Accused of Being a Communist

Larry Harlow “El Judío Maravilloso” of Latin Music Fame and Fania All-Stars at the B.M.I. Awards

Repugnicans call people communists that are not communists.

In El Salvador News in New York in January 2005 I wrote this “Me Acusan de Comunista” which was about an employee of the Central Islip Public Library who asked me if I were a communist. What provoked it can only be speculated since I didn’t consider the comment worth exploring further. But in reading about “Jews are communists” being written in graffiti around Florida, it made me think more. I have no resemblance to Fidel Castro, Che Guevarra, nor to Joseph Stalin and not to Leon Trotsky. Oops! Trotsky was Jewish and there were some Jews around Castro. Could it be that this was the old Jewish connection to communism at work in the library? Could it be because I was working hard to help the Salvadoran community on Long Island, a community that was helped by communists in the FMLM and killed by communists in its civil war and that the librarian had selectively used one side of the story to confront me with? Could it be that the man was what I would much later in life call a “Repugnican” and after all these years I have never been, nor am I a communist or a socialist. I do recognize the important contributions of socialists to our nation as I collect social security and retain other benefits that Republicans have usually found it difficult to grant to working people.

My outreach continues across America and around the world. The Israeli government was recently put on that list, but Florida is a state that I have been connected with since 2001 when Jeb Bush was the governor. Years later, when I found out that Dr. Rudy Crew had become the superintendent of schools of Miami-Dade, I felt that I had a chance of getting in the front door to help people there. As New York City chancellor, Dr. Crew had written to me as I stepped up to protect a student in the Ebbets Field GED program in the old Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn on Marcy and Putnam. This is an example of that outreach to Florida which I had forgotten about since it happened a long time ago. Here is a letter that I came across from 2006 from the office of Dr. Rudy Crew. I finally got to meet Dr. Crew at an event where we both spoke in Far Rockaway and of course he remembered my efforts. I was really impressed. Dr. Crew sent a staff member to my GED Roundtable in the Consulate of El Salvador in Coral Gables.

And I just read an article about the strength of Trumpism in Florida among Latinos from places like Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina which was posted by NBC News. Just like with Israel and a large percentage of Jews, the politics of their countries has a profound affect on the people living here and it should (up to a point). This news came out just an hour ago and the journalist did not mention the exposure in Florida that “Jews are communists.” Could it be that the journalist chose not to mention or is she going to present this theme in an article later on. Jews are concerned, but not all Jews. In a telephone call that I made to an influential Orthodox rabbi in Brooklyn about participating in a Zoom conference call about “hate,” “anti-Semitism,” and “racism,” I was told that the rabbi is “too busy.” Globalism and communism had no impact on that decision at all. And every effort that restricts our attempt to make this country safer such as that one can only lead to more attacks on everyone. This is a key component of what Trumpism was and is about. Divisions.

Let me take you on a tour of my history. Dominicans who got to know me and my ideas to help uplift the people who never earned a high diploma anywhere, asked me this “you mean Dominicans who took the GED test in Santo Domingo would be prepared to get jobs in the United States?” Sí or yes was the answer. And I was talking about bringing the Spanish GED to all of Latin America as early as 2004. Dr. King had his dream and that dream was mine. People got in the way and assassinated my dream. In those days I also knew that the Spanish GED in Florida was underutilized and the French GED was virtually nonexistent. This has held back the dreams of countless Floridians.

Also in those days, ignorance raised its face as even a Latina challenged me in New York telling me that it was better to take the GED test in English. Noooooo! The test is the same in English and Spanish and easier to pass in Spanish for Latinos. This was just another bad opinion mentioned as fact. And in my days of teaching in New York City la misma cosa or the same kind of thing happened with an Ecuadorian paraprofessional in my classroom. She wanted to influence me to use a much high passing mark on the practice test as other programs did so students would not fail. That kind of practice leads to very few diplomas in the hands of people who need the diploma to get better jobs. I knew that. Then when I retired and went to the American Council on Education office in Washington, D.C. where I was given the annual statistics for a couple of years I noticed that Joe Biden’s state of Delaware was the worst performing state in the nation in terms of the delivery of diploma, but had perhaps the highest passing rate on the test.  Think of a family of four children who all dropped out of school to support their mother. Would you want to see just one person get a diploma or all four? Or don’t you even care? The people of Florida know that Ponce de Leon did not give the people the fountain of youth although things have progressed since he entered Florida and the government did not give the people the best conditions so that more people could progress. Let’s push aside the talk about jobs in order to be better informed. There are over 2,400,000 Floridians who have never finished high school and in probably the best year of record for Florida in almost two decades, Florida helped about 37,000 people obtain a GED. The doubling of those numbers each year over 20 years would have produced a much stronger sunshine for families across Florida who would have had access to better jobs and more education. Florida’s failure.

Let me also go back to my effort with ASPIRA of New York. Hector Gesualdo was the executive director there and committed to working with the commission of Mayor Michael Bloomberg. I got in touch with him and he told me that he was tired of going out to the streets and seeing only Hispanics working in fast food restaurants. Don’t get me wrong. It is important to have a job, but the path to advancement does include educational credentials. Soon after our meetings and roundtables done together, the effort was assassinated by Mayor Bloomberg who was pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into other things to win and retain power in New York City. Here is what was taking place as reported by the New York Post.

You will see photos of the day that Hector and I attended the BMI Awards in New York City with the intention of meeting Juan Luis Guerra. I have included here photos of famous people along with the photo of Hector and a staff member of ASPIRA at that time.

The late great Hector Gesualdo with a staff member of ASPIRA New York

The New York Post presented an opinion article by Jay P. Greene and Greg Foster on October 1, 2004 where we read about information The New York Times revealing that parents were not involved in the process to close GED preparation sites (there were 51 sites and the program was being reduced to 16. New York City Housing sites had already been closed by 2000 under the old Board of Education (I had worked in some of them). The money was going to dropout prevention in the regular schools and Jay Greene applauded Klein’s stupidity.  And I repeat stupidity. And today, about 15 years later, people fighting the rising incidents of gun violence are providing counseling and GED to young men and I assume even women across our nation. I filed that article in my computer under Bloomberg-Klein ineptitude and the research provided by Jay Greene of the conservative think tank, the Manhattan Institute and paid for by Bill Gates was incomplete. I told him so at the time. Greene thought he was going by the science as he cited a report which had originated with a man who was a previous Nobel Prize winner. I had taught youth who had fired guns on the street, involved in crime, and I even taught a three time “loser” that a judge had called “a menace to society” and I wish that his article had never been printed. That was the New York Post at its best, touting a safer New York by making the streets more dangerous since educating all those adults was just as important as educating them now. And anyone who thinks that “law and order” is only about what the police do on the streets needs an adjustment in his or her thinking. The Justice Department has given out grants for GED. And this could be a great area of help for communities under Joe Biden today.

And I had to share this information taken from a flyer disseminated by Directions for Our Youth back in 2006. This is what was happening at that time. 170,000 youth were disconnected from jobs and school in New York City. Poverty affected 75 percent of Hispanic children and about 50 percent of African American children. The New York Times published that No Child Left Behind would take 200 years to bring about educational equality.

It stated that New York State was about last in the nation in the graduation of Black and Hispanic youth from high school. It urged that 10 percent of a budget surplus should go for helping the youth. It was concerned about the 20,000 youth that were expected to drop out that year. There were 1 million poor in the city at that time. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE 150.000 OTHERS.  NADA. NOTHING. And things did get worse and worse. I recently even informed NYPD about what was happening under Bloomberg. Take a look at La Travesía in 2010 as City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez organized a rally to protest in New York City. Click here. Upon hearing the music, I had to tape the people enjoying life in a free city, but oppressed as well by the bad decisions made by people in government. Bloomberg ran as a Republican back then. And the science of GED was not in the report that applauded Bloomberg’s actions.

Here were conservatives allowing an educational system to deteriorate as inadequate funding and personnel led to long lines to take the GED test in New York. Talking about communism, I noticed the lines of people in Poland on a trip there who were waiting to try on shoes in a store. And in my second GED Roundtable in the rotunda of the Supreme Court of the Bronx, the director of GED in New York told us not to mobilize people because she had enough applicants to take the test. Money was needed in order to keep the system afloat and I was called upon to intervene with the governor and was successful, but the system remained corrupted. I soon proposed, and you can see just how the federal government could help right now, that the federal government finance the GED test across our nation. That was told to the head of the Washington Bureau of the NAACP back then at a Civil Rights forum. There is only about a ten percent gap between Hispanics and White people in Florida on the GED test, but African American failure on the test shows us a gap of over 20 percent which impacts on communities and your government has never explained this to you. I call that the Republican GED plantation for Floridians. In 2013 only 1,308 people tested in Spanish in Florida. Your community leaders have not told you this kind of information.

And that is why I keep saying that our governments have to gobiernen bien or govern well. Amidst a lot of rhetoric over the last four years under Trump, I would conclude that things have gotten worse. And the pandemic has not helped. The best thing that could happen right now is what I call the Biden Education Equity where parents as well as children will get the educational support that is needed. Keep in mind that Biden did an outreach with Lin Manuel Miranda, Eva Langoria, and others and you won’t even hear any of this from them. The Biden Latino Fair Shot announced then must take place. The Secretary of Education of the United States, Miguel Cardona, must act now to make progress stronger. Click here. And there can be no hesitation to allow community leaders to lead you astray.

And check this out. Skip to the point being made about Marxism about a former professor who Is called one of the smartest people.

Illinois college professors gush about teaching social justice on Zoom: ‘I’m living the life over here’

Duration: 05:02 4 hrs ago

My point is that Marxism is, she says, everywhere without stating anything specific with any fact such as check out this university or this church and find out about the Marxism being taught there. I just got done pointing out to you the facts about Florida, citing a wealth of information. And Carol Swain did none of those things as she struck fear in the viewers. It would be great if Fox News had someone like me on its shows to help Americans. And even the reference to the NEA is not revealing about what percentage of people are influenced by Marxism. This was just take her word and fight against Marxism. I wonder how many of my readers actually know where Marxism is that big in their own communities and can cite evidence. And do not hesitate to do research about Howard Zinn who is mentioned in the interview. You will be amazed by his work and his World War II experiences.

I took a break from writing, came back, and noticed that members of the GOP are now calling Mitt Romney (one of their own) a communist. This took place at the Utah GOP Organizing Convention. It is time to recognize that this talk about communism is in the DNA of the Republican Party and it existed long before Castro and Chavez as the FDR Administration was attacked as communists. Trump tried to steal, in my opinion, the Election of 2020 and Republicans play the communist card always to cover up for their inadequacies. Florida is the state with the most hate groups and many many Hispanics were deceived into voting for Trump and DeSantis. I am ready to do a Zoom for the people of Florida. Maybe I will provide that Zoom later this month as I expect to be in Miami.

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