Check Desantis’ Claims

This reporting is from Miami only minutes from the docked cruise ships. An English government official just revealed the number of deaths expected there from a “Plan A” which was around 500,000 and this was just days before Trump could have done much more to save American lives. Two days were spent talking to Trump […]

No Mask No Ride Miami

This article was conceived in Miami, beginning with a Proud Boys posting at the bus stop as I was about to ride the S bus to Lincoln Avenue close to the beach. This effort developed later thinking about my own past on the Lower East Side. There were three Cubans to tell about, Meir Kahane, […]

Back to Israel

Back to Israel in the 1840s. Zionism? Colonialism? You be the judge. This was my reading, a chapter called Under Ottoman Rule: 17th – 19th Centuries of a book I picked up from the bookshelf in the living room. The context of history included history about the “Damascus ritual murder libel inspired by the example […]

Comments on the Current Conflict

There is so much to talk and write about in the news today. Here in New York, we have two congressmen, both Democrats,going at each other over the Israeli-Palestinian fight which has caused protests around the world. Both probably have much to learn. Congressman Bowman’s comment supporting Palestinians is just as problematic as other half […]

Hebron-like Violence Throughout Israel

This was the statement made by the spokesperson for the U.S. Defense Department “Out of an abundance of caution and good prudence … we ended that planning conference a little early and got them safely to Germany.” He was talking about Central Command and U.S European Command staff members. Why? First of all it was […]

More About Fox News and Things that Matter

Education matters along with many other things in order to help Americans and make this nation a much better place. We are learning from reports that the police departments really did not have enough personnel, particularly on the streets, to make cities safer. Alexandria, Louisiana has been one of the most dangerous cities in the […]

Nixon Resigned and Trump Should Have Resigned

or Never Never Never Nixon was speaking out about Jews, calling them disloyal and talking about “a Jewish cabal.” Nixon and John Connolly concocted a lie about Arthur Burns (Burns was Jewish and considered part of that cabal) for the Federal Reserve System which was that Burns had asked for a pay raise during a […]

Utah’s Past and Present

‘Mother! Mother!’—don’t blame Franklin D. Roosevelt because he sent your boy to war—blame YOURSELF, because YOU sent Franklin D. Roosevelt back to the White House!” And one more thing from CBS back around 1950. “What sort of day was it? A day like all days, filled with those events that alter and illuminate our times… […]

Accused of Being a Communist

Repugnicans call people communists that are not communists. In El Salvador News in New York in January 2005 I wrote this “Me Acusan de Comunista” which was about an employee of the Central Islip Public Library who asked me if I were a communist. What provoked it can only be speculated since I didn’t consider […]