Republicans and Israel A Lesson for Georgians

The Democratic Party of Georgia is at a breakthrough moment as January 5, 2021 approaches and there is a half truth about Israel that has to be told. I prefer to look at the other side of the half truth immediately so that my readers in Georgia will know.

I refer to my article Shabbat Shalom which will be news to lots of Georgians. In that article I wrote “I think that much more can be done to calm down the BDS Movement although there were concerns in the George W. Bush White House about apartheid in Israel (again in Dennis Ross’s book).  And I did try an intervention in a college that I wrote about.” And this was written on January 2, 2020. I had no idea that there would be an election for the Senate of the United States to be held about a year later. Now is the time to get more specific, but keep in mind that Republicans that shout incessantly at Democrats to score points with a poorly informed electorate should not capitalize on it right now as the truth is told. Dennis Ross has spent much of his life working for both Democratic and Republican Administrations and he is Jewish.

Not far from Georgia and surely very far from liberal life in places like New York City, a Black girl grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and she grew up to become one of the top advisors of Republicans under George W. Bush. Condoleezza Rice, former secretary of state of the United States, had much more information about Israel than most people in the world could possibly have. What she reveals, as told by Dennis Ross, is something that should make Republicans be concerned about their portrayal of this important matter. Many or most should say “I’m sorry I didn’t know that.” But will they when the stakes are high for their policy and legislative dreams reflect and change their viewpoint. Does truth even matter to them? And this was before the Republicans had the chance to throw stones at the Squad of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and pro-Palestinians in Congress.

“I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama at a terrible time for Black people. I think I know what it’s like for a Palestinian mother to tell her child she cannot travel on that highway-because she is Palestinian. And the anger and humiliation that comes with that. My mother had to do that – because I was black and there were places that I couldn’t go just because of the color of my skin,” Rice commented. Dennis Ross wrote that Secretary Rice expressed these thoughts while balancing out her feelings for Israel and its people “But I know too what it’s like for an Israeli mother to put her child to bed and not know if a bomb will kill him in the night,” she said. Taking things out of context is an historical fact for Republicans and exploiting conspiracy theories online and having a Republican in the White House doing the same thing does and will continue to destroy trust at home and abroad. The election in Georgia should be based on truth!

And I can understand how African Americans and others can be shown one side of history without absorbing the entire history and make up their minds. This does happen, but history matters and a more thorough study of that history going back to the 1920s and even earlier is critically important. Even Condoleezza Rice’s balanced viewpoint which you have read above needs much more background information in order to understand. And today in the United States we go back way beyond today to educate people. We recall the work of John Lewis in Georgia and across America and we go even centuries back to understand the things going on today. And Jews in Palestine were victims of terror and violence in the 1920s there. And Arabs were killed who would dare to sell land to Jews.

And just thinking of those days of George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice, and Colin Powell and knowing that they know about the things that I have written about here, we must ask ourselves why haven’t they spoken out? I could never accomplish very much in this matter alone. There will be no press conference for me that will go viral. Reverend Warnock can make things happen for himself and for our nation. The information that I have provided belongs in the campaign since no Republican will speak out in the name of truth. And I can hear a voice, a familiar voice from the past, saying that Perdue and Loeffler will fall in Round 2. And that voice also just told me that Trump will be knocked out of the ring on Inauguration Day. Are these not the greatest messages you will hear?

And behind all this were the Arab leaders who often would not even raise the Palestinian issue at meetings during the Bush years. This chain of thought permeates Dennis Ross’ work and book. We can see some of it right now in the Abraham Peace Accord which may or may not be real peace. The bottom line is that Donald Trump who told the world that he was looking at a one state and a two-state solution in the Campaign of 2016 did not deliver. His deal making abilities fell far short and he had to reach into a back pocket to show the American people the huge progress that he made. Even the new deal with Morocco was made with a nation that was rich in supporting its Jewish population. During World War II, when Morocco was part of France and became occupied just like Vichy, France in 1943, King Mohammed V prevented the deportation of Jews by the Nazis. Since 1948 almost 300,000 Moroccan Jews have emigrated to Israel.

Further research reveals that there were pogroms in Morocco that played a role in this emigration. They took place in Oudja and Djerada which was on the route out of Morocco heading toward Israel through Algeria. And there was an economic boycott against Jews in 1948. The agitations combined with this exodus resulted in dozens of deaths and people were put on trial for the massacres and found guilty. The fact that 18,000 Moroccan Jews left for Israel in 1949 is significant, but we have to also calculate that there were agencies encouraging the Moroccans to join other Jews in the land of Israel. Over a decade at least 110,000 Moroccan Jews left. Moroccan leaders clearly opposed Zionism which basically meant the leaders wanted to prevent Jews from leaving. I have written that the same kinds of things happened in Eastern Europe even when the goal of Zionists was to reach America. History matters!

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  1. You could have saved a lot of work if you had just answered your own question in the second paragraph, “Does truth even matter to them (republicans)?”

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