Zionists and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

“One of the preachers made a nationalist speech calling on the Islamic faithful to fight against the Jews to the last drop of blood….”

                                  August 23, 1929 in Jerusalem

“mufti al-Husseini urged his community to keep the peace.”

        from Tom Segev One Palestine Complete

That quote should sound quite familiar in 2021 with two twists or more. Take out the word Islamists and substitute something else. Take out the word Jews and substitute something else. Remove Jerusalem from your thought and substitute something else.

In my last article I write about real estate development in ancient Egypt, the pyramids. That excerpt was about Moses in a new context. It only took me a couple of days to find information about real estate development in Palestine that I decided to share.

Real estate requires land and construction. The path toward real estate and the breaking of the ground and the cutting of the ribbon is achieved in many ways, legal and illegal. We know that Zionists wished to buy land and once Palestine became the chosen location through the cooperation of England, things accelerated toward purchasing land. In those years before 1920 ten percent of all land was held by the Jewish people.

This article will shed light on the relationship of the Zionists to the man who became the Mufti of Jerusalem. I would hope that Congresswoman Tlaib and others who form “The Squad” in Congress and people all over the country already know about this.

I had already read about him in previous pages and how peaceful he had been. Things developed and that peace turned into leading his people against the Jews. And we know that he contributed ideas toward The Final Solution of the Jews in the 1940s.

And after being told over two decades ago that the Jews should never have gone to Palestine by an African American in New York City, which I kept in mind, I found out a lot about the development of the Mandate of Palestine, including the kibbutzim and the development of the Hebrew language there.  Knowledge about events, context, and being fair are required to understand everything that happened. I had some prior knowledge, but my new readings were an eye opener. Keeping things in context means a lot.

There was no Holocaust at that time, there had been vicious pogroms against Jews, World War I had concluded with tens of millions of people dying during those days, racism was much more common everywhere, and in general the human spirit was largely in a different place. And at the core of the problem back then was corruption mixed with hate.

We begin with this. “The Palace was to be built” which sounds like the desire to build any luxury hotel. And now we can go behind the scenes as Jewish developers needed an Arab partner, which they found (they included Chaim Weizmann’s brother-in-law). The mufti required that lots of Arab workers would be hired or preferential hiring. This is something that still takes place under the table. And that meant that the day of rest would be on Friday (the Muslim sabbath). Both sides were nationalist and idealistic as they developed the plan of business, but their nationalism along with “religious piety” were pushed aside to do business.

During the development of the foundation on the property, skeletons were found and it appeared to be a Muslim burial site. This was kept secret per the suggestion of the mufti. The mufti’s rival was Mayor Nashashibi. Nashashibi who had power would not allow the building to connect to the city sewage system. It was now secretly agreed to pump the human matter through pipes into a nearby Muslim cemetery.

The Supreme Muslim Council invested 70,000 pounds in the building. The mufti got a house built for him at a low price and he was a frequent guest at the hotel.

Here is a list of the names of those Arabs who sold Jews land that was compiled in 1937, including the mufti and his rival:

Muza Hazim al-Husseini, leader of the Arab national movement

the father of mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini

Jamal al-Husseini, a prominent nationalist

Ragheb al-Nashashibi

the mayors of Jaffa and Gaza

members of the family the Dejanis of Jerusalem

the A-Shawa family of Gaza

Musa Alami

And that did not prevent some of the men not only to hide what they had done, but also to advocate to the British the prevention of land sale to the Zionists.

Another way of putting this is the politics included Zionism First and Arab Nationalism First as they tried to build a nation for themselves. We in America already had a very developed nation, a nation that was literate where the Arabs were not.

Would the Zionists have bought all the land in Palestine? The answer appears to be yes. They did not have the funds, even though world opinion had already been contaminated with the idea of financial control and conspiracy by Jews around the world. Palestine’s Jews did receive some financial support to keep afloat under difficult decisions and there clearly was not enough money either to help ten times the number of Jews to go there or one million Jews.

As you can see there was corruption over money and power. Few of those European Jews could avoid corruption at all cost. I believe that even though the vast majority had been either victims of discrimination and persecution or knew about the history of persecution and pogroms, they could probably did not learn enough about conflict resolution and things we know today that would have helped. And today about one million Israelis live in poverty.

There will be more coming about Palestine. Remember that I wrote The Sacred Oath about that history within the context of the Camp David Peace Talks of President Jimmy Carter. And the opening scene took place in Hebron in 1929. I learned more already about that era by reading Segev’s book.

I have a kind of non-related story to share that I know that people love to hear. Among the first people to read and love the story that I wrote called TOV MEOD or Very Good which became The Sacred Oath was Mark Warren, the first African American to win an Emmy for directing Laugh In. He made Come Back Charleston Blue and directed Amateur Night at the Apollo among many other things. After Mark’s death more than a decade later, I called a well-known television person who had been connected for many years with The Dick Clark Show. Upon mentioning Mark’s name, I was told by a perfect stranger that based on what I had just told him that we are family. Mark had helped the man establish himself in television in Canada. I have noticed that a new Black Jewish Entertainment Alliance has just been formed to fight hate and I hope that it succeeds fast. And I continue to do “my thing” across our nation as I reach out to people.

And today’s headline about Roger Stone reports that he is being investigated along with The Proud Boys. I wrote this on September 15, 2020. “There is something wrong about being anti-fascist right now among Republicans. One would think that finding fascistic people who take the law into their own hands would remind Republicans of the first mob that got drunk and set fire to a synagogue in Austria leading to Kristallnacht. The latter leading to countless deaths, burning of synagogues and destruction of Jewish property. There was no civil war over that, just fascism taking over. And now Roger Stone wants Trump to declare martial law and stay in the presidency. That is where Trump has led US to, the ultimate victory of the fascist.”

And I wrote this on January 8, 2021 and it was later corrected by the news media that one of the anti-Semitic tee shirts written about was not worn by any of the demonstrators in question, but here is what I wrote “The Proud Boys whose leader helped run the Latino campaign in Florida for Trump and who is chummy with Roger Stone and the Cuban national who inserted anti-Semitic inserts in the Miami Herald for about seven months…” Substitute something else I wrote earlier. Hmmm!

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