From Trump Loyalist to Criminal A Crime Prevention Lesson

Here is the lesson for friends, neighbors, and more who are or who know other Trump loyalists (so called patriots bordering on neo-patriot-neo-Nazi, neo-fascist). Prevention is never easy as we have noticed in the pandemic and the pandemonium that I recently wrote about. But I am calling for more prevention before people even arrive in Washington, D.C. or in their state capitals. We should take note of a brave, thoughtful woman who helped identify one of the people at the Capitol quickly and she knows the man because he was her husband. I would broaden the thinking taking people to the Capitol scene where married men and women marched without permission into a building that was not open to them. Husbands and wives could have and should have been on the alert, particularly if they knew in advance that their loved one was fed up and willing to end up on the wrong side of the law                                                   . This is about responsibility in government and not about “big brother” is watching. The message begins with the statement I wish I had done things in a different way. This whole process now is about My Brother’s Keeper which was missing during the riot.

Yes we know that we have to be cautious because of dangerous Trump supporters and now even police across our nation know that they have to be careful too.

I wrote long before the Capitol insurrection that we have to help police who are suicidal and I’ve written for years that we need more police on the job. And I have pointed out repeatedly that some wealthy people have avoided paying taxes that could have been used to pay for police and others. And recently I have been in touch with police including the author of a book about how people should behave when they are stopped by a cop. I posted it on my website because the education of people matters. Here is my article from June 16, 2019 about that largely controversial topic Blue Lives Matter-Black Lives Matter.

My concern right now is about the real possibility of additional insurrections in state capitals across America. There was an announcement that law enforcement is preparing to deal with the problem if and when it surfaces. Based on the history that we see, that is highly unlikely if we expect people to just watch and listen, demonstrate, and go home peacefully. I know that there might be extremely convincing methods used that I hold back from writing, but my expectations are not high.

Amidst this is that the Trump News media is reporting about Republicans who feel that they are being lumped in with the rioters and it took an African American, Lawrence Jones who reminded the Fox News people that Black Lives Matter protestors were lumped in with the people who looted and rioted. And he pointed out that both groups have something in common there. He later mentioned that he is a “libertarian” which I am not. But you know that I distinguish between Republican and Repugnican. Their talk avoided any discussion of Trump’s blame.

With that said we can secure the safety of all Americans leading up to the inauguration and beyond it by due diligence. Anyone that knows anyone who seems to be a risk and some are very high risks for committing violence over the baseless electoral fraud where not enough evidence was presented, should do his or her best to keep that person away from the state capitals and the inauguration.

What are trials about in a court of law? Trump supporters are basing their claims on beyond a rational display of evidence and their doubts are not reasonable at all and we proceed in court on peaceful terms until the decision is handed out. Sometimes violence occurs in court and it is inexcusable given the rules and regulations that exist. People break those rules in court, on the streets, and against our government and now that we know that a peaceful transition may be in doubt all of US must play our part. The last inauguration is history and it went off peacefully, even though Russia had a big impact on it. In the call to Georgia Trump said that the evidence was going to come out on Monday and Monday came and passed without the evidence coming out. Case dismissed!

What I just wrote is not open to discussion here since the key point is to keep people away from harm’s way and prevent the rioting and blood shed that was handed to US in the Capitol by extremists and perhaps by some people who were trapped in that situation. And may I state now that those people on Fox News were briefly all over the place talking about unity when what is needed right now is the safety of all those who have been critical of Trump and the rioters-insurrectionists-terrorists and that means people on both sides of the aisle and lots of innocent people who get trapped just by being there including journalists and people who may pass by.

The Trump media is citing anger due to the Election that was stolen. So we have to be afraid of that. The Trump media is citing anger due to the Impeachment. So we have to be afraid of that. I thought the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. No strong Democrat or patriotic American is going to back down now. The process will move forward.

I cannot leave out the recent work of Mike “Pensive” Pence, a Repugnican, who felt that invoking the 25th Amendment would set a “bad precedent.” This moment, captured around the world at one time, no need to write it up in a history book in five years, demonstrates the powerful mistake of those people who gave the power to a man who has been part of the problem, showed no impartiality even after his life was at risk days ago, and who must show US and the world the facts about just how he reached the decision.

We have two items that were on the table and the Impeachment is still there. The 25th Amendment could have, should have been invoked over the mental capacity to continue in office (even for a second). It seems to me now that no doctor’s note is needed meaning a psychological evaluation. His state of mind this time does have a written record. Think back to the Comey episode when his lawyers helped him out of that tense situation by advising him that he could put down I do not recall this and that. Even a police officer is instructed to write down notes about his encounters. Trump got off the hook on that one and quite easily. Now we know that Trump only had the men in blue on his mind as he tweeted that they had to be protected and left out everyone else. So Trump went from Georgia on his mind just a day before and lost and a day later there was evidence in place (mental capacity demonstrated) whereby he should be relieved of his duties. And things did not get much better for Trump after that post. His “patriots” became people fighting federal criminal indictments. So there was something rotten in the Constitution. We had a better chance of getting justice in this matter if the lottery wheel had been spun and an impartial juror made the decision. Pence was pensive but partially pensive.

Trump could have stayed away from the Capitol on that day and he should have. Even on that day, he could have gone there to shake hands, say a few kind words to his loyalists and walked away. He was guilty of stirring the pot that led to that rally and he and his advisors perpetrated with their words calling for military action or violence to block the final Biden decision. The reference to the cavalry, for example, might have been a religious statement of faith instead of conjuring up a militant cavalry. Regardless of what happens now, this really seems like another Custer’s Last Stand and although Trump is not dead we hope that he is done. The “the trial by combat” that Rudy Giuliani talked about hopefully is over as well.

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