6MWE: Anti-Semitism

Donald Trump sent loving thanks to his supporters and in the past he claimed that he did not know The Proud Boys and emphasized that someone had to do something against Antifa. Donald Trump has his defenders and lots of defenders across the spectrum of American life, supporters who have mostly been in denial.  Haven’t you heard or read that Trump cannot be anti-Semitic because he has Jewish grandchildren? I learned much more about Hitler than I had previously known and then about a week ago I learned that Benito Mussolini had a Jewish mistress. So much of this information never made mainstream news, but I am dedicated to sharing my views. The Proud Boys whose leader helped run the Latino campaign in Florida for Trump and who is chummy with Roger Stone and the Cuban national who inserted anti-Semitic inserts in the Miami Herald for about seven months and whose organization wore 6 Million Weren’t Enough (6MWE) tee-shirts during the protest that turned into a riot in our nation’s capital. I find our current events very problematic and I wonder if the mainstream conservative newspapers and news media are going to call this for what it is. Rage and hate against Jews! Even the article that I read about this news did not write about the Trump-Proud Boys Lovefest. And this comes from a Proud Boy who benefitted from a day when there was no America First and his family could more easily enter the United States.

That was on the East coast and on the West Coast in Los Angeles (Hitler in Los Angeles comes to mind again), an African American woman was taunted and assaulted physically with chemical sprays and pushed around before someone nearby helped her. And those “patriots” called out to her “All Lives Matter” because their instructor- in-chief never taught them that Black Lives Matter (Jewish Lives Matter at the Capitol).

This is America, an America that seems as though it has been restored to its greatness in 1776 when men fought for freedom for themselves and forgot about others. And during the days when Jews sought protection from President George Washington, a slave owner and one of the largest landowners in America. And now as we fight against fascists in our midst, it seems that Trump has also taken us back to an era when Republicans were trying to overthrow FDR and communism and police and elected officials turned their heads and backs on Jews. Catholics, and African Americans as an article was just written about the failures that took place at the time of the riots. Let Trump Be Trump we have been told. And I almost forgot to mention his supporter wearing the Camp Auschwitz hoodie that had the translation of the infamous, hated quote about Work Will Set You Free from the Nazi concentration camp. And there were nooses and Confederate flags among Trump’s supporters as well. And I sit here wondering and imagining Trumpf saying Black Lives Don’t Matter and Jewish Lives Don’t Matter in German as he tweets to his 75 million followers.

Let’s go back to 1946 to Germany for a moment. There was a Gallup poll that revealed this critical information in assessing the situation here in the United States. The poll found that 49 percent of German thought “Nazism was a good idea but badly implemented.” The Nazis were blamed for what took place losing the war (hmm election) and leading them to disaster (rioting in D.C.). And the Germans refused to take responsibility (as two-thirds) of committing atrocities. Conrad Adenauer felt that almost all Germans had already “atoned” for everything that was done. He expected a nationalist backlash if the Allies proceeded further with de-Nazification. De-Repugnification is needed now, but how to we accomplish it?

In May 1945 membership in the Nazi Party was around 8 million which was more than 10 percent of the population. There was talk about huge amounts of meting out punishment at first. On a tiny scale some of the same things that happened are happening to those men and women who violated the sanctity of our Congress.

And Germans spoke about not helping the Jews or even crying out for them. People remained “weak” so that they could stay alive and felt that their deaths would not have helped things. But here Trump has promoted his “patriots” as being strong, which is clearly not the case. There is no war such as World War II taking place with all those atrocities. There are only weak minds being misled through misinformation, propaganda, and conspiracy theories. No pardon for Hitler and no pardon for Trump. And let’s take care of all this business as we help each other fight the war against COVID-19.

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