Utah’s Past and Present

‘Mother! Mother!’—don’t blame Franklin D. Roosevelt because he sent your boy to war—blame YOURSELF, because YOU sent Franklin D. Roosevelt back to the White House!”

And one more thing from CBS back around 1950. “What sort of day was it? A day like all days, filled with those events that alter and illuminate our times… all things are as they were then, and you were there.”

That was sent out by the Republican Party just before the Election of 1940. And over a year later, Roosevelt had not decided to join the war effort as it took the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 to bring about our entry into the war. And today the Republican Party of Utah puts out the message about being the party of the American people (by the people and for the people). Trumpism just suffered a narrow defeat in Utah as a divided Utah GOP voted whether to censure Mitt Romney or not and the gap was very narrow.

During The Great Depression, the people of Utah received about three times the national average for federal financial support or about $5 per person. So getting relief from the feds was no problem and Utah voted for FDR four times even as they would elect a Republican governor.

And later on Senator Elbert Thomas, a Democrat and Mormon was very influential. Thomas would even defy FDR to assist Jews who were being killed in the Holocaust. The Roosevelt Administration would not try to save Jews during the war effort. So there was an attempt to “rescue” Jews from Hitler.

And this was taken from the Republican Party platform of 1940.       National Defense The Republican Party is firmly opposed to involving this Nation in foreign war. We are still suffering from the ill effects of the last World War: a war which cost us a twenty-four billion dollar increase in our national debt, billions of uncollectible foreign debts, and the complete upset of our economic system, in addition to the loss of human life and irreparable damage to the health of thousands of our boys.

So Germany was suffering after World War I and it finally got Hitler and the Republicans were suffering as well, not even aware of the dangers posed by Hitler to America which everyone in America should learn about today. There was so much talk about freedom in that platform, even as Republicans were cozying up to hate groups. Let’s learn more about what statements were made back then about important subjects including labor, immigration, the Negro, Puerto Rico, and more.

Puerto Rico

Statehood is a logical aspiration of the people of Puerto Rico who were made citizens of the United States by Congress in 1917; legislation affecting Puerto Rico, in so far as feasible, should be in harmony with the realization of that aspiration.


We favor the strict enforcement of all laws controlling the entry of aliens. The activities of undesirable aliens should be investigated and those who seek to change by force and violence the American form of government should be deported.

My note here is that there had to be desirable aliens since the platform was about “rapists” and “criminals” as I think about Trump telling Americans that “some” of the immigrants crossing our border must be okay when in fact most of them are okay.


We pledge that our American citizens of Negro descent shall be given a square deal in the economic and political life of this nation. Discrimination in the civil service, the army, navy, and all other branches of the Government must cease. To enjoy the full benefits of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness universal suffrage must be made effective for the Negro citizen. Mob violence shocks the conscience of the nation and legislation to curb this evil should be enacted.

My note here is think about 1964 and Goldwater and segregation.

You can search The American Presidency Project for the Republican Party Platform of 1940.

And this is from the acceptance speech of Wendell Wilkie in 1940 in Indiana. “My grandparents lived in Germany. They were supporters of the democratic revolutions in that country, and when the revolutions failed they fled to the United States. How familiar that sounds! Today, also, people are being oppressed in Europe. The story of the barbarous and worse than medieval persecution of the Jews—a race that has done so much to improve the culture of these countries and our own—is the most tragic in human history. Today there are millions of refugees who desire sanctuary and opportunity in America, just as in my grandparents’ time. The protection of our own labor and agriculture prevents us from admitting more than a few of them. But their misery and suffering make us resolve to preserve our country as a land free of hate and bitterness, of racial and class distinction. I pledge you that kind of America.”

This was not America First, but Jews were destined to experience both persecution and death, as well as countless others. And in his speech, Wilkie asked for the support of Jews and Catholics who were being targeted by hate groups in America. His plan got off track right here by not knowing or pretending not to know the true realities of America. If he could not deliver something better for the Jews, how could he do much better for Catholics and African Americans?

Utah can be commended about educational performance since twice as many people there per capita earn a GED than in New York. Focus on that point. And Utah has less than a four-point gap in delivery of those diplomas to African Americans. This is a great help to our nation. But the Republican Party leads the Democrats in GED Plantations and that hurts our nation. Unless you think that education does not matter! I can recommend to those Repugnicans that called Mitt Romney a “communist” to think America and finally make it great.

Trump was an idiot to put into power and he diminished Puerto Rico, Black Lives Matter, gay people, and immigrants that deserved to get amnesty and quickly instead of making them wander around a desert in Mexico for 40 years, and more. In the true spirit of abolition, those Repugnicans should become missionaries in those Republican plantation states. We can set up programs to ensure the future success of our hospitals and emergency clinics by boosting Americans into higher education, providing more people into the medical fields (a million nurses were needed in 2004 if my memory serves me well and have you noticed that they still are needed). Trumpism must be defeated. How can so many Republican states be plantations and not know it? That is the $64,000 question! I guess that those non-liberals and non-progressives in those states are just as stupid as liberals and progressives in the Blue states. There is no need to turn red here since those states are already red. And finally for the Latter Day Saints, I suggest a reading about the real Jesus, simply spelled out which the White House knew nothing about around March 17, 2020 when the pandemic really started to take off. Click here! And tell me should I get down on my knees to kiss the feet of that “Present Day Saint who failed to call Christians across America to tell them that Jesus Saves Lives? And Trump should have waited longer to open up the economy and he told people that it is okay to not wear masks. We all know that. Congresswoman Malliotakis of New York wants accountability and she must hold Trump accountable. So start spreading the news.

I have a love-hate relationship with people in Utah that I don’t even know. And there are legitimate reasons for it. Would Mark Levin, Dennis Praeger, and others tell it like it is or my way? And what about the Polish orphans that the United States mistreated who ended up in Mexico. Rush Limbaugh should hear about all of this wherever he is. Would a Repugnican in Utah dare to repeat any of my article to the people of Utah or anywhere else? I guess they are afraid to.

When FDR won those elections, he swept Utah. At that time when Norman Thomas, the socialist was a presidential candidate he got 200 votes in Utah. There were more people attacking our Capitol, committing trespass, attacking police, and threatening people in our government as they seemed ready to overthrow the election and our democracy. Utah raise your voice about that. Shout it out! The enemy was there in The Capitol. You are there! A little bit of news from the past when John Daley used to broadcast the show for CBS. And that was before Fox News and Trump Tweets.

I do want to know about the isolationist stance of the people of Utah in 1940. Perhaps the Republican Party will share that history with US. It’s so hard to find on the internet, but I am not sure if it’s being hushed up.

I would be happy to do a Zoom with the people of Utah.