportunity to put this in writing. Didn’t I? But where is all this going to go if people keep making the same mistakes generation after generation? Milton Friedman is dead, but it is up to conservative economic thinkers to learn more. And I am working to bring about change right now through the Biden Administration and others. Ask me what needs to be done and I will tell you. And yes all the presidents are to blame, including Bill and Barack. Click here!

And Hoover ran in 1928 on “Wages, dividends, progress and prosperity and it was a time when Republicans were proud of efforts to “purify” immigration.