People Getting Feucht: Kapo-esque

At least in Los Angeles there was resistance to the evangelical, Sean Feucht. Jesus is about Saving Lives but singing has become more important. I can recall a pastor that I met in Yonkers who was blocked from entering a community in Baltimore years ago. He must have fell far short of what the community felt it needed in order to progress. If those people ever resolved the matter, I do not know. Sean Feucht has the right of assembly, but he is probably causing people to get sick in the name of Donald Jesus Trump. I noticed that in Los Angeles in The Row community that Feucht went to that the people did say that Jesus was about Saving Lives. And we need a resolution to all of this based on Jesus Saves Lives since the White House and his faith based people largely screwed things up in mid-March). This is a period of great danger across America and our leadership has Feucht the people badly and in Jesus name.

I was reading about Benito Mussolini last night and just how similar he is to Donald Trump. He met his demise as he attempted to escape dressed in a German army uniform. His plan failed because he was easily recognized and he was killed by the resistance within 24 hours. How did he end up? Upside down in public. But keep in mind that Mussolini had a Jewish mistress, a Venetian. He still enacted anti-Jewish laws that led Italian Jews to their death in concentration camps.

Sean Feucht seems to be singing The Psalm of Donald across America. His White House Feucht up in mid-March and the mistake was a religious one that has not been corrected by Franklin Graham and lots of other Trump supporters. In causing or bringing about the death of people through super-spreaders, we can turn to the Talmud once again and to Holocaust history. There were Jews in the concentration camps who decided who were going to be the next people to be exterminated. In relation to COVID-19, we cannot fault innocent people who wear masks and who follow health protocols. Even In war we hope that innocent people will be spared always. Kapos have their place in Talmudic Law just as Saving Lives or Pikuach Nefesh is there. Kapo comes from Italian or German and refers to Jews who the Nazis turned into guards. Kapos were brutal and there were all kinds of reprisals against them (when possible during the war and legally after the war). Polish people had kapos, French had kapos, etc. as this system was designed by the Nazis to control people in the concentration camps. The kapos received special benefits for their services.  I read how they had the power to select who would be exterminated next and the problem surfaced in Israel as well after the war. People could be selected at random to be exterminated and Talmud, I read, appears to protect those who did that over those who did not select people randomly to be murdered. I must say that I do not study these things, but they come up in my readings and open my eyes. It’s a lot like the joke about kittens born in the Soviet Union who were no longer communists once they opened their eyes. Stop this madness of endangering people through COVID-19 and glorifying Donald J. Trump. Feucht! Fucht! Fucht!

And of particular concern is that we see The Proud Boys attacking police, diminishing the “law and order” posture of Trump and Republicans. Mussolini came to power through men like that. “His attitudes were highly theatrical, his opinions were contradictory, his facts were often wrong, and his attacks were frequently malicious and misdirected; but his words were so dramatic, his metaphors so apt and striking, his vigorous, repetitive gestures so extraordinarily effective, that he rarely failed to impose his mood,” Britannica explains to US. Trump has had his most demonstrable training which is similar in the White House. During those days in Italy, left wing governments were prevented from taking power and there was broad support for nationalism and anti-Bolshevism (communism and socialism today). And this is what Mussolini declared in 1922 during a crisis “Either the government will be given to us, or we will seize it by marching on Rome.” Responding to his oratory the assembled Fascists excitedly took up the cry, shouting in unison “Roma! Roma! Roma!” All appeared eager to march. And now our eyes turn to Washington, C.! Washington, D.C.!, Washington, D.C.! in the next week or more before Inauguration Day. Italy was in crisis and about four days later King Victor Emmanuel III wrote to Mussolini and Mussolini was soon given dictatorial powers in 1922 and preceded Adolf Hitler’s taking over of Germany by about a decade.

 It Is also troubling that people in the church are willing to allow about one percent of our nation die of COVID-19 which has been making news in Michigan and other places. We are not living in a concentration camp. We are in America the richest, nation on earth. This is a pathetic demonstration of America First or Keep America Great. And various Republicans in Congress and others are whipping up thoughts of violence as houses of people in Congress have been vandalized, and Trump has made no attempt to calm anyone down. And Trump has made no attempt to calm anyone down!

And this is from The Daily Mail “The Proud Boys have vowed to attend the rally incognito, disguised as their left-wing enemies Antifa, in a bid to sow chaos among the opposing ranks. 

Trump tweeted twice this weekend urging supporters to attend, labeling the election ‘the biggest SCAM in our nation’s history.’

‘See you in Washington, DC, on January 6th. Don’t miss it,’ he wrote Sunday.” And The Proud Boys are talking of wearing black instead of their black and yellow colors and they have particular reason which can be explained quite simply. They want to make it harder to be caught in committing violence since Antifa wears black. And could it be that their hidden agenda is to mimic the black shirts of the Italian fascists? I have already explained to my readers how the Nazis started World War II by putting dead Jews in Polish uniforms to provoke an attack on Poland in 1939. Arrivederci!

I wrote this on December 6, 2018 in Jewish Business News in Israel with no thought in mind about Trump’s undermining of the electoral process and this morning I learned his staff has stated that the inauguration could be cancelled.

Capo Di Tutti Or Boss Of All Bosses: Jail Time For Trumpee In America?

America was having trouble and it looked for a new great leader and it chose someone who could incite the people, even though the master race was not the everyday theme. There are those who knew what was coming even during the campaign, because there was a deep state of propaganda taking place as our nation became more divided in a certain way (Trump and his partisans replaced Obama and certain truths but a lot of misconceptions of Obama were propagated). Learn the tune here. Take the time to learn. Watch the video.

The video, by the way was Frank Sinatra singing and the story of Lucky Luciano was being told as he fell from power. Here are some of the lyrics that seem to apply to Trump and his desire to eliminate his opposition. “Nothing in the world that I do means a thing without you.

I’m just half alive in my struggle to survive without you You are my way of life, the only way I know, you are my way of life.”

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  1. Stay calm. The inauguration will go off without a hitch. Biden is in. Trump is out. Only question is how long it will take for cy vance to indite trump. Let the lawsuits begin. Trump will end up broke.

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