Jesus Was Not a Neanderthal

I am not referring to Jesus Alou who was a baseball player. Nor I am referring to Esteban de Jesus who was a champion from Puerto Rico. This is about Jesus of Nazareth who is known to billions of people around the world. The same Jesus who was Jewish, followed the Talmud, and who on the Sabbath Day healed people and saved lives. This is the same Jesus that much or most of the world has forgotten about in favor of talking about singing Christmas carols without masks and opening churches and business to full capacity following the directives of Donald Trump and Sean Hannity. That is the same Donald Trump whose Christianity rests on “An Eye for An Eye.”

Joe Biden referred to

Governor Gregg Abbott said a while back about guns “The problem is not guns, it’s hearts without God.” Are we not talking about Jesus right here? I have written about the former president of the NRA who is famous for saying “From My Cold Dead Hands” and I also wrote about him in relation to “The Ten Commandments” where he saved his own mother (a Jewess) from being crushed in a real estate project called the Pyramids. At that moment in the film Heston made a great transition to fight for the oppressed, enslaved Jews. I wrote this in one of my articles “I was just watching a scene from the Ten Commandments in which Moses asks the man in charge of building the pyramid “Are you a master builder or a master butcher” after saving the life of a Jewish woman caught between the stones who would have been crushed (his own mother).  Trump, the real estate builder, should have learned much more in life. And Governor Greg Abbott should have learned much more as well.

He is diminished his Christianity (he is Catholic) and his patriotism by his actions. The problem began almost a year ago with The White House as people were being told that “the cure is worse than the problem.” Texas and Mississippi should be involved in enforcing the health regulations that came out of the CDC and other health departments instead of saying or even thinking that the rules are “unenforceable.” Not picking up after your dog in Florida (Ron DeSanctis’ state) is punishable by a $1,000 fine.

Millions of people have watched the same movie and appreciated the transformation of Moses that I described. It is now time for Governor Greg Abbott to make his own transformation. Hundreds of millions of people are watching. Communists and Catholics, it seems to me, can forget that Jesus Saves Lives, especially when there is great risk to their economic systems. Biden is not a Neanderthal either! And Texans for Jesus save lives during COVID-19.

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  1. Excellent article. These people think they are God they have taken God out of everything that’s the problem

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