Nine Nein

There are nine days left in the term of Donald Trump and the nation including Arnold Schwarzenegger are saying Nein, well at least a majority of the nation, to Donald Trump. Arnold Schwarzenegger made some important comparisons to the subject matter as the breaking of glass by right-wingers caused him to think about Kristallnacht in Austria in 1938. The former governor of California was born two years after World War II ended and he learned much and saw things that we never saw. And there was no FACEBOOK in those days. He saw people drunken with guilt for doing things against the Jews and others who did nothing to help the Jews. His comments shared in a video have been written about as a powerful criticism of Trump and those who followed lies to the Capitol. I understand that there have now been about 80 arrests of Americans because of the rioting and the killings that took place. And anyone who writes about Kristallnacht well enough and has a good reason for writing about it is welcome. Arnold probably reacted strongly to the broken glass that he saw resulting from the start of the rioting.

I sent information to Arnold that things were heading that way in the United States once Hitler took office in 1933. The history is available for people to read, if they choose to learn. And now the F.B. I. is telling US that insurrections are being planned in the 50 states. Much of 2020 was a year where we were told that White Supremacists were causing a lot of trouble across America and the Justice Department issued the warnings, but Trump and his supporters portrayed a world where Muslim extremists were the greater danger of the two, backed up in Congress even by Candace Owens and Morton Klein of the Zionist Organization of America. I immediately wrote about that but nobody listens to me.

Should Trump leave office? Yes he should. He should have been gone already. Should the 25th Amendment be invoked? Yes it should.  Should Trump be impeached for a second time. Yes he should. There are no neins among those answers, but there are nine days left and who knows what diabolical deeds Trump may try. It was bad enough to read that the Capitol officers were more important in his worldview than the elected officials inside. And that expression of love for his supporters before he denounced them also showed his lack of priorities for all Americans. But we know Trump and he indicated a long time that he counted on the support of strong people to keep in power and some of them showed up, got themselves into trouble, and have been exposed and diminished all over America by Trumpmania. And Trump did not take time to hold up that Bible again near the White House to call upon Americans to stop. I guess nobody mentioned to him that he should try that.

No Americans forced through rioting or taking over the White House the words of The Donald who stopped fighting “like hell” or declaring a “smooth, orderly, and seamless transition of power. What a gracious soul! Trump’s troops will be tried in a court of law. Trump who never really did much for law enforcement people around the country but who often had the support of union chiefs and who never really did much for our nation’s men in the armed forces, has talked a good game and those messages continue to resonate. Far too many of the men and women arrested were police and members of our armed forces. I started writing about that a long time ago and history has repeated itself and with warped speed. Warped! Warped! Warped minds. And it was Trump who told the world a long time ago that Republicans are stupid.

There are more people delivering the message right now that they think that Trump is a fascist. What took them this long to feel that way? I wish to remind my readers that Adolf Hitler went to jail before he took power in Germany. And it appears highly probably (not possible here) to many, many pundits that Trumpf who some how grabbed power in America will be going to jail soon. Trumpf is not Hitler. He just does things his way. Mussolini was hanged upside down. The Republican Party is now hanging upside down because of Trump. It’s still in power as I write. And Trump, who usually does things upside down was never competent to be president of the United States. I felt and still feel that all he did was hold the party together. And now because of his actions in the capital and the violence and death in The Capitol, it looks like an iceberg is going to have a big piece break off this winter. It wasn’t expected as Republicans were in denial all these years. This is the new reality show of Repugnicans acting out with the show traveling around to the 50 states just in time for the Inauguration.

Republicans with certain exceptions say nein to prosecuting Trump. I say ja I mean yes, sí, oui and on that note we the people of the United States whether we are united or not should end the Trump experiment now.

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